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Last Updated on April 29, 2024

Why It Got Restricted, and How to Choose Another Bookmaker

There is absolutely nothing better than kicking back with your favorite beverage, your snacks, with your team's jersey on—and making a wager on your favorite team. For many, Bet365 in France was their go-to. With tons of different sports, unique props, and tremendous incentives—it's no secret that Bet365 is one of the top uk bookmakers in the world. 

Recently though, the bookmaker restricted access to Bet365 in France. This left many sports fans disappointed and in search of an alternative bookmaker. 

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Replacing Bet365 in France isn't easy, and even though it's been restricted—people all over the country are asking, “can I use bet365 in France”? In this guide, we're going to walk you through your many options for using Bet365 in France, ways around the restrictions, and a few suitable alternatives to the bookmaker.

What Happened to Bet365 in France?

For a bookmaker to be elite, they have to meet specific criteria, and not all online betting platforms do. Bet365 checks off all of the boxes. 

Firstly, they're incredibly trustworthy. Their reputation as one of the world's top bookmakers is well-deserved. They've been in the business of online gambling for many years, and in that time, have solidified themselves as big-time players and a place where people from all over the world can go to wager on the game of their choice.

Secondly, Bet365 in France provided access to TONS of different sports. There are sports on there that most people haven't even heard of and leagues with names that no one can pronounce. Yet still, Bet365 delivers up to the second updates on games played in tiny countries all across the globe. It's truly a feat that not many gambling platforms can boast. 

So when Bet365 restricted access to France, it was a big blow for the gambling and wagering community. Suddenly, people all over the country were scrambling to gain access to their favorite pastime. 

Here's the thing: Bet365 probably had a myriad of reasons for discontinuing access to its platform in France, likely it came down to strict regulation. France has a 33% tax on online bookmakers. That means that it becomes increasingly difficult for these platforms to profit and compete in the market. With media such as Cloudbet, a bitcoin-based bookmaker offering low fees and incredible incentives, platforms like Bet365 in France have very little wiggle room.

Why Gambling Platforms Restrict Access?

As with ALL of society's annoying minor problems—it all boils down to politics and red tape. Massive bureaucracies were making silly decisions and passing down edicts that make little to no sense at all. What happens is small regulatory choices end up with some people losing access to their favorite bookmakers. Bet365 in France is one of those that got caught in the shuffle. 

Gambling platforms don't WANT to restrict access to certain countries. It's often just a byproduct of unforeseen circumstances that make doing business in that market impossible. Luckily, there are ways around the restrictions in the “grey” legal area—but others are entirely above board. There are many gambling sites not registered with GamStop. We're going to explore these options for an alternative to Bet365 in France. 

To all the gamblers in France out there: YOU'VE GOT OPTIONS!

How to Access Bet365 in France

Unfortunately, regular access to Bet365 in France has been completely restricted for use. When attempting to access the site or app from France, Bet365 will be aware of your location, and a message will pop up. This message will state in plain English that you're geo-blocked. 

Don't despair, though. There are a few workarounds that you can use to access Bet365 in France.

VPNs are used in business to protect location data and other sensitive information. Punters use VPNs in order to access Bet365 USA. They're also used by gamers, gamblers, and video streamers to hide their location from the service they're intended to use. 

What is a VPN?

A VPN or virtual private network extends a private network across a public network. It enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

What this does is essentially allow users to privately and securely transmit data that is encrypted. 

What a VPN can also do is “spoof” your location by hiding your actual IP address. VPNs have been used in the video gaming community for many years to change their server locations, allowing them to play with their friends. 

What savvy gamblers have recently discovered, though, is that VPN can be used to change their location to allow them access to previously restricted bookmakers, such as Bet365 in France. Setting their VPN to Canada, for example, would confuse the Bet365 geoblocking and allow gambling. 

However, there are some drawbacks to using a Bet365 France VPN. 

Free Vpns

Here's the deal: so-called influencers highly tout some free VPNs on the market. A word to the wise—beware of these companies. They've paid these influencers to push their product to you. Among the VPN'ing community, free VPN services have a notorious reputation for being unreliable, shady, and sometimes downright criminal. 

There are horror stories pasted all over the internet of Free VPN services stealing their users' data. 

There is a saying that rings true here “if something is free, you're the product.” 

