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Last Updated on February 28, 2023

In this article, we will cover the reasons why you got your Betway account locked and the solutions how to fix it. But before that, let's begin with some information about this famous bookie.

Betway is an online gambling company with its headquarters in Malta. The business is from 2006 and it offers consumers numerous betting and gaming products, including online poker, an online casino, and a sportsbook.

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Betway offices outside Malta are in Cape Town, London, and Guernsey. It is a subsidiary of the Super Group, which is on the New York Stock Exchange in January 2022 and trades as SGHC. 

Today's changing regulations often require players to work with licensed businesses to make legal wagers online. Betway currently holds a license in several countries, including the United States, the KU, Argentina, France, Poland, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Belgium. 

Betway also maintains a partnership with the Professional Players Federation. This relationship strives to develop, promote, and protect the collective interests of all parties.

History of Betway

Betway currently employs 600 people globally and has 1,300 third-party support staff who help with daily operations. 

The company is a member of the European Sports Security Association. They are also part of the Remote Gambling Association and the Independent Betting Adjudication Service. These memberships are in addition to the accreditation they hold under testing agency eCOGRA to provide everyone with safe and fair playing experiences. 

When Betway offered services, they delivered complicated bonus terms that drove consumers away. As a result, the company's first eight years were difficult, especially with the poor reviews.

As customers slowly trusted the changes that Betway was making, including account management and assistance services, the business began to sponsor teams and advertise its platform.

Betway has sponsored football, darts, boxing, and numerous sporting events. 

Why Is My Betway Account Locked?

Betway has been in the news several times since 2019 because of incidents that have led to online gaming and gambling reforms. That process started when the company disbanded its VIP department. Then, in 2020, the casino got a record fine regarding AML and customer protection checks.

Later that year, Betway became the first betting company to ban managerial job and player transfer betting. 

When you play at a Betway online casino, you'll encounter games from top developers, including Play' n Go and NetEnt. The entire experience has to provide a positive form of entertainment. 

That's why it can be frustrating when a Betway account becomes locked. You might lose access to your deposit, potential bonuses or winnings, and the entertainment everyone loves.

If you have a locked Betway account, here are the reasons why the issue occurred and what can be done to correct the situation. 

1. The KYC Verification Process Is Incomplete

KYC stands for “know your client.” These regulations establish customer legitimacy by verifying their identity and identifying potential risk factors. They're often in combination with AML, or “anti-money laundering.”

The goal of KYC and AML in financial circles is to avoid sending money to criminal enterprises. It requires a company to verify that an individual is a person they claim to be when signing up for an account.

When you create an account on Betway, you can get going with your deposit and betting right away. However, once you have some winnings that you want to claim, you must complete the KYC process before the fund's transfer occurs.

All companies in the online gambling industry have to verify user details. It is a way to prioritize trust while proving compliance and competitiveness. 

Betway deals with large sums of money with bettors' financial transactions. Even small platforms deal with millions per day, which is why these companies are often a prime target for criminal economic activity. Identity verification through KYC reduces those risks by identifying suspicious users.

The customer service will ask you for PII, or “personal identification information.” Until you submit that info, Betway might limit your account access. 

Each online casino is subject to the regulations of each country. That means legitimate platforms like Betway adhere to the strictest rules. 

If you want to remove this restriction, the easiest way is to provide the requested documents. 

2. You've Used your Account for Arbitrage Bets

Arbitrage betting occurs on sportsbooks when bettors make multiple wagers on the same event to guarantee a profit. This issue occurs when different sites and platforms provide individualized odds for a game, situation, or outcome.

An arbitrage bet is a form of hedging. Although it isn't illegal, most sportsbooks and new online casinos forbid its practice in their terms and conditions.

The true definition of an arbitrage bet is that the better places each wager simultaneously. Three common forms of arbitrage betting can cause an account to be locked in Betway. 

  • Two Books Offer Different Prices. If you bet on one team to win with +120 odds at one location and another is at -115, you could either break even or make a small profit. These opportunities are usually available on the opening lines, but some don't disappear quickly. 
  • Different Prices on the Same Prop. Although this issue doesn't happen in large markets since most books copy lines, it does on prop bets. The outcome works similarly, guaranteeing profits from the wagering activities.
  • Line Movements in Your Favor. If your initial wager moves from the initial action received, it is possible to bet on the other side later to guarantee profits no matter who wins or what happens.

Arbitrage can be a viable strategy, but winning a significant amount for the average better is challenging. Moreover, the margins are small, meaning considerable capital is necessary to make money from it.

