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The Complete List of Betting Sites Without ID Verification

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In this post we’ll attempt to give you the most comprehensive list on the internet about betting sites without verification. We’ll guide you through how to find and join a gambling site that doesn’t verify your identity. We’ll also tell you the best sites to set up quickly, without checking your age or background.

List of No Verification Betting Sites for USA Players

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No Verification
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There are many reasons to hide your identity when using an online gambling website. You may be underage, or gambling from a country with specific laws that stop you. Unfortunately, you could also sign up with services like GamStop that prevent you from online gambling. The betting sites we give you in this post can get you past all of that. No verification needed, not listed on GamStop and ready for you to place your bets.


  • The Best Betting Sites Without Verification
  • Why Would You Want A Betting Site Without ID Verification?
  • How We Choose the Best gambling sites with no verification
  • Types of Gambling Sites Without Verification
  • More Gambling Sites Without Verification
  • The Pros & Cons of Using Betting Sites That Don’t Need Verification
  • Major Benefits of Betting Sites That Don’t Ask for ID
  • Top Betting Sites with Easy Verification
  • Alternative Online Betting Sites Without Verification
  • Popular Questions About Sports Betting Sites Without Verification
  • The Top UK Betting Sites Without Verification
  • Other Popular Gambling Sites with No Verification
  • The Best Betting Websites Without Age Verification
  • Account Verification and Identification Required for UK Online betting sites
  • What is a Know Your Customer (KYC) Check?
  • Betting Without KYC Verification
  • The Most Popular Questions About Betting Sites That Don’t Ask For ID
  • The Last Say on Gambling Sites with No Verification

You may think that all betting sites require verification. However, there are some websites that accept players without verifying their ID at all. Here’s the list of betting sites without verification to start using today.

The Best Betting Sites Without Verification


This is one of the best and latest no-verification betting sites. Launched in 2004 and gaining quick popularity, this site allows users with no ID checks and offers an enormous range of games. It holds a Panama gaming permit, so it’s safe to use, and as a British citizen you can log on and bet on sports with no ID verification required.

BetOnline have an easy to use mobile app which works on Android, so you can play wherever you go. If you need to use some similar to bet365 USA gambling site. Or you need to bypass GamStop or any other self-exclusion, and you want to play without uploading personal identity documents, then this site is perfect for you.

This is our top pick for non-verification gambling sites for 2021 because it’s the most trusted, the highest rated, and they have the best options for sports betting, casino games, instant registrations and no verification required.


Yet another impressive site we found that doesn’t require verification. If you’re a US or UK citizen, you can sign up at without going through identity checks, background checks or uploading of documents. The gambling site is licenced and regulated and offers tons of payment options so you have multiple ways to get started.

They do more than sports betting, the impressive part about this brand is their enormous selection of casino games that will keep you busy as long as you need. It’s also one of the lowest deposits non-verification sites we found, and they aren’t signed up to GamStop. You can play the slots, table games or live dealer games with multiple players. There’s a computer desktop app and a mobile app so you can gamble on the go. If you’re stuck in self-exclusion, this is a great option for getting around that.


Another excellent option for online betting without verification. It's an easy to use website with quick and no-verification registration. Gamblers can place bets on tons of the hottest sports from football to basketball or tennis and many more. They don’t do any background checks, credit checks, or KYC verification procedures. They accept self-excluded members, and the GamStop network didn’t block the casino.

Why Would You Want A Betting Site Without ID Verification?

There are several reasons someone would want to use a betting site without ID verification. One common reason is that people who live in the UK don’t want to reveal their identity to online bookies. The UK has strict laws about online gambling so find a betting site without verification and you can gamble without worries. This isn’t a crime, and you’re allowed to sign up and bet without verification using these sites.

You may look for an extra method to earn some cash, but you don’t want to prove your age and identity. Other reason is arbitrage betting. With these gambling sites with no verification, you can get started with sharing your ID and enjoy an easy betting process. These sites allow users to sign up without verification and deposit money that with other sites they may not be allowed to use. If you want an easy betting experience or , then using one of these sites will help you do that.

