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BetFlip Complete Review

BetFlip is one of the top online non GamStop sports betting and casino websites, hosting over 2,000 casino games across the company’s years of service. Additionally, “BetFlip is the best multi-currency online casino to offer play in major international currencies such as Dollars and Euros as well as Bitcoin and more than 10 Cryptocurrencies,” according to the company’s website.

While BetFlip boasts this, the company has only been around since 2019. However, its parent company, CyberTech B.V., has existed since 1985, with its parent company (IEX Corporation) having been around since 1988. So, although BetFlip is a pretty recent entry to the betting and casino market, it has the power of multi-decade corporations behind it, with millions in revenues across the groups.

Nonetheless, that’s not what this BetFlip review is about. Instead, it’s about BetFlip’s five significant services: sports, live betting, casino, live casino, and turbo games. Although the company has pushed heavily into sports betting in the few years it’s been around, there’s a greater focus on its casinos, offering multiple cryptocurrency-based payments and over 2,000 games. But are they any good? Let’s find out!

What Services Does BetFlip Offer?

There are five: sports, live betting, casino, live casino, and turbo games. While there are technically six, that’s not too much of a service if you include promotions, and we’ll touch on it later. Anyway, BetFlip’s attention lies primarily in the sports betting aspect and the casino games, both supported by decent technologies and a lot of attention to detail. 

Again, although it’s been around just since 2019, BetFlip has already put up a proper selection. However, it’s important to note that BetFlip UK is the company’s primary focus. The verification process is easy or non, depends on your deposit method.

BetFlip Sportsbook Review

Up first, we have the BetFlip sportsbook. Although the company provides almost the same services as other big sports betting platforms, their design is lovely. It doesn’t necessarily bring together BetFlip’s black and yellow theming. Still, a great combination of green and blue pushed around a minimalist approach means that the entire page is excellent. Again.

As with most sites, BetFlip allows immediate access to some of the upcoming top games, split throughout a few major categories. For example, at the time of writing, football, tennis, basketball, eBasketball, CSGO, hockey, and cricket were some of the most readily available. With each, there’s a league/division listing, the date and timing, what you’re betting on, the teams and their logos, and the options with their resulting money lines. 

Clicking on any bet opens a side menu with your bet slip, letting you view the single bet or combo results with any game. I clicked on three separate games in testing, setting bets of $50, $20, and $100. With BetFlip, it gives you the immediate possible wins from what you’ve betted, atop the total price and the total possible success. There’s a lot of information right there, even if it doesn’t seem crowded.

High Betting Limits

And, you can keep adding bets, choosing to either apply a single bet or a combo. BetFlip’s combos take all the matches you’re interested in and let you put in a total amount divided between the games to maximize your wins. So, in this example, if all my bets were successful, I put $20, with a possible win of $10,000. BetFlip is a non GamStop casino, so you can wager as much as you want.

However, that’s just the first thing that’s viewable. Atop that, BetFlip gives the option to sort matches by tournaments and sports for even more depth. However, I only counted 22 sports, including the “e” versions of multiple sports. The big ones like football, tennis, and basketball are there, although some other significant options like golf are missing. There are even specific options for specific eSports like CS:GO or Valorant, although many sports are missing.

So, although there’s a beautiful design and quite a bit of transparency, there is a big issue resulting from just how little there is to bet on. While 22 sports are nothing to laugh at, the company’s website would greatly benefit from adding a few more sports to bet on. Nonetheless, considering that BetFlip focuses primarily on the casino aspect of its business, this sportsbook is not lacking, both in terms of style and options.

Live Betting Review

While the sportsbook is the headlining betting service, BetFlip also offers a live betting service built into it. There’s no change in design or menu, although the company is kind enough to list it separately at the top of the page. I’m not sure if the BetFlip bookmaker is different between the two services, although it seems pretty similar.

You can access live betting through the sportsbook already, although it’s helpful to see it readily available at the top. Nonetheless, from the sportsbook, I can see a total of 113 games live, although that’s likely to change. At the time of writing, it’s an awkward time on a less-than-ideal sports day. So the number is likely much higher.

Either way, live sports is precisely like the sportsbook in terms of everything. Every bet and its match-winner money line changes every few seconds, keeping up to the live odds in hopes of allowing you to bet on quickly evolving options. Again, as with the sportsbook, there’s a fantastic design with a decent selection of sports, even if the overall pick might be lagging a bit. Nonetheless, this is a quality live betting platform built directly atop the standing basis in BetFlip’s sportsbook.

