Best Betting Sites (2022)

We’ve collected the best betting sites in 2022, and we’ll show them here.

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4.8 rating
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10% Cashback without any restrictions.
$1,000 bonus
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4.5 rating
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£1500 Bonus
+ 50 free spins
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4.3 rating
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Mr Sloty
£6000 Bonus
+ £100 sportsbook bonus
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+400% first deposit bonus*
4.3 rating
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400% first deposit bonus
$500 Bonus
+ 25% reload
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100% Welcome Bonus with 15x rollover.
£1500 Bonus
+ 20% cashback
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4.0 rating
T&Cs Apply
Bonus Rules:

111% Welcome Bonus without any restrictions.
£2500 Bonus
+ 10% cashback
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+125% first deposit bonus*
4.0 rating
T&Cs Apply
Bonus Rules:

10% Live Casino unlimited cashback.
$2500 Bonus
+ 50% reload bonus
🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🇮🇳 🇬🇷 🇪🇸 🇩🇪 🇧🇷
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3.5 rating
T&Cs Apply
Bonus Rules:

Bonus is earned by collecting loyalty points.
1 BTC Bonus
+ 180 free spins
🇨🇦 🇦🇺 🇮🇳 🇩🇪 🇧🇷
+125% VIP bonus*
3.5 rating
T&Cs Apply
Bonus Rules:

Bonus can be claimed in ETH as well.
$200 Bonus
+ $20 free bet
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Bonus Rules:

Bonus up to 200 EUR / USD.

Closer Look at Best Betting Sites

Although betting itself has been around for decades, a specific form has taken the world by storm – online betting. While it's usually in the form of an excellent sports betting site, there's a vast variety of quantity and quality sites across the internet, offering hundreds of different sports, features, and abilities.

Sites for betting are a great way to invest in your favorite teams, events, and games, letting you place money on what you believe in. Nonetheless, choosing a betting site that works for you can be challenging. There are thousands across the internet, ranging from day-old startups to decades-old industry veterans. It isn't too easy to find a quality site that matches the criteria you're looking for.

So, continuing our tradition of top-quality content and helpful posts, here's our list of the best betting sites for 2022. We'll be looking over our top options. We'll be reviewing their reasons for making a list, atop why they're an excellent option for nearly anybody. Additionally, you'll find some of the biggest and best new betting sites, rounded into one great list.

Of course, however, there's also information on choosing the right sports betting site for you, providing some detail on the qualities and abilities that the best sites keep separated from the lower tier ones. Nonetheless, that's enough of an introduction – let's get into the best sports betting sites of 2022, starting with our ten favorites.

What is the Best Online Betting Site?

While thousands of sites exist, ready for incoming bets, we've narrowed down our top favorite betting sites to a select ten, in no particular order, which includes:

  1. BetOnline
  2. MyStake
  3. SportsBetting
  4. BetNow
  5. Mr. Sloty
  6. BetFlip
  7. BetUS
  8. TigerGaming
  9. Rolletto
  10. Cloudbet

These represent our favorite for a combination of a few factors, whether welcome bonuses, availability, sports selection, service quality, or anything else that stands out when choosing an online betting site. In addition, we'll see some betting sites with live streaming, through live dealers, betting sites that take credit or debit cards, and much more for a wide variety of topics below.

There's a lot that goes into a betting site. And we won't be able to cover every aspect of each area in this list. If you're interested in more detail, we recommend you look over our reviews for the sites. And feel free to go over to the company's betting sites and come up with your own opinion to go from. Nonetheless, for a little more context, here's what you'll find with some of our top ten picks:


BetOnline is one of the leading veterans of online sports betting, having been around in business for decades. Since its inception, BetOnline has brought about some quality sports betting platforms. The company offers live betting software, an online casino, racebook, poker selection, eSports betting, and additional contests and promotional bonuses.

Additionally, the company's an innovator in cryptocurrency acceptance, allowing some of the top cryptos for payment, even with its storied history and expected to be slow adoption of new technologies. Nonetheless, BetOnline doesn't do ‘slow adoption,' so it's one of our favorites.

A combination of history with online betting, quality services, and rapid growth means that BetOnline is a leading figure in a growing market every day. However, instead of resting on its laurels, the company continues to innovate and push more excellent quality services across its already wide selection of services and quality experiences. 