Bet365 France Vpn

There are tons of quality VPN services out there, but these can become pricey. Express VPN is one such service. I'm a subscriber for video gaming—however, if I needed it solely to use Bet365 in France, I'd consider it too costly. The reason being, there are so many amazing alternatives to Bet365 in France out there. But for those looking for the best VPNs to access Bet365 in France, below is a comprehensive list:

Express VPN for Bet365 France

ExpressVPN's vast network, which includes over 2,000 servers in 148 locations worldwide, assures fast speeds no matter where you are. They don't keep track of what consumers do on the internet or their IP addresses.

Cyber Ghost

Fast download speeds and excellent privacy protection. IP addresses that are dedicated to anonymity. There's even an ad-blocker built-in—extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Live chat assistance is available around the clock.

Private Internet Access

Excellent speeds and comprehensive security features come standard with this private VPN. Ad-blocker built-in. Extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Live chat assistance is available around the clock.

Surf Shark

Encryption and privacy features are substantial—extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Live chat assistance is available around the clock.

Using IP Vanish for Bet365 France

VPN solution that is both speedy and safe. Advanced privacy services are available. Support is available via live chat.


Speeds are good, and security is robust. A NAT firewall is included. Anti-censorship protocol developed by the company. Support is available via live chat.

Private VPN and Bet365 France

Consistently fast speeds with a reasonable level of privacy. Servers that are dedicated to streaming. Support is available via live chat.

Bookmakers Other than Bet365 France

While Bet365 in France is undoubtedly one of the top bookmakers, they're not the be-all and end-all. Frankly, there are several other bookmakers in France that are as good, if not better. For a bookmaker to be great, it has to give its users access to all of the games across all of the sports. There is absolutely nothing worse than having a great hunch and not being able to lay down your bet because your bookmaker isn't taking action on that particular play. 

Because of the stiff competition in online gambling, many bookmakers offer incentives for their members. Most, if not all, bookmakers advertise deposit matching—they'll match your deposit if you're a new account. They also offer incentives to bet on particular games, such as free in-game bets if you're made a pre-game bet on a specific play. If you like free money and don't care which platform you choose, shop around for a while to see which bookmakers are offering the best incentives.


Unibet is one of the leading bookmakers in the world and is an excellent option for those once using Bet365 in France. The first thing one notices when going on their website is their slick, user-friendly interface. Right on their homepage, they boast over 16 million players worldwide, making them among the world's largest.

Gambling is available in all major currencies, making deposits and withdrawals a breeze. At the time of writing this article, Unibet is offering a 100% deposit bonus for their online casino, as well as a 100$ deposit bonus of up to 50 euros for their sportsbook. It's hard to beat free money! 

For sports bettors, Unibet boasts a huge array of games. Anything from racing, to ice hockey, to esports—if it's competitive, Unibet is likely taking wagers on it. 

For those looking for up-to-the-minute scores, Unibet offers live streaming of certain events as well as play-by-play. The beauty of this is that if you've got a parlay with several plays going at the same time, you can keep tabs on each bet without changing the channel on your TV! This level of engagement makes gambling more engaging than ever before.

Unibet also offers casino gaming. For those who love the excitement of cards, roulette, or other casino games—you can get in on the action from your couch! 

888SPORT vs. Bet365 France

As far as online bookmakers go, it's hard to be 888Sport. For those impacted by the restriction of Bet365 in France, you may want to have a look here. 

888Sport outshines its competition right from the get-go. The interface is a sleek night mode design, with a scrolling left toolbar for ease of use. What one instantly recognizes is their massive selection of sports gambling. Like most of the top online bookmakers, 888Sport offers almost every major sports league worldwide, including esports and virtual sports. 

888Sport is also choc-full of free promotions. At the time of writing this article, there is a free prize pool valued at 100,000 euros. That's pretty hard to beat considering it is free to enter—but that's the kind of value that 888Sport brings to the table and one of the reasons it's the perfect replacement for Bet365 in France. 

Along with being one of the best sportsbooks on the internet, 888Sport also offers poker and casino gaming for those who enjoy instant action. 


There's a new sheriff in town in the online gaming and gambling world. Cloudbet is an exciting offering that has been around since 2013. This platform offers many of the same features as the top online bookmakers worldwide, yet it is entirely different.

Cloudbet is one of the TOP bitcoin casino and sports gambling websites. Bitcoin gaming is a relatively new phenomenon, but many people have begun flocking to the world of crypto gambling. 