BetFlip Casino Review

Next, we have the BetFlip casino. It's pretty similar to MyStake. This is the headliner of this BetFlip.io review, even though it’s third in listings. Nonetheless, you can tell this is where the company thrives, especially with its claims of over 2,000 games. While I’m not going to be the one to count through every game and ensure that there are over 2,000 with no duplicate, I’d say there’s still a lot. At the time of writing even, the company claims 2,946 games, which is a lot.

In all, BetFlip has games from quite a few major developers and publishers, including:

  • Pragmatic Play,
  • Betsoft,
  • Blueprint Gaming,
  • Evolution Gaming,
  • Playson,
  • Evoplay,
  • BGaming,
  • Quickspin,
  • Amatic,
  • Thunderkick,
  • Booming Games,
  • Bongo,
  • And Wazdan.

That’s a pretty extensive list of gaming providers for a single casino, and it shows. While there are often many filler games put into a casino to boost its total count, BetFlip’s seems pretty legitimate, an idea that’s pretty well shared with other BetFlip casino reviews. Only a few looked less-than-ideal, including Santa’s Jingle Wheel and Snow Coin, which didn’t seem too unique or well-made. 

However, out of a few thousand and the few dozen showed on the first page, that’s decent to have just two that seem meh. Still, that’s not nearly as impressive as another essential and well-forgotten feature: a demo. Just off the homepage, there are a lot of games that feature a playable demo, which lets you see how the game functions without having to put any money on the line.

Free to Play

Not many casinos actively utilize demos, making BetFlip’s young offering even more significant. There are a whole lot of demos for complete lotto games, meaning that you’ll be able to access and play many of the company’s games without even needing to create an account or access any sensitive information in advance.

Even more impressively, BetFlip offers demos on jackpots, table games, scratch cards, wheels, and more. Interestingly, only a few hundred games are available through the three major casino offerings (jackpots, table games, and scratch cards). Most, I guess, are slots or something along with the like, as that’s a category that’s not explicitly mentioned.

Nonetheless, BetFlip’s casino is pretty impressive – there’s a good combination of quality and quantity, although who’s to know how far that combination goes. With nearly 3,000 games, there’s a lot that can go wrong down the road, although from what I’ve seen, it’s pretty good. However, especially with demos, quality is sliding up with the massive number of games.

BetFlip Live Casino Review

After standard casino games, BetFlip offers live casino games. And, fitting with the tradition that live casino offerings are usually much smaller than a website’s traditional casino offerings, BetFlip has a much, much smaller live casino. 

Fortunately, however, that’s in comparison to a near-3,000-game selection. While most websites offer just a dozen or so live casino games, BetFlip still provides a massive 175 games to choose from. When a figure like that is used as a boast for an entire website’s offerings, that’s impressive. Additionally, these don’t look too poor in terms of quality either (if you ignore “Dimond Roulette”).

Oddly enough, there are even demos for many of the live casino options included, which is, yet again, quite an oddity. Most times, the live games are demos enough in themselves, although BetFlip goes the extra step and offers live demos. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble accessing some of them during this use of BetFlip’s website. So I’m not entirely sure how that works.

Nonetheless, BetFlip offers a quality, expansive selection of live casino games in addition to their standard selection, making for quite an excellent collective casino option. As such, if you were wondering, “is BetFlip a legit casino?” this should help assuage your fears and, quite frankly, point towards a pretty welcoming casino.  

BetFlip Turbo Games Review

Lastly, we find ourselves with “turbo games.” The smallest of the bunch, there are just seven to boot:

  1. CrashX
  2. Dice Twice
  3. Mines
  4. Neko
  5. Towers
  6. Hamsta
  7. And Fury Stairs

These games have their twist to the formula, letting you make a lot of money fast. They’re unique because I haven’t seen too many other websites offering this. As for the making money fast part, I’ll use CrashX.

In this turbo game, you’ll set a flat bet and watch as a rocket ship takes off on an exponentially growing multiplier. If you stop before the rocket explodes, you’ll keep the multiplier you stopped at. If you decide to ride it all the way, you’ll lose your money. It’s straightforward but speedy – in fact, there’s around every five seconds or so, with the chance to double your money with each turn. However, there’s also the chance to bust within 1.05 times.

The same principle applies to the rest of BetFlip’s turbo games, providing both the option to multiply all your money rapidly and the option to lose your money within just five seconds. It’s pretty dangerous, but I like it. If you play conservatively, you can eke out a 1 or 2 percent-guaranteed reward which could prove quite helpful over a few rounds.

In all, I like turbo games, even if there are just seven. There’s a good variety, and they all provide the chance to make a lot of money quickly. Although that sounds like BetFlip is running a scam, it’s not, especially considering just how many people I saw lose all their money to BetFlip within just a few seconds on CrashX. I like this section.