Exclusive To You :

How We Choose the Best gambling sites with no verification 

Online gambling has become a raging hit among people of all age groups. It’s no surprise that most online gambling sites require verification. This is frustrating because people don’t want to share personal details with bookmakers.

Our team at has researched the best gambling sites with no verification and hassle-free sign up processes. Still, you can enjoy online gaming without ID verification and join the millions of players that are a part of this new industry.

We’ve looked through as many betting sites as we could find that don’t require verification and ranked them based on quality and ease of use. This list of betting sites without verification is perfect if you want real-money betting without the need to provide identification document.

Types of Gambling Sites with No Verification

You may be into sports betting, poker, bingo, casino games, or horse racing; we’ve looked through the best in every category to find you the ultimate list of gambling sites without verification. We’ve selected them based on customer service, how smooth the play is, and the bonuses that the sites offer. If you’re looking for betting sites without ID verification, look no further.

Are you trying to find a bettering site that doesn’t require verification? Maybe you want to gamble without showing your identification. If that’s the case, try one of the above or below listed gambling sites to try. We know most people don’t want to bother with ID verification. In fact, there’s nothing illegal or wrong with that. That’s why we spent weeks looking for the best, most top-rated betting sites without ID verification for you to use.

More Sportsbooks Without Verification

We chose sites that are popular, have high standards of quality, have many options for casino games and sports, and that offered great bonuses for joining. Our experts found so many that if the ones we’ve already listed for you aren’t enough, then try some of these.

Most online sites will require you to verify your age and identity by asking you to submit your documents as proof before you can play. If you’re looking for a betting site without verification, then use the list above or the alternative list below.


This five-star rated online casino allows you to get started without ID verification, and they aren’t a part of UK self-exclusion or GamStop. Also you get a free bet after the first deposit. Punters can choose from a wide range of crypto payment options like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

It’s difficult to find a good sportsbook without verification who don’t require documents. It takes extensive research and for us to find the best options for you, we had to filter through a lot of junk. We ended up with the best viable options of online gambling sites to use, and we’re also here to tell you the pros and cons of choosing a betting site without ID verification.

The Pros & Cons of Using Betting Sites That Don’t Need Verification

The process of online verification takes time and effort, and you may just want to skip the headaches. In that case, using betting sites that don’t need verification is the best option for you. You may have nothing criminal to hide at all, and you just want to make the process easier. Use our list of betting sites that don’t need verification and get started.

There are positive and negative sides to betting sites that don’t need verification. The customer support will not be the same as a verified site, since they are not as loyal to their customer bases as other verified websites. The sites may also have fewer users and less activity, but that’s changing day by day.

Major Benefits of Betting Sites That Don’t Ask for ID

There are many benefits to using a betting site that doesn’t ask for ID however these are the most obvious benefits.

1.If you’re underage or using someone else’s details,

If you’re below the minimum legal age for gambling, that might cause you to look for an online betting site that doesn’t ask for ID. However, you’d be hard pressed to find any gambling sites that accept underage players. The legal minimum age requirement is between 18-21 for most countries, and it’s illegal to gamble underage.

We suggest that you don’t gamble if you’re a minor. This however is one reason someone might look for betting sites that don’t ask for ID.

2. You want to keep your personal data private

If you’re a private person or you have reasons to keep your data private, then use a betting site that doesn’t require ID. If you don’t want to upload any document online, you are trying to avoid credit checks, or you just want to keep your personal information private, then use betting sites that don’t require ID.

When you upload documents to a bookie, they may keep that information on file in the future. To avoid this, you can use a bookie that doesn’t require ID.

3. You don’t want a background or credit check

When you submit your personal information to a gambling site, they may do a credit check on you or a soft background check. Some bookies will do an in-depth look into your credit history and funds, and these checks may have a negative effect your credit rating.

