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BetNow.eu Review

BetNow is an online sportsbook and casino site servicing countries and regions worldwide, independently owned and operated. Like most other major online betting sites, BetNow focuses heavily on its sportsbook and casino, although with a burdensome approach to bonuses and promotions.

Although it's not entirely known when BetNow was launched, at the latest, it was 2016. The company received its Curacao registration and verification that year, letting “B.N. Curacao N.V.,” the parent organization and essentially the same company, operate licensed. It's important to note that BetNow is an independent casino, which you can see easily through its bonuses.

As for this BetNow review, we'll focus on the company's three significant services: sportsbook, casino, and racebook. While the selection seems smaller than competitors', it can still impress with the right conditions. But is BetNow that good? Let's find out.

What Services Does BetNow Offer?

There are three services, a promotions tab, and a deposits tab:

  1. Sportsbook
  2. Casino
  3. Racebook

Each of these has its specialty, obviously. And I think BetNow has done an excellent job differentiating it from the competition. Nonetheless, I have some issues with the platform, and, of course, we'll be covering those too. As such, let's start with the sportsbook:

BetNow Sportsbook Review

I wouldn't say I like BetNow's sportsbook. It's that simple. It's different from the competition, although not necessarily in a good way – there's a simple theme of shades of orange and some gray/blacks, but there's nothing too fresh past that. Look at MyStake to see the difference.

All sports are listed on the left side of the page, and they could have just done it in a row. That's because there are just five sports. That's it – five. Sure, there are also futures and entertainment to bet on. But that's just recurring sports and the Academy Awards (as of now). While other providers have upwards of 30 unique sports for you to bet on, BetNow offers just five.

On top of that, many odds for the game available aren't even there. For example, nothing popped up for the SP/RL, the total odds, and the money line when viewing basketball odds. It consisted entirely of —-s alongside the timing and teams. If you move into futures, then you'll at least be greeted with the money line, although for just a few events/outcomes. 

Frankly, it isn't very reassuring. This website has been around for years and hasn't had the same features as tech-heavy alternatives that have launched just a few months ago. Additionally, even because BetNow is worldwide, there is a big focus on American sports. Sure, that's great for the American population that uses the platform, although there's a push towards European audiences.

After all, it is BetNow.eu, not BetNow.com. Nonetheless, that's just a minor complaint. You can access BetNow worldwide, including America. Although the primary focus on American sports ruins some experiences for a decently large group of people.

Widely Advertised

However, not everything is that bad. Once BetNow gets going, it's pretty good. The company boasts having its odds seen on ESPN, Fox, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, and over 100 local online newspapers. In addition, many BetNow reviews claim that the company's live betting software is one of the best in the industry. And that the focus on just a few sports makes each one that much better.

Additionally, BetNow places its immediate attention on a few sports with great promotions and deposit/withdrawal measures to make it a bit better. Instead of having great betting platforms with mediocre withdrawal, the company focuses on the opposite, attempting to craft a better overall experience. Whether that works or not, I'm not sure. 

Unfortunately, you might be unsure too. To access a large portion of BetNow, you'll have to create an account. You have to provide information about yourself even to view much of what's offered. That's a big no in many people's books, and that's for a good reason – if you're cautious in the first place, you won't want to create an account with sensitive information to see if you trust a website.

However, if you do make your way past the login screen, you'll hopefully gain access to “Build Your Own.” This is BetNow's headlining sportsbook feature, letting you combine sports, players, types of bets, and statistics to create a personal wager and odd selection. It's pretty lovely and helps to undo some of the chaos that's the rest of the sportsbook, so I like it.

BetNow Online Casino Review

Fortunately, where BetNow's sportsbook falls, its casino exceeds, just like Wild Casino. There are dozens of unique online casino games, split into table games, progressive slots, video poker and keno, mobile games, and a live dealer casino. While the entrance to the casino page isn't too graceful, that's a minor complaint about what's contained inside.

With virtually every game, BetNow provides information on how to play, gives instructions on beating the system, and explains how BetNow provides more competitive advantages for players. It's adorable and excellent for beginners. Even for professionals, all you have to do to play is click on a game then log into your account.

