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Last Updated on October 7, 2023

What Are The Best Arbitrage Betting Sites?

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7 days Package
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For sports bettors, “arbitrage” isn’t usually the first word that comes to mind. They love props, parlays, the over/under, the thrill of betting on their favourites despite the odds… But all is not lost. Know what’s good at doing complex calculations? Computer software. Arbitrage betting sites and sports arbitrage software use computerized algorithms to identify and execute sure bets. They may even grow to love the shot of adrenaline that comes from a punishing loss.

Those are “hobbyist” bettors. For professional bettors — and yes, some people do attempt to make a profit and even a living off of sports betting — arbitrage is everything.

Arbitrage is part of nearly every business strategy. It simply means “buying low and selling high.” This could mean purchasing retail goods at a wholesale discount, buying undervalued assets and selling at a profit … even charging a premium price and then flipping the product or service to cheap labor for fulfillment. Nearly every entrepreneur uses some form of arbitrage.

To turn sports betting into an entrepreneurial activity, you need to identify flaws in the odds and develop a system where you “can’t lose” — every bet turns a profit, even a small one. Our team collected the best arbitrage programs.

Cheaper Plan : RebelBetting

Customer's Choice : BetBurger

ValueBet : BetBurger

Live Arbs : OddStorm

The Best Arbitrage Betting Sites & How to Successfully Use Them

Betting is a prevalent form of entertainment. However, it's also one that can be profitable with the proper knowledge and strategy.

One way to make betting more profitable is by using arbitrage betting sites. These sites offer you the opportunity to bet on two different outcomes, for example, both teams in a football game-winning or losing.

The site will give you back money if either outcome happens but not both. This means there's less risk and more potential reward when compared to standard sportsbooks, where your only options are win or lose bets.

In this article, we'll discuss what these types of sites are, what they have to offer, and how you can use them successfully!

Arbing Software

If every bet produces a net win, even a small win, you can “beat the bookies” and scale your system to make big money. Professional sports bettors call this a “Sure Bet System,” also known as “Sports Arbitrage” or “Arbing.”

It can be easy to place bets on your own. All you need is a betting account, internet access, and some free time. However, this doesn't always mean that it's the best way to go about things if you want to make money through arbitrage betting.

How To Use a Sure Bet Program

One of the most popular methods for successful arbitrage betting involved using the software. This software will allow you to monitor the sportsbooks and automatically place bets when discrepancies arise in odds, without having to do all of that work yourself.
The best arbitrage betting sites have betting options for different wagers, such as straight bets or parlays; they also have an updated list of odds for events in real-time.

An example of arbing would be to bet on every outcome of a sporting event. Most of the bets will lose, but one of the bets is bound to win. A reliable sure bet system will exploit value gaps in the odds to produce a win that covers for the other losses with cash to space.

Top Betting Sites For Sports Arbitrage

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Easier said than done. Bookies are aware of sports arbitrage and go to great lengths to plug the leaks in their odds. After all, they’re out to make themselves rich, not their bettors. The successful sure bet systems of the 21st century require complex calculations. 

Of course, many sportsbooks like Bet365 now use software to set their odds. On top of that, they can shut down the accounts of bettors that they suspect of arbing. It’s an arms race between the bookies and the arbers.

Choose your weapon carefully — sure bet programs are not created equal, and user results may vary.

So what is the best sports betting arbitrage software? Here are our picks …


Rebelbetting leads the pack, the choice of most professional sports bettors. Sophisticated marketers, they offer a “Free eBook” as a lead magnet, touting a “secret investment method” to produce 10%-15% returns on your money every month, with minimal work.

They are, of course, trying to hook users on arbing … but the eBook is a helpful introduction to sports arbitrage, whether you become a Rebelbetting user or not.

Rebelbetting provides its new subscribers with everything they need to know about sure betting, as well as value betting. They offer a 14-day free trial period, as well as a Profit Guarantee — if you don’t make a profit in your first month, the next month is free. Not exactly a “money-back guarantee,” but an impressive confidence flex nonetheless.

Rebelbetting also constantly adds bookmakers and adds features to prevent the bookmakers from closing users’ accounts.

Rebelbetting is a native app for Mac or Windows. There is no free version. That said, considering the speed and value offered by Rebelbetting, the subscription prices are reasonable, both for the Standard and Pro versions. You get a 35% discount for an annual subscription, which users can cancel early if need be.