This could affect any debts you have or your future chances of getting loans. This is another reason someone may want to use a betting site that doesn’t require verification.

4. The country you live in doesn’t allow gambling

Every country has specific laws about online gambling. Some countries have made online gambling illegal, they force players to look for sites that don’t require any verification or checks. In Turkey, they consider gambling part of the black market, so it’s safer for you to use sites that don’t ask for personal information. In Ukraine, they forbid online betting and gambling is controlled, with online gambling being forbidden.

The USA has various laws across their states, such as in Utah or Hawaii, who ban gambling completely. If you live in one of these countries or you have specific laws in your country that you’re trying to avoid, then use the sites we mention on this page and you can freely gamble.

Top Betting Sites with Easy Verification

If you’re interested in betting, whether it’s for sports, for fun, or an additional source of income, there are major anti-gambling laws that you have to overcome. Sites avoid taking bets from people underage and that’s why you may be hunting for betting sites that don’t check age.

In some European countries, the laws are much more relaxed. There are some legal betting shops and a handful of gambling websites that are unrestricted. We have a list of betting websites without age verification that you can use, and you won’t have to worry about getting in trouble by your local government.

How do you rate No ID Betting Sites?

We always produce the most valuable content for our readers, so when we started reviewing online betting sites with no ID verification, we stuck to a few specific criteria of success. Each bookmaker we reviewed must meet those quality standards or they didn’t make our list. Here is a list of the criteria we looked for when reviewing no-ID casinos and betting sites without verification.

1. They Accept Blocked Betters

There are several self-exclusion services like GamStop that can prevent you from gambling if you have a gambling addiction and you’re trying to stop. If you’re a player with an active self-exclusion then instead of waiting for the end of your exclusion period, use a gambling site that accepts blocked betters.

We don’t recommend this, and we tell our readers to stay safe, so if you have a gambling problem then it’s best to avoid these sites.

2. They Have Casino Games

When we hand-picked these sites, we looked for companies that offered options in games. There were many sports betting options, but we wanted to find the site that allow more than just sports betting. These sites have various options of casino games, and there’s no verification needed to get started.

3. Reliable Service

We want to make sure that above all, you’re safe. So, we only selected our favourite safe betting sites that don’t ask for ID. To make sure you have the best possible gaming experience, we’ve found the sites that are licences and registered by gambling authorities, with a trusted quality service.

The Top UK Betting Sites Without Verification

The UK has strict gambling laws and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission set the regulations around online gambling for brits. There are non-UK sports betting websites that work with many countries and don’t require verification. Splendid news for brits who can’t get around the country’s laws.

These sites are not UKGC licensed but allow credit card transfers and many allow payments through cryptocurrency. This way you can keep your transactions safe and anonymous and gamble while in the UK.

There are tons of betting sites, but they’re not all high-quality. They offer a range of games, welcome offers and flexible payment methods, so we found the best of the bunch and list them here for you. Here are five of the top UK betting sites without verification needed.

The Best Betting Websites Without Age Verification

If you want to enjoy sports bets online without having to provide your identity, then choose one of the best betting sites without ID verification. We have found the highest quality betting sites that don't check age, so you don’t have to submit your Id or verification, and you can enjoy safe, anonymous online gambling.

Meanwhile, to save you time and effort, we curated this list of high quality betting sites without ID verification. If you want to gamble easily, anonymously and safely, this is the best list for you.

What Betting Apps Don’t Need ID?

There are many reasons most gambling sites require you to post your identification and prove your age. In a real casino, they will check your ID in person before letting you into the venue. This is because of the minimum legal gambling in most countries. If they aren’t sure whether you’re 18 (or 21 in some countries) then they will check your ID. With an online gambling site, the same rules apply.

Therefore, most betting apps check your age before allowing you to play. If you’re wondering how to bet without ID, then this is the solution. Use one of the betting apps we mentioned on this page that don’t require age verification.

