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BetBurger Review

BetBurger is one of the leading arbitrage software providers currently available, thanks in part to their pretty large customer base and top solutions. The company has ‘helped 100,000+ customers outsmart the bookmakers’ according to their website, offering over 100,000 daily betting opportunities across 30 sports on over 100 books. BetBurger is one of the significant arbitrage services out there, mainly competing heavily with RebelBetting. As such, it’s essential to understand what services BetBurger offers, in addition to knowing just what they do. Unfortunately, not too many people are familiar with arbitrage betting or value betting, so let’s go over BetBurger’s offerings and look over whether it’s worth using their services. So, let’s get into this BetBurger review.

What is BetBurger?

BetBurger is a company owned by Aspira Limited (I’ll touch on that later), which operates two services: SureBets and ValueBets. These two are available for a monthly fee, which lets you then use them. The company’s services are available across multiple platforms, including computer, phone, and tablet, alongside Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Opera.

They’ve quickly become a leading company in the arbitrage software industry, founded in 2015 (their website says 100,000+ customers since 2013, though?), growing to become countless bettors’ favorite providers. Through BetBurger’s services, you’re able to make arbitrage and value bets, using the company’s vast data stream from bookmakers to accurately give you notifications as to when you can make profits on bets. Alongside that, the company will automatically fill in how much money you’ll need to bet to make profits, which is incredibly useful.

In total, the company offers over 200+ markets worth of bets, making up 30 ‘Prematch’ sports and 25 ‘Live’ sports, alongside 100+ bookmakers. It’s awe-inspiring but not too surprising considering owner Aspira Limited’s reach (again, I’ll explain later). Overall, BetBurger presents itself as a one-stop-shop for betting as an investment, similar to some other established competitors. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the company’s two significant offerings.

What is BetBurger SureBets?

SureBets is BetBurger’s proprietary sure betting software, which lets you make a profit off of two mismatched odds. Also known as arbitrage, sure betting is a form of betting which bets on two sides of an event, virtually guaranteeing you a profit. While it may seem sort of impossible at first glance, the sheer size of BetBurger’s catalog of bets allows them to point out mismatched odds to their customers.

Taking the ‘Rage’ out of Arbitrage

BetBurger arbitrage betting is one of the most complicated and challenging ways to turn betting into an investment, but it works virtually every time. While arbitrage itself is usually accomplished by hand, entries into sure online betting (i.e., BetBurger) give you access to countless scenarios every day. Through these companies’ massive online reach into the betting market, they’re able to access thousands of bets and determine which ones you can take advantage of.

With the sheer number of bets out there, using software like BetBurger’s SureBets, allows you to view these specific instances, which the company will notify you about. As to what sure betting, or arbitrage, is, it’s a bit more complicated. The easiest way to understand it is to think of it as betting on both sides. If two bookmakers have different ideas of the odds on a situation, saying one team will win over the other, you can bet on both sides.

Since someone’s going to win, nonetheless, you’re going to win either way. Depending on the odds for each side, though, you can bet a specific amount for each side to ensure that the winning part makes up for the guaranteed loss. Of course, it’s way more complicated than that, but that’s really why BetBurger offers the service. The company’s servers will find two bookmakers with different winning teams, tell you, then give you info as to what ratio you have to bet to make a profit.

Profiting off of Differences

Thanks to the fact that you’re guaranteed to make a profit, BetBurger offers a quick estimate of your earnings. According to the company’s website, you’re looking at around a 10% profit on arbitrage bets, meaning that you’re going to make a 10% profit for every instance they find a sure bet. While that seems wholly broken, especially considering it’s more than the S&P 500’s average return, it makes total sense.

You’re not going to make a 10% profit in the end either, as BetBurger offers their services under a subscription service, meaning that you’re going to lose a few hundred euros on subscription services per month. That’s how they stay in business, after all. Either way, though, it’s a great return on investment, especially considering that all you have to do is pay the company monthly, click on a notification when it pops up, then type in how much money you’re willing to bet. That’s it.

Live Arbitrage

The betting enthusiasts might have noticed in these SureBets options the addition of a Live option. BetBurger Live arbitrage allows you to use the standard sure betting software, betting on both sides of an event, but during an actual event. In this way, you can bet on the next team to score points, changing win odds, player points, and so much more.