Like BetOnline, MyStake is another stalwart of the betting industry, established in 2000. However, unlike BetOnline, which has expanded its reach to include many other services as it has grown, MyStake has kept things clean and straightforward. The gambling site focused on a quality sportsbook and one of the leading in-play betting sites alongside an online casino.

That's why it's another best pick – instead of being pushed by the industry and bookmakers to add new things that might take away from the quality of the rest of MyStake. Instead, it has focused on a fantastic sportsbook over extra services like poker and other online games. While that might detract a bit from experience for those looking to play a wide variety of options, if you're looking for a unique, stable background, MyStake is perfect.

Plus, MyStake has more than a few quality offers and promotions available to help boost your experience, even though the company boasts several million users. We find MyStake one of these excellent bet sites thanks to its heavy focus on quality over quantity and its ability to grow its services without expanding to places it doesn't need to go.

SportsBetting AG

At our third spot (yet again not in terms of quality or ranking), we have SportsBetting and its five offerings. You'll find a sportsbook, online casino, one of the top live betting sites, a live dealer, poker games, and a horse betting option. Again, like MyStake, there's a heavy priority on quality over quality, although the company does boast a grand casino, live dealer, and poker selection atop standard sports and event betting.

SportsBetting's greater focus on a few great things close the gap between it and the other betting sites with cash out on this list, although the company does a few extra things to make someone's experience that little bit better. This includes little details like free practice games for casinos and slot games, the ability to view parts of the site without being logged in, and great bonuses.

SportsBetting has some of the most heavily-branded options here, sponsored and incorporated alongside big leagues like the famous March Madness tournament, NBA games, and other massive phenomena. In addition to excellent services, Bitcoin payment, and more within one package that ranks as one of our favorites.


Our crypto pick for this list, Cloudbet, was at the forefront of cryptocurrency-based betting back in its infancy during the early 2010s. Offering just sports, a casino, and eSports betting, Cloudbet is an incredibly advanced option (not a legal or top betting site in the US). The bookie is focusing on a condensed experience and on-the-go betting with cryptocurrency.

With a five-seconds account creation process and some incredible, several-thousand-dollar promotions, Cloudbet is at the forefront of startups and offering shocking options. When it comes to Cloudbet, think of minutes for every part of the program – withdrawals, bets, deposits, sign-up; the list goes on. The company was still established in 2015, making it much older than many expect and not one of the new bet sites.

For us, the significant benefit of Cloudbet comes in keeping a young exterior, as one of the new bookmakers or new UK betting sites, even when holding a several-year-old veteran. The company's been through some innovative times. It now offers one of the most diversified payment methods of this list. There are nearly a dozen cryptos available for quick access atop its hundreds of betting options and casino games.

How Do I Use a Betting Site?

With our top nine sports bet sites revealed, you might find yourself interested in one or more of them. However, if you don't have much experience using a betting site, you're in luck. While we have multiple articles on how to bet through an online site, we can give a few tips on using a betting site here.

The first step is to sign up after finding a site you want to use or bet on. First, check through the company's requirements/deposit minimums to verify that you have enough or want to sign up for that betting site; then, you'll likely fill out a form with your name, address, email, age, and more personal information.

You'll also have to complete the “KYC” form or know your customer for many sites. The business government enforces these to ensure that they know exactly what they need to do, to prevent you from doing anything illegal or having them do anything illegal. KYC forms often require a photo ID or proof of you to allow you to bet.

Since betting is often a very debated and heavily regulated environment, you'll likely encounter additional security protocols and forms/information that you'll need to fill in. There's a lot that goes into taking care of a betting site and ensuring that it covers every law and regulation it requires. So there's a lot that you'll likely have to put in too.

However, once you're past there, you can move into the actual site, depositing money using one of the payment methods listed in a few sections. As a warning, however, many sites have deposit minimums. It means that you'll have to put in a minimum amount to move over the money you want.

Betting Guide

Once it's over, however, then you're free to bet. Most sites offer information on how to bet through their platform, although even the basics are understandable. For example, many of the best betting sites we have listed here have integrated systems that tell you the chances of your bet succeeding and the amount you would get paid/lose, depending on the outcome.