How Can I Bet Without ID?

In the UK, it’s required by law that you must be 18 or over to gamble. Gambling companies, licenced operates, and online bookies require an age check. Bookies could refuse your deposits, bets and withdrawals if you can’t prove your age. When you provide your ID to these sites, they will cross check with the government’s records, or ask you to send a visible proof of ID such as a driver’s license or passport.

Do you need ID for online betting? Yes, you can bet without ID on select websites we’ve mentioned on this post. If you use one of these sites and download the app, you can get around the strict UK laws that stop you from online betting.

Account Verification and Identification Required for UK Online betting sites

Why do betting sites check your age? The primary reason is that it’s a legal requirement for sites operating in the UK to follow UK minimum age laws. But one reason you may not realise is that the government is trying to protect minors and vulnerable individuals, and to prevent fraud and money laundering.

By confirming the age, location and status of a customer, the gambling sites can make sure that nothing nefarious is going on. In the UK, gambling sites and online casinos that have a UK gambling licence, is required to collect this customer information. Then in the background they perform a soft credit check which protects the companies from fraud or being a part of crime.

Fraud & Money Laundering

One way criminals launder their money is through online gambling sites. They may decide to place some bets online, and then the money they withdraw is now ‘clean’. This is another reason most bookies and gambling sites require you to confirm your identification.

If a site suspects your cards or account of suspicious activity, they may require you to submit your information. This might happen if your billing address and card address are different, or if the deposits you’re making are suspicious.

Sometimes you may sign up to a site that doesn’t require identification, but then later they ask for some ID. The reason could be a random check, or they’ve noticed some suspicious activity like large deposits or withdrawals that look different than your usual activity.

If a betting site suspects you of criminal behaviour, they may freeze your account and refuse to pay out until you submit your identification. For people waiting for disputed funds, then the best thing to do is show your ID and do what they ask so you can get your money out. If you’re not sure what to do, there are third-party companies that can help you with these laws and tell you the best course of action to take.

What is a Know Your Customer (KYC) Check?

There is a standard verification process in every industry called KYC. This stands for ‘Know Your Customer’. It’s an initial verification check that checks your age and address, and it’s common practice in many industries like online gambling.

You could pass the KYC check but still need to provide further identification when making deposits or withdrawals. To avoid KYC checks, use a site we’ve listed in the article and you won’t have a KYC check done on you.

Betting Without KYC Verification

If you’re trying to gamble without the inconvenient KYC and ID verification process, then use our list of gambling sites that don’t require verification. Although it’s standard practice for most betting sites, we’ve found the perfect betting sites without KYC verification so you can get past this tedious check.

There are so many betting sites without KYC verification, but if you have a self-exclusion system set up, then you may not have access to them. In this case, we’ve made sure to only select sites that are not used by GamStop or other self-exclusion programs.

Here is a list of some of the top questions we’ve got about betting sites that don’t ask for ID. We’ll give quick answers to each question so if you had any of the same queries, now you’ll know the answer.

Why do bookies require ID verification documents?

The main reason bookies require identification is because the law requires it. They have to make sure you’re an actual person when you deposit money or make a withdrawal. This is to protect them from being a part of criminal activates or fraud and ensure that you are a genuine person with your own payment accounts.

What is a no-verification betting site?

No verification betting sites allow you to sign up and start playing without revealing your identity or giving any personal documents. They are set up in countries with no legal gambling restrictions, so they don’t put you through a long KYC procedure or ask for your documents.

You’re legally allowed to use these registered and licenced sites, and start betting right away with no ID. To make sure you’re using a great website, choose one of our top rated betting sites that don’t require verification.

Are gambling sites without verification safe to use?

Yes, the ones we’ve found for you are safe to use. These sites are licensed by law in countries where there are no legal requirements to reveal your identity to use the sites. The sites use SSL encryption and are protected and safe to use. We’ve checked and reviewed the sites for the highest quality and service, so you can be sure these sites are easy and safe to use.