What Bonuses Does BetFlip Offer?

At the time of writing, just four packages/promotions are up for use: these include the welcome package, sports bonus, live casino cashback, and weekend reload bonus. 

Although BetFlip doesn’t offer much in terms of bonus quantity or variability, the offers available are pretty lovely. They offer 1 BTC welcome package like Cloudbet. So, let’s go through the four promotions, especially considering just how few there are:

  1. Welcome Package | varying bonus percentages of up to €1,500 or 1 BTC (i.e., like 20 times the value?) on the first ten deposits
  2. Sports Bonus | 111% bonus on the first deposit in sports, up to €1,500 in value
  3. Live Casino Cashback | 20% up to €5,000 on your net losses (as much as SuperSlots' welcome offer)
  4. Weekend Reload Bonus | 100% up to €1,500, from €10 and up in deposits

There’s a decent chance for a payout with each of these bonuses. For example, using the BetFlip welcome bonus, you can see that you might be able to make upwards of a few ten-thousands worth in prizes. But, of course, that means that you also deposit upwards of a Bitcoin worth of money, although the value is there.

However, once you’re done with these four bonuses, you’re screwed. The only two that continue moving are the live casino cashback and weekend reload bonus, which offers repeating offerings. Past that, the other two are almost one-time, even if there is the opportunity to use them a few times over.

BetFlip Payment Options and Withdrawal Options

BetFlip accepts 13 deposit methods, with quite some variety. In all, these 13 methods, with their fees, processing time, and min/max, go as follows (by the way, they all share the same fees, timing, and min/max, so there’s that):

  1. Visa/Mastercard | 0% fee | instant processing | 1€ to 5,000€
  2. Bitcoin
  3. QIWI Wallet
  4. Webmoney
  5. Payeer
  6. Ethereum
  7. Dogecoin
  8. Ripple
  9. Litecoin
  10. ZCash
  11. Dash
  12. BitcoinCash
  13. Tron

However, as for withdrawal options, things vary. A lot (excluding the 0% fees and instant processing):

  1. DOGE | 250 to 100,000
  2. GBP | 100 to 1,000
  3. RUB | 1,000 to 100,000
  4. USD | 100 to 1,000
  5. USDT | 50 to 5,000
  6. TRX | 1,500 to 300,000
  7. EUR | 100 to 5,000
  8. BCH | 0.15 to 1.50
  9. BTC | 0.001 to 0.05
  10. ZEC | 0.50 to 100
  11. BSV | 0.50 to 100
  12. DASH | 0.20 to 90
  13. XRP | 100 to 1,000
  14. ETH | 0.03 to 0.30
  15. LTC | 0.50 to 5

It’s important to note that these values are probably in the currency’s value. So, for example, I don’t think it’s 0.001€ worth of BTC, but rather 0.001 of a BTC worth of €. Otherwise, you’ll likely not have a great time taking out several thousand in winning through individual purchases worth just 0.001.

Conclusion and Can I Trust BetFlip?

Overall, I think BetFlip is a decent website. There’s a great selection in its offering throughout the standard services of sports, live betting, casino, and live casino, and I think that turbo games are a fantastic addition. For someone looking to have a great time at an online uk casino/betting site, then BetFlip is an excellent option.

The variety is excellent, and that continues down to the payment services and the methods you can get your money through. There are no fees and no processing downtime, meaning that you’ll be able to drag out thousands’ worth of winning within just a few seconds. Nonetheless, there are a few problems that many other reviews have mentioned that I thought are worth talking about:

First, there have been issues with payouts. While I’m pretty confident that’s connected with the problematic nature of cryptocurrencies and the ability for anyone to send all their money to an unrecoverable wallet accidentally, there’s still the genuine chance that your money can be taken. As such, I’d say it’s worth doing your research or starting with a small amount to ensure that your money is safe.

Final Thoughts

Past that, that’s it – the company’s parent organizations are licensed in Curacao and have been in business for decades. The company boasts an SSL certificate with an HTTPS URL header. In addition, BetFlip offers terms and conditions, a bonus-related terms and conditions page, a privacy policy, a Bitcoin disclaimer, and provably fair options, a responsible gaming warning. The pages are mobile-friendly, and BetFlip boasts part of the “BeGambleAware” initiative.

The casino has not the same reputation as BetOnline, but everything looks legit. There aren’t too many BetFlip restrictions, and the company’s operator, Cybertech BV, means that “BetFlip GamStop” can’t be a complaint. So, yes, it seems that BetFlip with VPNs works, and it is a pretty pleasant experience overall. I like the colors, the designs, and the offerings, and the package looks nice. That’s about it. 

4.0 rating

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BetFlip Review
4.0 rating
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