Mobile Games

Plus, like I just mentioned, there are mobile games! I know, you must be so excited! But seriously, this is great for expanding the company's audience. When dealing with casino games, some of the best places to play them are places where you're bored and only have a phone. As such, the fact that BetNow offers 14 mobile games to play, fully optimized for a phone or tablet, is excellent. There's everything from baccarat to blackjack and poker. 

The same variety applies to the company's overall casino selection, which is nice and has quality titles across the board. Again, there's very little to complain about here, and that's great. There are images for each game. And although there aren't any demos to make your experience that little bit better, it's still a great experience overall. It's not Super Slots, but still it's a good casino.

Plus, there are some pretty lovely promotional bonuses to boot, which, of course, we'll cover later in this BetNow EU Review. As for right now, though, we'll have to finish off this casino section with a pretty good experience. While the quality of the games isn't necessarily in its visual aspects, it's in the gameplay and accessibility, two things that make a great experience overall.

Racebook Review

I don't know if it was a technical issue on my part or something else, but when I had accessed the racebook for this review, there was nothing to bet with. Sure, the bets and the limits for everything were laid out nicely for view, but there were no real things to use this knowledge for. So instead, it was just limits, minimum and maximum bets, the odds, payouts, and wager types. 

A whole group of tracks was listed in plain sight, but there were no URLs or areas actually to access the pages. Even while logging into the page at the top right, there were errors connecting. It isn't apparent, so this section can't be too accurately reviewed. There was almost no information to go from, and I didn't know how to feel about it. It's weird…

What Bonuses Does BetNow Offer?

Things kick up a bit more with BetNow's “promotions.” First, of course, there are BetNow deposit bonuses, and overall there are quite a few ways to make a little extra money while playing on the company's website. In all, I counted 12 promotions, including tournaments and limited-time giveaways:

  1. 100% Welcome Bonus | 100% bonus with BN100, 50% bonus with BN50, 25% bonus with BN25
  2. Refer a Friend | have a friend put your username or email in “How did you hear about us” as they sign up to earn up to $200 in 20% referral credits
  3. BetNow Weekly NBA Contest | win part of $10,000 in weekly tournaments
  4. $1,000,000 Bracket Madness | win part of a $1,000,000 jackpot during March Madness
  5. Loyalty Program – check below for more information.
  6. Re-Up Bonuses | 15% bonus with REUP15, 20% with REUP20, and 25% with REUP25
  7. BetNow's Grand Slam Contest | win part of a $10,000 MLB weekly tournament
  8. Casino Rebate | earn back 10% of your weekly casino net losses
  9. Horse Rebate | earn back 10% of your weekly racebook net losses
  10. $500,000 Thanksgiving Giveaway Contest | somehow already listed early in the year, win up to $175,000 every November 25th to 29th
  11. Vig Free November | place-unique teasers on your favorite football team with no juice(?)
  12. NFL King of the Hill Contest | win up to $10,000 for winning bets on the NFL Weekly Pick'Em Entry

The loyalty program stands out to be the most out of all these. It's pretty nice to see a betting site offer a loyalty program, and this one isn't too bad. You'll earn 2 points for each $1 of risk or win for a parlay bet, 3 for teaser bets, 1 for other bets, 1 point on $1 risked at the racebook, and 1 point for each $4 gambled at the casino.

The Rollover

Unfortunately, however, you have to reach 1,000 points to receive $1 in reward money, meaning at the very least, $333 risked (or won) at sportsbook teaser bets to earn $1 in cashback. It's better than nothing and likely not too bad for high-ballers, but it's only literally better than nothing. Not too much further than that.

Anyway, the bonus selection is pretty good. There's a good variety of limited-time offerings and constant bonuses to deposits and losses. BetNow knows that rewards keep people coming back, and I think they handled the overall experience well. Of course, they could do a bit more, but it's still pretty good.