Where to find sports betting sites without ID verification?

Many of the sites we’ve listed in this post are perfect for sports betting and don’t require verification. Choose your favourite of our picks and select one that you like and has excellent reviews and bonus offers. The best way to decide is to look over the sites we’ve found and pick one that feels right.

Yes. There aren’t any laws that prevent you from registering and betting at one of these no-verification betting sites or bookies. Choose a licensed bookie that doesn’t require identification and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Are Betting Sites Without Documents Safe?

There are many sites offering betting without verification, it’s tough to know which are trustworthy. Make sure to only play at trusted online betting sites with excellent reviews, and you won’t have to worry about being safe.

Also consider that many bookmakers that require verification still turn out to be scams. Therefore, we hand-picked the best online casinos with no verification that are licensed, have excellent reviews, and the best quality games.

Do you need ID for online betting and are there any sites without ID verification?

Yes, we’ve listed many of them on this site and there are many more too. Make sure to look for verified and licensed options and use the sites we mentioned in this post.

Are There No Account Betting Sites?

There’s a brand new trend of no account betting sites where you can sign up and start playing without having to create an account. All you got to do is deposit, play, and withdraw. It’s done through a system called Pay N Play. A couple of examples of bookies that use this are ComeOn and Betsson, who both give you the chance to get started without having to sign up and use Trustly to verify they are secure and safe.

The Last Say on Gambling Sites with No Verification

In this post we covered tons of gambling sites with no verification, and we looked at the various laws and reasons in different countries that might prevent players from getting started. We talked about the benefits of no verification bookies, and some reasons to avoid using your personal details to sign up.

If you fall under any of these categories and want to get started playing online without having to verify your identity, then use the sites we found and you’ll be able to place bets without worrying about KYC checks, verification checks or age checks.


Which betting sites don't require verification?

Rolletto, BetOnline, and Cloudbet, all of them don't require any verification.

Is it safe to use betting sites without verification?

Using betting sites without verification is the safest possible way for gambling purposes. These betting sites don't require your documents, they just need you to place bets.

Can I bet without an ID?

Yes, you can. But you need to use betting sites that don't require an ID – just like BetOnline, Cloudbet and

Does Bet365 ask for ID?

In order to verify your bet365 account you need to upload your documents like driving license, ID or passport. If you're UK or US citizen you just need to enter your details like address or SSN correctly, the system will verify your details and let you play without giving any documents.

Is it legal to use betting sites that don’t request age verification ?

There are no regulations prohibiting you from enrolling with one of these no-verification betting sites or casinos.

Are There No Account Betting Sites?

There's a new trend of no-registration betting sites where you can sign up and play without having to make an account. It's as simple as depositing, playing, and withdrawing. It's done via a method known as Pay N Play.

28 Replies to “Betting Sites Without Verification in 2022”

  • Cloudbet is the worst says:

    Cloudbet askedd me for selfie 🙂

  • Tothebottom says:

    Betflip may be considered as a bookie without verification. I got almost 20 withdraw requests for the last 3 months and still no ID check.

  • Hughly says:

    Rolletto and fortunejack never asked me for any documents, never made any verification checks upon withdrawals, never stall a payout. One thing I really can’t realise : what’s the issue with an account verification?!?!? I’ve never had any trouble completing verification check. If you’re aware of the bookies rules you can just speed up the withdrawal process with an already verified acc.

    • jackychwwo says:

      Completely anonymous gambling. You will never be compelled to validate your account information for ANY withdrawals if you do not wish to. This is a bonus for those who live in nations where gambling is prohibited. They can play at risk using a VPN!

      • BobbyCanale says:

        I don’t believe that you can request a five figure amount without giving any personal info or documents for validation…

  • Chlode1978 says:

    most of bitcoin or ether gambling sites don’t require any verification, of course that’s in case you don’t abuse any bonus offers or rewards. never asked me for any documentation, nitrogen or cloudbet too.. the so called non verification betting sites are the future of online gambling

  • Jorbatman says:

    Rolletto??? Never heard of them:( Consider Fortunejack. Never asked for any verifications documents.