From that information and the odds of an outcome (negative for the favorite, positive for the underdog), you'll be able to work out the basics and grow from there. Nonetheless, suppose you're interested in more information about how to bet. If you're wondering that or asking yourself how to place a bet, then we recommend you visit some of our other articles and content pieces to ensure that you know what you're doing before you go too far down the road.

What Makes a Good Betting Site?

A good betting site can only be defined by what you need. Someone looking towards a quality sportsbook with a few casino games to play on the side might not find SportsBetting their best option. If you're looking for a quality casino, BetNow might not be the best fit. It all comes down to what's available and what's wanted. Many UK players are searching for non GamStop betting sites.

For example, even in cases where a casino or sportsbook fits precisely what you want, you may not even be able to access it. Some basketball betting sites, for example, are only available in a few countries. While others might be available to you, but you could find yourself under their minimum operating age. A quality betting site combines excellent services, variety, quality, and legality. Check out our online legality section a few rows down for more information for that last one.

Anyway, good betting sites are more than just their selections. There's also the matter of payment, withdrawal times, deposit methods, trustworthiness, and more. As such, while it's not a guarantee of quality, a good betting site generally holds the following attributes.

The Attributes

  • An SSL certificate (HTTPS)
  • A wide variety of sports (10+ sports with a few hundred betting opportunities)
  • Multiple promotions or bonuses
  • Legality in your country/region and age range
  • Quality website content and design (it's not a guarantee of quality, but it's a sign).
  • A history of quality online
  • Good reviews (or at least bad reviews that could be explained off)
  • A variety of payment methods with low times (usually under a few days)
  • Cryptocurrency offerings. It's important to note that crypto doesn't mean trust, but rather it can be used for privacy and security.
  • Regulation and licensing. Most companies go for a Curacao license atop one that's needed for the area you live in (i.e., United Kingdom Gambling Commission or Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board).
  • Wide userbase with a variety of interests
  • Some of the biggest bookmakers

Of course, above all, a good site is one that you like. If you find a betting site that fits many of the criteria above and doesn't like it, it could be a good site for someone else, but not necessarily for you. It all comes down to opinion, experience, and perception of quality. Some of our top sites, for example, might not be good for you as they could be restricted or not accessible from your country. 

If you're looking for NFL betting sites, UFC betting sites, NHL betting sites, or offshore betting sites, then you won't look for an in-state site with just a few abstract sports. Instead, it all comes down to what's available and what you can use. That's it.

Best Betting Sites and Payment Methods

Most betting sites offer at least five or so payment methods. They allow most people with access to a betting site the ability to deposit and withdraw money. The standards might include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, MoneyGram, Bank Transfer, Skrill, and Paysafecard for most sites. 

However, as betting sites continue to evolve and grow, increasingly more varied payment methods have been available with the most significant bookmakers. This includes cryptocurrencies, site-specific cards and programs, and loyalty points as payment. As a result, there's a much more enveloping system of payment methods available now, and it can be pretty overwhelming.

Some companies offer upwards of three dozen methods, while others stay with six or so. With such a significant gap in quantity, it's essential to know how you can pay for bets on websites depending on the payment you hope to use. For example, UK bet sites might want a place that won't transact exclusively in USD, while Americans wish. The ten best betting sites listed earlier have payment methods for withdrawals and deposits. Each has its timing and max/min per method, which will be labeled. If it's not, then it's not specified due to changing rotations depending on time and place.

As can be seen from the list above, there's a vast number of payment methods available across all the sites available. And they all have their benefits. Cloudbet or BetOnline, for example, would be the best option for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. While MyStake might have the best overall options when it comes to variety and sheer quantity.

The Best Betting Sites with the Top Sign-Up Offers

One of the top differences between closely matched companies is the quality of bonuses available for betting sites. While many people think of welcome and deposit bonuses, betting site bonuses range heavily from cutting a bit of loss, opening up tournament spaces, and giving loyalty points.

Of course, each of our top betting sites includes bonuses, which range pretty heavily. BetOnline, for example, offers $100 overtime insurance, a bracket buster refund, 50% sports welcome bonuses, 5% crypto boosts, 100% 1st time boosts, a 100% casino welcome bonus, a 100% poker welcome bonus, a 25% sports reload bonus, a 35% crypto reload bonus, and many tournaments and bonuses across the company's services.

MyStake provides a new customer offer with free bets; many early payout offers several 70% parlay bonuses, a no score tie offering, and soccer substitute guarantees. As can be assumed, the company is much less focused on sheer quantity, although they're consistent, long-term bonuses.