Betway Limits Accounts Because of Arbitrage

UK bookmakers know bettors can take these steps and actively work to prevent opportunities. Betway further limits these opportunities by suspending or locking accounts participating in those actions.

Sportbooks move lines on air. That means they change the odds based on what others are doing instead of their actions. As a result, finding significant price discrepancies is now uncommon in most markets.

Although betting on numerous books isn't easy to track, the levels of big data companies use today make it easier than ever. If you want to avoid a Betway account locked issue, the best option is to prevent arbitrage entirely.

3. Betway Suspects or Discovers Bonus Abuse

Betway occasionally offers complimentary wagers or amounts like welcome bonuses. These funds are only usable concerning the services the company specifies when the promotion is provided to players.

When you accept the bonus, you also agree to the terms and conditions associated with those funds.

An offer is only usable once unless Betway specifies otherwise. An account lock can happen if you sign up for multiple accounts or try to game the system to access more funds for wagering. 

With a Betway suspended account, for this reason, you'll need to prove that the violation wasn't intentional or that you weren't trying to violate the rules. A review of your situation may occur, with the findings usually being the final say in the matter. 

You'll find this stipulation in the Betway terms and conditions regarding how players use bonuses.

“You are not entitled to withdraw any Bonus amounts, and you may not remove any cash obtained via a Bonus from your Account without first complying with the applicable terms, including, without limitation, in respect of any qualifiers or restrictions.”

Betway has master offers and promotions terms that may apply to specific behaviors, wagers, or tournaments hosted on the site. If there are discrepancies in your participation, an account review could result in suspension or limitations.

With a Betway account closed or limited, the best way to fix this issue is to provide documentation that you aren't violating the terms and conditions. 

4. You Didn't Follow the Betting Rules

Betway requires users to follow specific betting rules when signing up for an account. If you didn't follow them, the platform reserves the right to lock an account. 

The most common reason for a lockout in this category involves violating the rules under Section 18 for fraud and conspiracy.

  • Betway reserves the right to void bets made by anyone attempting to defraud the platform.
  • When you've placed multiple copies of the same, Betway may treat them as one selection, and the casino will void the others.
  • The company believes you wager like a professional or in tandem with others.

When issues happen in this section, Betway reserves the right to withhold some or all of your balance or recover winnings, bonuses, payouts, and deposits associated with the account.

Betway logs data on your betting behavior. Account bans occur because the algorithms spot actions that fit the descriptions listed in this category. Your best option is to appeal the ruling to see if they will restore your account access.

In New Jersey, players have the right to complete a dispute form with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE). This process works like a secondary appeal. 

If the NJDGE finds it in the player's favor, they will order Betway to restore account access. However, should Betway come out on top in the ruling, the locked account will likely stay indefinitely. 

5. A Duplicate Account

Betway does not allow users to create duplicate accounts. When you sign up for a new profile, you must agree to the terms and conditions posted on the website.

That includes Section 5.3, which says the following.

“One (1) Account is permitted per customer. Betway reserves the right to close down any duplicate Accounts and to cancel (subject to any applicable required regulatory approval) any Bets on duplicate Accounts. Betway also reserves the right to suspend or close any Account and cancel (subject to applicable required regulatory approval) any associated Bets where the Account holder and the owner of the funding instrument are not the same.”

That means Betway can cancel every account they feel is associated with a duplicate account. Unlike bookies like BitStarz, Betway is very strict about this particular term.

This rule extends to employees of Betway, who are not permitted to register or open an account for any services. It will get locked if it is done in their name, on behalf of a friend, relative, or anyone else.

The terms and conditions also state that users cannot interfere with or disguise their IP address for any device or take steps to prevent their correct identification during use.

If this situation happens, your only recourse is to contact Betway's customer service department to file an appeal of the ban. Although not all decisions are final, most users can no longer access their information after a secondary review.

6. GamStop Registration Prevents Access

GamStop is a self-exclusion scheme in Great Britain. Once players register for this service, they can no longer use apps or gambling websites for a period of their choice. 

This service is provided for free, and it is available to anyone who resides in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

To register for a GamStop account and self-exclusion, you must provide the scheme with several personal details.

  • The day you were born.
  • Any email addresses you use now or have used before.
  • Mobile numbers that you currently use and those from the past.
  • Your most recent address, postcode, and any others where you have lived.