Firstly, transactions between your bitcoin wallet and Cloudbet are almost instant. No more waiting around for deposits and withdrawals to clear. This is one of the upsides of crypto transactions as a whole but is especially helpful for online gamblers. The sportsbook is arbitrage friendly. When you want your bet in, you want it now—odds change on the fly, and you want to catch it at the right time. 

I think it's crucial for the uninitiated that before searching for a replacement to Bet365 in France, you learn about the many unique benefits that a crypto bookmaker can offer. From there, you'll be educated enough to make your own decisions. 

Crypto Casinos and Bookmakers Are Secure

Due to the nature of cryptocurrency, and bitcoin in particular—all of the transactions, bets, and winnings on the platform are entirely secured. Also, being able to gamble online without providing a debit or credit card is a bonus for many users. Some banks will not allow their cards to be used for online gambling, while others make it difficult to withdraw winnings. Crypto casinos do away with banks entirely and let you make your own decisions about what you want to do with your money. Check our video guide for more information about crypto gambling.

Crypto Betting Is Cheaper

Some online bookmakers attach fees to transactions, bets, withdrawals, and winnings. On top of that, you've got the taxman at your door looking for a piece of the pie should you win anything. Depending on what country you're in, these short-term capital gains taxes can be astronomical. It's difficult enough to predict the outcome of a game—and when you win a big one, you've got to give away up to 50%?! No thanks.

Crypto betting sites like Cloudbet or NitrogenSports are secure, private, and do not require a bank account to make transactions. While we are not advocating for hiding your funds, many people feel a little safer when they gamble with cryptocurrency instead of using cash bookmakers like Bet365 in France. 

Crypto Is Convenient

The world is increasingly becoming a global community—one in which borders don't matter quite as much, and communication spans the entirety of the world. The beauty of cryptocurrency is that it is decentralized and can be acquired and used from anywhere globally—even as a replacement for Bet365 in France. This allows fair transactions with low fees and no conversion fees. Conversion fees can add up on both ends of a transaction, the deposit, and withdrawal. 

Bonuses and Promos

If you browse around for online bookmakers long enough, you'll realize that most—if not all—online bookies offer some promotion for signing up, some seasonal promos, and in-game promos. This is an industry standard that has been set due to the highly competitive market. 

What you'll notice with crypto bookmakers and crypto casinos is that the bonuses and promotions are astronomical in comparison to cash bookmakers. They offer these to attract non-crypto users to their platforms that would normally shy away from crypto casinos. This is a clever marketing tool that allows gamblers access to some pretty impressive bonuses.

At the time of writing this article, Cloudbet offers a deposit matching bonus of up to 5 BTC! BTC is trading at around 40,000 USD, which makes that deposit bonus HUGE. High rollers can come away with a ton of extra cash by simply making a large deposit with Cloudbet.

Potential For Exponential Growth

The price of cryptocurrency is constantly fluctuating and is certainly volatile. For gamblers, this is an exciting opportunity. For instance, your winnings for today could total 1 BTC. At the time of writing this article, that's hovering around 40,000 USD. However, BTC has taken a DIP recently from an all-time high of closer to 60,000 USD. So the bitcoin you won today may be worth 1.5x as much tomorrow. Or it could dip again. There are no guarantees. But a BTC only loses value when you sell it. If you intend to become a BTC investor, you may also hold it and see what happens! 

Zero-Margin Sports Betting

For users used to gambling on platforms like Bet365 in France—we're used to bookmakers padding the odds with a bit of margin. Cloudbet offers zero margin sports gambling which is exceptional. 

Arcade Games

Not everyone is satisfied with regular casino games or sports gambling. Some people want the excitement of a video game, with some money on the line! Most crypto bookmakers also offer arcade games that can be fun to get a little action in. 

Beware of Unlicensed Betting Sites

There is a concerning trend in the world of online gambling—unlicensed bookmakers. Unlicensed bookmakers may be tempting, offering incentives for signing up, but don't be fooled. These operations can be pretty shady, and indeed there are no guarantees that you'll get all of your money back. These platforms pop up and disappear overnight. is designed to give you all the best betting sites.

The reason for unlicensed betting sites is that, like in Bet365 in France, regulatory and tax laws make it difficult for platforms to operate. For instance, France has a 33% corporate tax on all online bookmakers. This sort of regulation increases the likelihood that a black market is created. Unlicensed betting sites are most likely illegal, evil, and untrustworthy. 

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