Bitcoin Bonuses

Next is SportsBetting, which offers one of the most varied selections. The company gives a 100%+ Bitcoin welcome bonus, $1000 Bitcoin sports welcome bonus. You can find also refer-a-friend credits, loyalty program, $3,000 casino welcome bonus, and a 100% poker welcome bonus. Again, SportsBetting is one of the loftiest providers, giving huge prizes alongside an excellent loyalty program.

However, where SportsBetting shines, BetNow falls. While they're two of the best platforms on this list, it's not the same for promotions and bonuses. BetNow offers “up to $500 in rewards”. That isn't very reassuring for those seeking a little extra. But remember that a quality platform isn't just in the bonuses.

Cloudbet, on the other hand, gives a 5 BTC welcome bonus match, a hefty Loyalty Club program, a 20,000 giveaway, multiple bonuses for specific games every week, free spins on Tuesdays, buy-in discounts, Thursday deposit bonuses, and general zero margin sports bets. 

Top Betting Sites by Sports Selection

One of the top ways to decide between sports betting websites the number of sports is significant. A lot goes into building a quality sportsbook, although one of the most critical parts is definitely in the sports. After all, what's the point of a sportsbook without the sports?

Nonetheless, the best betting sites combine local and international sports for multiple countries. Most involve many American sports like soccer (football), football, and basketball, alongside cricket, baseball betting sites, swimming, boxing, and more. For each of our top picks, there's a great combination of quality and quantity, making for each sites' pairing number of sports to include.

While the quantity changes alongside what's offered, you can expect to see a combination of the following sports with most of the best sites for sports betting: soccer, baseball, basketball, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, eSports, American football, golf, horse racing betting sites, tennis betting sites, and volleyball.

Best eSports Betting Sites

Another growing industry within the more significant overall betting industry is betting on eSports. A top for US betting sites and UK betting sites, eSports are massive where it counts. Nonetheless, for those of you a little less than familiar with the concept, eSports, or electronic sports, are electronic sports. These games or online sports take place entirely on a computer and can bet on the outcome.

The most popular eSports on the best sites for betting on sports would include Overwatch, CS: GO, Valorant, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and a few other games, although the list grows as more competitive games work their way into the spotlight. Fortunately, however, a growing number of fun and an ever-increasing audience means that eSports, which were once a very niche market for a small number of people, have grown into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise.

When looking to bet on eSports, you'll likely find yourself on the same platform as any top betting site. After all, most eSports share many similarities with betting on actual sports games, with a winning and losing team, multiple stats you can bet on before and during the game, and various events going on at once. However, if you're looking for the best eSports betting sites, we recommend looking at MyStake, Rolletto or Cloudbet.

Where Can I Bet Online Legally?

A $150-billion-dollar enterprise, global sports betting is massive, and there are quite a few online betting sites for sports. Nonetheless, few countries don't find it the best option for their citizens, which might, unfortunately, include you. As such, it's important to note that it doesn't matter our top picks for betting sites or the best sites for betting, in general, if you can't access them legally.

Sure, you could use a VPN and fake your identity and location to access a sports betting site where it's legal, but that results in all kinds of issues. For example, payment platforms often have restrictions on winnings, websites have problems moving money inwards, and all sorts of things can go awry when dealing with online betting where it's not allowed.

So, instead of looking at where sports betting is legal, it's best to look at where and when it's not. After all, many more countries accept betting than reject it. For example, while football betting sites in the UK might be legal, they might be the same across a few borders. As such, here are a few countries where it's important to note a combination of illegality and restriction:

  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Israel
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Ukraine
  • The Republic of Belarus
  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States


In most countries, you're required to be at least 18 years old to access a site. Although many require restrictions on those under 21. Even in places where sports betting is partially accepted, as in the United States, different states offer services to those 18+ and those 21+. And the betting sites in USA change by that. So the only way to know where betting online is legally allowed is to check out the restrictions for your specific regions.

Look for information on these things, in this order:

  • The legality of sports betting in your area
  • The legality of online sports betting
  • The age restriction

If you find that you fit all the requirements, then you're likely good to go. All that's left is to verify that the site you want to access offers services to your area and your age. After all, it's not like all betting sites are legal betting sites in every country.