After signing up for GamStop services, you receive an email that confirms your registration. In addition, this message provides additional information about the supports and tools available to prevent problematic gambling behaviors.

It takes up to 24 hours for your self-exclusion to become active. Then, based on your chosen option, you'll have the opportunity to stop access to registered casinos in Great Britain for six, 12, or 60 months.

GamStop registration won't automatically return your withdrawable funds. You'll need to contact Betway directly. It is impossible to cancel self-exclusion; this benefit continues until you ask to remove it.

Is There a Way to Get Around GamStop?

Betway's licensing requires it to honor GamStop services. Therefore, the only way to unlock your account is to have the self-exclusion period expire.

You can sign up for an account with a different email and mobile information than what GamStop recognizes, but that could run afoul of the multiple account rules in the terms and conditions. You'd need to complete your profile with non-GamStop data, eliminating the need to lock it in this category. 

7. Account Use in a Restricted Country

If you do not live in a geographic location that allows online gambling, access to online casinos, or sportsbook bets, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might block access to Betway.

It is not unusual for the website to be available to the point where you can create an account. However, once you enter your geographic location, the site recognizes where you live and restricts access if the ISP doesn't take that step.

Most countries accept or reject Betway access, but the United States is different. Each state is responsible for setting the rules about online gaming and gambling since this activity isn't entirely regulated at the federal level.

If you live in a state that doesn't permit this activity, your Betway account could become locked. In 2022, Betway is allowed in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. All 50 states can use the Betway Big Pick app to win money without gambling. 

When you live in a state that doesn't permit Betway access, the only way to correct that issue is to move to a different address or advocate for a change in the laws, rules, or regulations that govern gaming activities.

8. User-Requested Cool-Off Period

Today's best online casinos provide education about problematic wagering and gambling behaviors. The goal is to treat betting as entertainment rather than a way to generate income.

If you don't have GamStop activated for self-exclusion, you may have requested or triggered a cooling-off period for your Betway account.

When you activate this feature, you'll lose access to the account for a minimum of 72 hours. Your funds remain in your account until the restriction expires, although this action might affect how some bonuses or promotions work.

The cool-off feature on Betway extends for a maximum of 31 days. It cannot be reversed before the defined time elapses.

This feature doesn't apply to other accounts with physical casinos or online gaming operators. 

9. Incorrect User Information

A Betway account locked issue is sometimes as simple as a forgotten password. If you enter it incorrectly enough times, Betway closes access to your information for security purposes.

If you've inadvertently caused this reaction, the fastest way to restore access is to use the reset link found on the website. You can connect with one of Betway's friendly representatives using the live chat feature.

When you aren't the person trying to log into the account, you might need to speak with the company's customer service representatives to change your information. 

You can change your password without attempting to guess it if you're unsure of what it is. Instead, you'll need to go to the Betway page for your country, tap login, and then enter your mobile number.

You'll see a link that says, “Forgot Password?” Please tap or click on it.

Once there, you'll follow the onscreen instructions to create the account change. After confirming the update, you can safely log into your profile without worrying about it locking due to inaccurate information. 

10. The KYC Process Is Incorrect

Betway follows KYC regulations in each country to maintain its operating license. Therefore, a lockout could occur if you provide incorrect information, even accidentally, during the signup process.

Betway suspended numerous accounts for these common issues this year (and in previous years).

  • You've used a past address to create the account instead of the most recent one.
  • You've opened your account in a relative's name (spouse) instead of the individual's information.
  • Typos in a person's name were not caught during the profile creation.

When an honest error is part of the KYC process, you can rectify this situation by sending in the appropriate documents. Once your identity is verified, you should see the suspension lifted.

If false information is provided to Betway, there is not usually any other recourse to restore access. 

The most significant contributor to this issue involves underage players. If Betway discovers that the user is under 18 or 21, the casino will closed the account depending on the rules where they live. This outcome has been known to happen for some bettors several years after they reached legal age because it was discovered the profile was created under a violation of the terms and conditions.

Gambling under the age of 18 is strictly forbidden for several reasons, most importantly because the law doesn't recognize the ability of someone that young to enter into contracts. In addition, the parent is the legal caretaker.

If you created your account under 18, you could either hope the gambling site didn't discover this fact or contact customer service to correct the data problem. However, since KYC rules require to verify the personal information, the bookmakers catch most accounts when a withdrawal request occurs.

Why Is My Betway Account Suspended?

Betway suspending access to a player's account is often a temporary measure because the information is under review. This issue usually happens when your identification paperwork still requires someone to ensure its authenticity.