Live betting is usually an incredibly stressful event, but luckily BetBurger helps to cut back on that. Even still, it’s not for new bettors or those that don’t understand how live arbitrage works. Personally, and with the opinions of many other reviewers, I like the inclusion of live arbitrage. Live betting is confusing enough, but with live SureBets, you’re looking at the ability to profit before, during, and after a game. 

The only issue with this subscription is that you don’t have access to Prematch betting. You’ll have to upgrade to the Prematch & Live option to do so.

What is BetBurger ValueBets?

ValueBets are less profitable per bet than with SureBets, although they’re a bit safer. So you can imagine SureBets as a higher risk/higher reward situation while considering ValueBets as an investment strategy. However, both are much less risky than traditional betting, or even most investment strategies, meaning that neither is necessarily ‘risky.’ BetBurger value betting is just more consistent, meaning you’ll slowly climb in profits over time.

Long-Term Mindsets and Playing the Books

As you can expect, a less-risky strategy with lower returns is built for a long-term mindset. As your bets continue over time, you’ll ramp up on the revenue, although you’ll be making the same percentage every month. Think of the old ‘cent doubling per day for a month vs. 5 million per week.’ SureBets is the 5 million per week, while BetBurger ValueBets is the doubling penny. So while returns take seven days to reach 1 Euro, by the end of the month, you’re looking at 21 million.

While BetBurger value betting is almost definitely not going to turn 0.01 into 21 million in a month, it’s alongside that idea where things will slowly ramp up over time. As for how this works, though, it’s pretty easy to understand. Value betting takes overpriced odds and bets on them. Take another coin example, but we’re flipping one this time. There’s a 50/50 chance it’ll land on one side. If a bookmaker says there’s a 60% chance for one side and a 40% chance for the other, that’s where value betting appears.

BetBurger will alert you to this situation, letting you know to bet on the 40% chance. While there’s not an actual 40% chance to flip this side, the bookmakers accidentally said so. The odds are still the same, so you might still lose money, although if you win, you’ll make more than you would otherwise. While this might occur thanks to a bookmaker fat fingering some odds, it can also happen when a bet doesn’t reflect reality. This might involve a star player breaking their leg for a winning team, meaning that the undervalued competitor might have the greater chance of winning. Betting on them means you’ll make more off of higher chances.

Bookmakers’ Pain = Your Gain.

In this situation, some competitors to BetBurger say you’ll make around 3% profit per bet. BetBurger doesn’t offer too much information on their ValueBets, which would be especially useful, although it’s pretty similar to some other competing services in terms of profits. At 3% yield, you’re looking at upward of 30% ROI per month. A 30% return on investment means that you’ll double your money in just three months. That means nearly 5X return in just six months. 

These are excellent returns, especially considering just how easy it is to use ValueBets with BetBurger. While a 3% return is 70% lower than the returns from arbitrage betting, it’s easier, safer, and theoretically better long-term to go with ValueBets over SureBets, but only if you’re in it for the long-term. 

Live Value Betting

While live arbitrage makes complete sense, as multiple bookies always have varying odds, live value betting is something that people don’t consider. With BetBurger’s live value betting subscription, you’re able to bet on mismatched odds, but in real-time. The exciting part of live value betting is that it happens so much more. Players injure themselves more in-game than out of the game, meaning that bookmakers might not even update odds during play.

BetBurger goes berserk with this, allowing you access to dozens of more potential ValueBets than outside of a game. This option is handy nonetheless, so if you’re looking at investing a few thousand € into BetBurger, you may want to look at Live exclusively or Prematch & Live if you’re not interested in betting only during games. 

What can you do with BetBurger software?

BetBurger’s software is the backbone of both of their services, meaning that you’ll have to, for sure, use it to bet. Luckily though, it’s not too shabby if you’re used to betting. On the other hand, if you’re not too familiar with the usual betting software, the company’s might prove a little too crowded for you. On the other hand, a lot is going on, meaning that you might either be happy or upset with BetBurger’s, specifically depending on your skill with betting software.

Use it Nearly Anywhere.