Best Betting Sites Verification Processes

As part of the regulation that comes with a betting site, you'll almost guarantee to find yourself dealing with verification, and for a good reason. There's a lot that can go wrong with a betting site. And it is primarily related to just how much money flows through a betting site every day. So if something goes wrong and the company loses money or finds that something isn't off, they'll have to take action, both for their and others' needs.

So, you'll probably encounter know your customer processes, which we've mentioned earlier. As part of the global banking system, KYC collects information and guarantees that you are who you are. It isn't optional, but rather something mandatory – put into place by governments and banking systems, it's the process that sites go through to identify and verify customers over time.

Usually, it includes ID verification, although you might also find yourself using:

  • Face verification
  • Document verification
  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of employment
  • Biometric verification
  • Government/state verification

It might seem quite invasive, and that's the point. To verify that you are who you claim you are, betting sites need to get down in the dirt and grit to verify using things only you would have access to. Fortunately, after that, companies often delete the data or leave it somewhere where it's inaccessible, and you're good to go.

The Ultimate Guide to Sports Arbitrage Betting & Surebet: What Does It Mean?

What is arbitrage betting, and is it different to surebet? How do you find these types of bets and what are the risks? We cover these questions and tons more in our website. We’ll show you the best sites to use, free software to try, useful calculators to help you predict your betting success and so much more.

Arbitrage betting and Surebet are the two different names for the same thing. It’s also called a miraclebet or sports arbitrage. It occurs when a player takes two opposing bets with two bookmakers, to guarantee a successful outcome.

Bookmakers often disagree on sports outcomes and you can use this to your advantage. If you take the correct size bet depending on the odds from each bookmaker, then you can make profit no matter what the result is. Sounds amazing right, but is it even legal? Arbitrage betting is legal however many bookmakers frown upon the practice. Since they are private memberships, they may revoke your membership if they suspect you of using surbets.

Follow the advice and guidance and take advantage of using arbitrage betting without the risks.

More Details About Arbitrage Betting

We’ve looked at a broad overview of arbitrage betting, now let’s look deeper so we understand it. Sports betting or arbitrage allows you to take risk-free bets that allow you to win every bet you make. You can do this by betting on all outcomes, using a mix of odds from various bookies.

It’s known as the ultimate technique in sports betting and keeps the profit coming in. Although it’s legal, it’s a loophole in the sports betting system so bookmakers don’t like people who take advantage. If you’re smart and follow this post, you’ll be able to spot good arbitrage opportunities and make a profit.

More terms include surewins, surebet, arbing, and miraclebets, and they all describe the same thing. Arbitrage sports betting.

To put it simply, you place two bets with two different bookies. You place one bet with a high price, and the other bet with a low price, depending on the bookie’s odds. Then, no matter what happens, you walk away with profit.

What Is an Arb?

An ‘arb’ is a short form of arbitrage betting. This process is like matched betting where you use free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers and make two opposing bets with two different bookies. This way you can earn a profit on any result, using free incentives to start with.

Arbitrage Betting Example with Best Betting Sites

Let’s break down an arbitrage betting example so you can see how it works. You are betting on a game with only two outcomes, a win for team A or a win for team B. Arbitrage betting works best when you have only two outcomes like this.Let’s say you saw on a surebet site that Bet365 was giving 1.375 odds for team A to win, and CloudBet was giving team B 5.5 odds to win. Then you use an arbitrage calculator to figure out how much you need to put on each bet, and you find out you need $800 for bet A and $200 for bet B.

The lower the odds, the higher your stake has to be, and the higher your odds, the lower your stake can be. This means that with 1.375 odds, and a bet of $800, your winnings would be $1,100 ($800*1.375). Your second bet has odds of 5.5, meaning your $200 bet would win $1,100. 

Now you’re set up to win no matter what happens, and since your original capital was $1000, your winnings would be $100, or 10%. If team A wins, or team B wins, you still walk away with 10% profit.  

The first thing you need is some capital to get started. It may take some time to find the bets, get the hang of the sites and figure out the math. Instead of jumping into anything, take a patient approach and make sure you know what you’re doing before taking your first arb. You will need to monitor the surebet sites for opportunities. And be signed up to the bookmakers in advance so you’re ready to take advantage of an opportunity.