KYC and AML requirements exist throughout the world for player safety. These rules require online casinos, banks, and other institutions to verify your identity before distributing funds. This check stops money from going to the wrong people or criminals.

You might also receive an account suspension at Betway for violating the terms and conditions of the online casino or sportsbook. This issue arises most often from unintentional violations of the agreed-upon rules. It may last for a few minutes, a few days, or weeks, depending on the severity of the infraction. 

With a Betway account limited, you're suspended from some activities but not others. This issue is typically a temporary change in how you can wager and is lifted within a specific time.

Additional Options for Resolving Betway Account Limited Issues

“Betway closed my account – what can I do?” Suppose you are not satisfied with the initial response you've received regarding your profile being locked. In that case, the online casino provides an online help resource and a direct email link to discuss the matter.

Some geographic regions, including Great Britain, California, and New Jersey, have specific pages created to help consumers who use Betway products. That includes the company's free app. 

You can submit a formal complaint in writing to the designated email address. Betway requests that the following information be included in the correspondence.

  • The email address and username.
  • Your first and last name.
  • The date and time of the incident in question led to the account closure or restriction.
  • Explain what happened from your perspective, including any supporting documents or files that show your point of view.
  • A detailed explanation of what you want to see as an action or an outcome. 

Betway reviews all formal complaints and responds. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of this process, some jurisdictions offer additional appeals through oversight agencies. 

I Submitted KYC Documents, But My Betway Account Is Locked

Users' KYC documents to Betway must meet specific criteria for valid paperwork. For example, if the files or images are expired, blurred, or illegible, they will not be accepted.

Bettors typically receive a denial of the KYC documents, but this correspondence can sometimes get lost or filtered and deleted. 

If the information on the KYC documentation doesn't match what is on the account, the casino will reject your documents. You'll receive a decline of the verification request as a result.

The biggest issue with KYC rules is how recent the documents submitted for identity verification are. If they are more than 90 days old, they will not qualify for what Betway needs. This issue results in a limited, suspended, or locked account. 

Can I Reopen a Betway Account?

Betway does its best to provide each customer with a daily enjoyable gaming experience. However, some bettors might decide to close their accounts indefinitely because of an unexpected outcome or other one-time situations.

Betway considers an account closure to be similar to an indefinite exclusion request.

Customers can request the reactivation of their account once a year has passed after asking for indefinite exclusion. This request must be through a personal contact method and only comes into effect after another 24-hour cooling period.

Your request is often granted when you voluntarily close your account without the self-exclusion process. Each situation is different, so there isn't a blanket policy to follow or consider if you need to reopen it.

Betway Customer Service Isn't Corresponding with Me

If you're having trouble reaching someone at Betway regarding your account closure issue, there could be several reasons behind the delay.

  • It usually takes email correspondence 24 to 48 hours to respond to queries, but it can take up to five business days in some areas.
  • Live chat stalls are often due to the customer service representative looking up information about your account.
  • They've sent you an email response, but your provider filtered it into the spam or junk folder.

You'll want to ensure that the Betway customer service email address is listed as safe with your provider. A follow-up message or a request through a different contact method typically clears up the issue.

Some Betway account holders continue to ask the same questions or request reinstatement after they've been given reasons why this outcome isn't possible. Opening multiple tickets for the same problem won't change the result. e

Betway Locked My Account – Now What?

The easiest way to resolve a Betway account issue is to contact the company directly. In addition, representatives are available around the clock to help through live chat in each supported country.

You also can send Betway an email if you have concerns about why your account was locked or suspended. It's one of the ways how to unsuspend your Paddy Power account.

If you attempt to contact online help resources and live in a restricted country, you'll receive an error message on your computer or mobile device. 

“It seems like you're trying to access Betway.com from an unsupported country. You'll be redirected to your regional site if you are from a supported country.”

It is possible to have a Betway suspended account issue if you travel to an unsupported country. You'll need to contact a representative after returning home or to an authorized geographic location to discuss your restoration options. 

If you win an appeal or Betway reverses their decision, it can take five to 15 business days to regain account access. After that, the company might offer a personalized estimate based on your circumstances. 

Although rare, Betway reserves the right to terminate service and participation access for no reason, with or without prior notice.  

It would help if you took action to restore access. The answer you receive might not be the one you want, but you won't get any results without making an effort. Betway strives to be a bastion of safe gaming experiences. It accomplishes that result by ensuring everyone is who they say they are.

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