Anyway, the BetBurger software, as mentioned, is available on computers, phones, and tablets. While I’m pretty confident they don’t have an app in the works, you can still luckily use their web-based software on nearly any device with the internet and a browser. That includes browsers such as Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Opera. There’s quite a wide variety which proves helpful if you need to respond to a ValueBets or SureBets alert on the go.

View ValueBets and/or SureBets 

As for the actual software, it depends on which service you’re using. Whether it’s SureBets or ValueBets, your layout will change, moving certain sections of the software around. Whichever one, though, you’ll be able to set up what order you want your bets or potential bets, the backup options, whether arbitrage or value betting still works if rejected, or how safe a particular bet would be. These are incredibly useful for making quick decisions on the fly, although the way it’s presented is less than ideal.

While many competing services use software that lists the potential options for individual bookmakers, BetBurger software clumps together the bet opportunities per sport, which does prove useful semi-regularly, although it prevents you from viewing a more comprehensive selection of options in other sports or betting situations. It sometimes makes it difficult to view the bets’ ordering, meaning that you might know how safe a particular chance may end up being.

How much do BetBurger plans cost?

BetBurger offers quite a large variety of plans for you to choose from. Depending on your preference, that can either prove a perfect thing or an unbelievably horrible thing. For both SureBets and ValueBets, you’re looking at three unique subscription options, with five options for those three plans. In total, though, you are looking at 30 different programs with varying prices, subscription lengths, and benefits. I would prefer the company cut back on the sheer quantity of options, although that’s just my opinion.

In addition to the standard options, there are subscriptions for one day, seven days, one month, six months, and a year, all of which have special pricing per whatever time unit you’re using. Overall, it could be simplified, but it’s such a minor gripe; it doesn’t count against the company.


As for the actual plans, let’s look at SureBets’ first:

  • Prematch | €129.99/month
    • Unlimited SureBets
    • Prematch comparison
    • Middles
    • Negative SureBets
    • Accounting
    • Sorting by ROI
  • Live | €229.99/month
    • Unlimited SureBets
    • Live comparison
    • Middles
    • Accounting
  • Prematch & Live | €294.99/month
    • The combined benefits of Prematch & Live


As with SureBets, BetBurger offers ValueBets subscription plans, which give you access to their ValueBets software. For this service, though, you’re looking at a much lower price:

  • Prematch | €79.99/month
    • Unlimited ValueBets
    • Redirects to bookmakers
    • Enhanced multi-filter editing
    • Accounting
    • Sorting 
  • Live | €149.99/month
    • Same as Prematch, but with live betting
  • Prematch & Live | €189.98/month
    • Both Prematch & Live, as with SureBets 

Is BetBurger legit?

Yes, BetBurger is. That includes its sourcing of betting data, which is what I’ve been hinting with the entire time. As I’ve mentioned, BetBurger is owned by Aspira Limited, a small, big data company. While that sounds sort of contradictory, it makes sense. See, online betting sites work off of collecting thousands of individual pieces of data. That’s from hundreds of bookies across dozens of sports and thousands of odds. 

According to Aspira, the parent company, they handle large amounts of data very quickly, meaning that they’re a great partner for sorting through all of BetBurger’s betting data and giving you what you need. The only issue is that it passes the data over to Aspira. While that doesn’t seem to have been a poor decision yet, there’s still a chance that Aspira could do something with the data. Even so, that’s always a danger when dealing with big data, so it’s not a jab at BetBurger’s parent company. Instead, it’s just inherent with such an extensive collection of data.

Is BetBurger safe?

As for the BetBurger website itself, it seems safe. The company has an SSL certificate, currently active, posted on their website, in addition to having had no issues. Malware scanners and other programs haven’t flagged BetBurger at all, nor does it seem as though the company has had any breaches as of 2021. Your data also appears to be protected, as shown in BetBurger’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. There isn’t any more legal data, though, which would have been appreciated for these reviews.

Overall though, it seems as though BetBurger is both legit and safe. As for BetBurger as a whole, it looks like a quality place to look for value and sure betting, although only if you plan on investing a decent amount into their services. The plans over at BetBurger are relatively expensive, so be sure that you’ll be able to make back the money spent and more. Even still, I’d recommend you check out their services, as it seems everything looks up to par, and their SureBets and ValueBets software are near the top in the industry.

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