OddStorm offers an excellent product for casual arbers. It’s also the most popular software for people who arb matched bets — that is, “free bet” or “matched bet” bonuses offered by online bookmakers to new bettors.

The software is in a state of robust development, with new features constantly making their debut. There’s a free version, but the premium version is surprisingly affordable considering the features it offers, including a 2-way and 3-way dutch finder.

Five free guides instruct new users on making a profit within their first hour using an in-browser odds matcher to identify sure bet systems. It also rewards matched bet arbers with a calendar of the latest bookmaker matching offers, updated daily. 

BetBurger – One of The Best Arbitrage Betting Sites

BetBurger is one of the best sports betting arbitrage software solutions for complete beginners. The in-browser BetBurger sure bet program scans a growing list of over 100 bookmakers in search of sure bet opportunities — both “pre-match” and “in-play.”

BetBurger also offers a nifty browser extension, which speeds up the betting process and masks the source of the bet, preventing bookmakers from spotting you as an arber.

New users can take advantage of the BetBurger “Arbitrage Betting Academy” to learn how to identify and place sure bets.

BetBurger has a free version, but you will need to upgrade to one of two premium versions to make serious money. One premium subscription scans the bookmakers for pre-match sure bets, the other for in-play sure bets.

BetOnValue Arbitrage Betting Software

BetOnValue evolved from BetBrain, one of the original sure bet programs. More than just sports arbitrage software, the BetOnValue platform offers a comprehensive sports data analysis tool. Data junkies can look at historical graphs of odds and prices, with easy filters for variables like time frame, bookmaker, and much more.

This feature is better for experienced bettors who want to calculate the best odds. This is not beginner-friendly, though, and it isn’t the same thing as sports betting arbitrage. Gold members, however, can use the Sure Bet section to discover sure bet opportunities as soon as they arise.

BetOnValue offers three price tiers — Free, Silver, and Gold. Only the comparatively pricey Gold tier is of value for arbing since it unlocks the Sure Bet feature.

Pros and Cons of Using Arbitrage Betting Sites

As with any online or in-person gambling, there are inherent risks that come into play. With arbing, even the most skilled and experienced bettor can experience fallout with the practice. However, there are some lucrative benefits to this type of betting, primarily online:

The pros of arbitrage sports bets include:

  • The potential increase in your betting portfolio over time. This is since arbing takes less risk for the bettor but does have drawbacks, as mentioned above. Betting sites not on GamStop are the best option for arbitrage.
  • It requires minimal work on your part. The site you're using usually does all of the calculations and creates a spreadsheet with profit margins.
  • The potential to make more money per bet is partly because you're not betting on just one event but two.

The cons of arbitrage sports bets include:

  • There's no guarantee that arbing will lead to an increase in your betting portfolio. It relies on the bettor to make more profitable bets.
  • The use of multiple websites may be confusing at first because they all have different odds calculation methods and offer additional information about arbitrage sports bets.
  • There's less focus on individual picks or predictions – this is something that will take time for some people to get used to

Improve Your Gambling Skills With Arbitrage Betting Software

Sports betting has always been fun and always will be. For sports bettors who want to transition fun into profit, a genuine business opportunity exists in picking the best sports betting arbitrage site.

Anyone looking for a laptop-lifestyle, work-from-anywhere business with a low entry barrier, minimal commitment, and high growth potential should look at one of the above sure bet sites to turn the odds in their favor.


Does Sure Bet Software Work?

A short answer – YES, it definitely works. Using a sure bet software is the best and quickest way to find sure bets.

Is Sure Bet Software Free?

Some arbitrage betting providers like BetBurger and BetOnValue offer a free access to some of their features.

What Is the Best Sure Bet Software?

Hard to say, but after months of reviews and tests our experts think that BetBurger and BetOnValue are the best arbitrage betting providers.

Is RebelBetting legit?

Of course. It's quite expensive but RebelBetting offers great features and an astonishing sure bet software.

Can I Trust BetBurger?

A short reply : definitely. Betburger is one of the most trustable sure bet software.

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  • gary7558 says:

    How often do arbitrage bettors get screwed because one of their bets was voided? That would be my biggest concern if I tried it one day. Especially since high stakes are required to make a decent profit.

  • Mozz2010 says:

    Betburger software is faster than any of those listed here! You got all the prematch arbs, values and middles… I honestly can’t understand why someone’s gonna use oddstorm with these expensive packages and poor support.

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