  • Melmondogeorge says:

    I’ve never sent a single doc to bet365 in order to complete some kind of a verification. They upgraded my account only with my name and address.

  • gary7558 says:

    I’ve been using non verification casinos for 15 years, and I’ve been banned from a few places and restricted from others. However, in comparison to the way things used to be, the opportunities are few and far between.

  • 1984aaa says:

    Don’t think that there are non verification sportsbooks. At some point they will ask for some documents, especially if you,re winning too much

    • jade says:

      Cloudbet and Nitrogen never asked me for anything, no address verification, no id, nothing.. Not so sure about BetOnline or Rolletto, I have a friend who plays at BetOnline and he never said about any problem at all, but I think they ask for some documentation when you deposit via credit card.

  • Bernie says:

    Passed the KYC at bet365 after registration without giving any doc. Same situation with william hill.

  • derekmat says:

    Rolletto’s KYC is difficult as hell – selfie, phone calls, address verifications..

  • vivworwick says:

    Not all bitcoin sportsbooks accept accounts without verification – for example : they did security checks twice on me. I even had to send a selfie holding a paper with my username and date:(

  • hanoy666 says:

    BetOnline AG is the Best!!! No limits, no verification, no issues!!!

  • hannoy666 says:

    BetOnline AG is the Best!!! No limits, no verification, no issues!!!

  • berrykrofort says:

    most of the gambling sites don’t require id verification if you bet under the radar which means stakes under £100.

  • it’s the best says:

    Top betting sites without verification for 1 year experience :

    BetOnline AG – 10 withdrawals without giving any single document for verification;
    SportsBetting AG – 7 successful withdrawals without any verification document;
    CloudBet – more than 15 withdrawals(0.3 BTC) without verification;
    Bet365 – passed the kyc with address and dob, no verification via bank wire;
    Rolletto – only the first payout was without id verification;
    Unibet – £100 withdrawal without verification, after that I had to send photos of my debit card;
    MrPlay – 3 successful withdrawals in a row without giving any id documents;

  • silentio says:

    The one and only no verification betting site is Cloudbet!

  • wanaberto says:

    Trying to find no verification uk bookmakers. I believe BetOnline accept residents from UK. Rolletto too. But I need something like bet365 where I don’t need to send any documents for verification.

    • Nelson says:

      Why do you need something like bet365? Restrictions, locked accounts, limited accounts, pvc codes, gamstop, proof of funds, should I continue?? BetOnline is a way better sportsbook – no verification, no limits, never heard someone to get his account locked, no proof of funds or credit check…

      • dogehaunt says:

        It depends. It depends on what are you going to use the sportsbook for. If you are the account holder, there will be no issues at all while using bet365. I got a bet365 account since I began placing bets and I’ve never been asked for PVC code. I got an account by BetOnline too. They are completely different sportsbooks.

  • xavier2001 says:

    Tigergaming is an alternative of Betonline ag. I got a question : if I own a tigergaming account, can I have betonline too or sportsbetting ag?

  • remyti says:

    Bovada should be included as a no verification betting site in the USA. The only time I got some request from them was for debit card screenshot in order to be sure that everything’s ok with my deposits.

  • carlssoden says:

    No verification uk betting site is BetNow! Must be in that list. Definitely a good bookie.

  • cody5sitro says:

    Most common issue with no verification betting sites is the deposit method, it’s kinda difficult to deposit at such sites with debit card or paypal.

  • fugiopton says:

    Just to be clear – BetOnline requests no verification only if you deposit via crypto. Of course they’ll ask at some point some verification documents if you make your payments with debit or credit card.

    • stjamesis says:

      why someone will deposit with something else when you got Bitcoin and all other cryptos??? That’s the pint here while using no verification betting sites.

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