BetNow Payout Reviews and Deposit Options

Oddly one of the top things people and other reviewers like about BetNow, the company's payout options are pretty good. I'm not kidding – some reviewers have their “banking and deposit options” as one of their top advantages over the competition. So, here's BetNow's deposit options with the minimums, maximums, and available locations (they're all available online or over the phone):

  1. Mastercard | $20 to $1,000 | online or over the phone
  2. Bitcoin | $10 to $40,000, which is very impressive and can be compared with CloudBet.
  3. Person 2 Person (MoneyGram) | $50 to $500
  4. Visa | $20 to $1,000
  5. American Express | $20 to $1,000
  6. BitcoinCash | $10 to $40,000

Frankly, these options aren't bad. I wouldn't say they're the best to have ever existed, ever, but they're not poor. I like what they have to offer, and I think the addition of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash helps appeal to the crypto betters. Cryptocurrencies are fast, cheap, and secure to transfer, and that's helpful when dealing with a casino or betting site.

Crypto Deposits

Unfortunately, they're also tricky to properly transfer, meaning that you'll more than likely send crypto to the wrong address at least once. At least, that's what's happened to many BetNow's reviewers on sites like Trustpilot, where people complain about their money disappearing after using crypto.

The money has been successfully transferred to another crypto-wallet as a heads up. Cryptocurrencies are significant for offerings, but there's an issue for beginners deciding to move thousands at a time through the blockchain. Just a warning. Past that, anyway, things are excellent, and I assume that the withdrawal methods are likely the same as the deposits.

While this page is listed as “deposits,” it's hopefully also withdrawals, as I've seen no other pieces of information on what could be the methods that you can utilize to take your money and profits from BetNow.

Is BetNow Legit, and is BetNow Safe?

Yes, and yes, hopefully. While there's no way to guarantee this for everyone, everything that I've viewed, personally as a reviewer, seems to point towards BetNow being more than safe enough for the average person. The company has active social media accounts available, a Curacao license, a certificate from OSGA. In addition, it offers information on their responsible gaming policies, terms of use, about us, and privacy policy.

They're pretty upfront that they collect some information, although everything looks minor and not too significant. Additionally, the standard HTTPS heading with an SSL certificate across the entire website points towards secure and encrypted traffic across the page. 

As for any questions like “is BetNow legal in the USA?” and “is BetNow legal in the U.K.?” the answer is yes. Excluding just a few states in the USA and countries in Europe, BetNow is usually legal in more than a few countries worldwide. The company lists the countries and regions that it doesn't offer services in through their terms of use, and everything is upfront, so you can do your research if needed.

So, can you trust BetNow EU? Yes, I'd say so. BetNow is a non GamStop casino. While varying in quality, the services have been around for a few years, and the company has still managed to hold on past a 2-star rating in Trustpilot. While that seems terrible, it's impressive compared to longer-lasting, more reputable sites with 1-star ratings.


In all, I think BetNow is a quality site with a few issues. Although the company focuses on its sportsbook, it shines primarily in its casino. Instead of focusing on filler quantity versus quality services, the company pushes much harder towards experiences that you'll remember.

While I did have more than a few issues with the sportsbook and racebook, I'm hoping they're just on my end. Other reviews have given BetNow outstanding praise, and it's likely what I'm saying towards the casino. After all, there are dozens of individually crafted games, complete with descriptions, guides, and recommendations atop images that show the game in advance.

There are a few issues with login walls and refusal to show me any sports bets past futures, although they're pretty easy to get past if the services work for you. But, all in all, BetNow is pretty good, and I feel that the advantages decently outweigh the issues that the company presented to me during this review.

The promotions are not terrible, the deposits are pretty lovely, and the withdrawals are hopefully down the same lines. As such, I'm pretty confident in recommending BetNow as a tentative “you should check this site out and decide for yourself, especially because I wasn't able to access a good portion of it.” Past that, it'll come down to your preferences and ideas, although I feel it's a good platform for beginners to launch a betting history from and for professionals and other long-term players to continue playing however they like.

4.0 rating

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BetNow Review
4.0 rating
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