The Risks of Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is one of the safer forms of betting since you’re betting on every possible outcome. So you’re guaranteed to win. However, there are many factors that add risk and dangers to arbitrage betting that you should know about.

Every bookie has their own rules about bet settlements, such as extra time. It means you risk a bet not going through or not completing. Bookies also make errors in their odds and have payment cancellations, which would stop this method working.

If a bookmaker finds out you are arbitrage betting, they could close your account or not pay your winnings. On top of this, you’ll need to fund several accounts in advance which may put strain on your cash flow.

Although arbitrage betting sounds amazing, consider these risks when you place your surebet. The math behind the strategy is solid. And if everything works, then it’s one of the best ways to do sports betting. However, arbitrage betting contains risks due to bet cancellations, account closures and the fleeting nature of these opportunities.

Which Surebet Finder Sites to Use?

We’ve looked for the best arbitrage monitor sites you can use as your surebet agent. To become as surebet pro, you want to make sure you’re using a surebet site to find you the best opportunities. Our chosen arbitrage betting programs scans over 100 bookies in tons of different sports. They calculate and analyse the arbs for you so you can sit back and wait for an opportunity without hunting around yourself. Perfect for beginner or professional arbers who want a powerful surebet finder in their tool belt.

There are many free arbitrage betting and surebet finder software’s out there. Use these so you don’t have to find arb opportunities yourself, and to learn more about the process of bet arbitrage. If you want something for free, you can try the free trials of the best arbitrage betting programs.

How Do You Calculate Arbitrage Betting?

There are many online surebet calculators out there, so we’ve looked through them to find the best option for you. If you want to make a surebet prediction, the best way is with an online surebet calculator.

Is Arbitrage Betting Profitable?

Arbing is one of the common ways to earn profits by sports betting. If you put time and effort into understanding how the math of odds work, and how the arbitrage betting process works, then you can make significant profits. As long as you’re careful not to get caught then it can be very profitable.

Can You Get Banned for Arbitrage Betting?

While arbitrage betting isn’t illegal, sportsbooks don’t like that it’s a potential loophole that guarantees their customers money. As long as gambling itself is legal, arbitrage betting will be legal too. As more bookmakers appear, this strategy will become even more popular and harder for them to catch.

How Much Can You Make Arbitrage Betting?

In the example in this blog post we showed a 10% potential earning from a single arbitrage bet. However, you may earn under 5% profit, sometimes 1-2% maximum for your total invested wager. The best way to succeed is to place lots of small bets, win small, but stay consistent. If you try to win big, something could happen, and you risk a lot more capital.

You can place several bets per day and depending on your starting cash you could earn a few hundred per month with under £1000 to start with.

Start by setting up accounts with as many bookmakers as possible so your prepared for the arb opportunities as they come up. You’ll end up using a range of various bookmakers instead of using the same one every day.

The Final Say and How Do We Choose Our Top Picks?

Our top picks follow the methodology we mentioned when choosing a good betting site. Using our knowledge of the working of the betting market, alongside looking at the quality and quantity of sports, services, promotions, payment methods, and more, we used some of our best overall examples. So if you're looking for a list of UK betting sites, betting exchanges, or more, this isn't it.

This list is focused on taking our knowledge of betting sites offers, betting sites bonuses, betting sites payment methods, betting sites payouts, and the qualities that the best betting websites hold, to create a list that works for many and helps to give knowledge to everyone else that needs it.

Of course, there are better safe betting sites out there. And some on this list might not be considered “the best” to many—nonetheless, our research and our opinion point towards these being some of the greatest out there. When dealing with betting sites, you need to know what you're doing, investing your time and money into a secure area with an excellent overall quality, which is an idea we've significantly applied to develop this list.

Final Words

If you're curious and want to check out more information on how we choose our best picks and review legit betting sites in general, view some of our other articles and content. We've considered and reviewed hundreds of sites and web pages in the past, the best bookmakers, the top sportsbooks, betting apps, and more, creating our best list of all betting sites. The same ideas, focusing on quality, quantity, and security, appear in every review we write and every thought we provide.

To be a professional gambler isn’t easy to master, but it’s easy to get started even with very little capital. Use the sites we mentioned and sign up for bookies to get yourself in the right direction. It’s normal to make some mistakes when you start out, so start slow. The more you try, the better you’ll get at finding the best betting sites.

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