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BetOnValue Review

BetOnValue is one of a few long-standing online odds comparison sites, having held copyright since 2000. For those of you not too familiar with BetOnValue, they're an ‘online odds comparison system'. It takes bets from 84 bookmakers and compares to find who has the best odds. So, whether it's because you want to bet on one team specifically, or you want to see the highest return arbitrage bet, BetOnValue has you covered. While their website isn't nearly as up-to-date as some of their competitors, it indeed gets everything done in a slick way. So, let's get started with this BetOnValue review!

What is BetOnValue?

BetOnValue is one of the oldest odds comparison sites and arbitrage sites out there. They offer about four significant services, including a comparing odds tool, accounting tool, and SureBets and ValueBets services. You can gain access to all the company's software with a free account. Although with a standard list of bookmarkers or a 20-minute delay on SureBets and ValueBets.

Of course, with a free version, that means the company has a paid version. It is available for either €50 or €125 per month, depending on whether you want BetOnValue's Silver or Gold subscription. We'll go a little more into detail on the pricing and what's included in their subscription later. Although it's important to know that there is one. Anyway, through BetOnValue plans, you gain access to over 80 bookmakers (although I've seen over 170 in other reviews) on a service holding over 2.7 million total bets. It's awe-inspiring, and it helps to show just how established the company has been over the last 21 years.

No matter your subscription, though, you gain access to the company's SureBets and ValueBets software. These are designed around arbitrage betting, which lets you bet on mismatched odds to earn money. Yet again, we'll go a little more in-depth in a little bit, as this section is just about the company. You can access SureBets and ValueBets through BetOnValue's website with just a free subscription. Their services are beneficial, and with their position as a long-standing leader in the arbitrage market, they're very respectable as well.

What is a BetOnValue SureBet?

SureBets is one of BetOnValue's significant services. As a sure betting software, it allows you to accumulate profits across dozens of bets over time. As a result, it's much more of an investment strategy compared to regular betting or gambling. For those of you not familiar with sure betting, it's a way that uses odds and statistics to ensure that you almost always receive a profit on your bets.

How Sure Betting (Arbitrage) Works

With BetOnValue's SureBets, you can profit by betting on both sides of a bet. While that sounds counterintuitive, it's possible and relatively easily understood. You're left with more minor jackpots during your betting and with more incremental income through sure betting. It's great for those afraid of getting into betting or gambling and losing their money, as it works very well at building up wealth.

Sure betting is usually complicated and sometimes nearly impossible by hand. See, it usually involves you spotting differences between bookmakers' odds, which last for as long as a few seconds on average. When these opportunities exist, you'll then place bets on opposite sides of a chance with uneven odds. This is called arbitrage, which lets you win no matter what happens. After all, if you bet on both sides, you're guaranteed to win at least once. Through BetOnValue arbitrage, the winning bet will cover the losing bet as well, leaving you with either a minor profit or a neutral result.

Always Winning

BetOnValue's SureBets takes advantage of BetOnValue's massive odds comparison system, looking for differing odds. For example, it may find an even match, 50/50, that has uneven odds. Whether this is on accident, thanks to uneven betting, or another factor, it sometimes happens. Either way, BetOnValue will alert you through the SureBets software, and you'll be able to place the amount you want to bet into the software, and it'll adjust the bets to give you a guaranteed profit.

It's much more complicated than that, and I'm still unsure how it works, but I understand that it takes place with mismatched odds, where one bookmaker has offset odds that allow you to make a profit that makes up for your losses. Either way, you bet, though, you'll end up with one winning result that offsets your losses. Whether that makes sense to you or not, that's why BetOnValue offers the software after all; you don't have to understand it necessarily.

In addition to advance arbitrage, the company offers BetOnValue live arbitrage. This allows you to bet with SureBets on live games, on things like the next team to score a point, where timeouts will happen, and other statistics such as that. The company quickly updates game scores and odds on their books, letting you pick out scenarios and bets live. It's advantageous to know that you can win money before, after, and during a game.

What is a BetOnValue ValueBet?

Value betting is similar to sure/arbitrage betting because it takes advantage of unbalanced odds. In this case, though, it's where bookmakers make the mistake of giving an event a higher chance of happening than it has the opportunity to. As with BetOnValue SureBets, ValueBets happen quickly within just a few minutes, so the company's systems make it relatively a bit easier and more reliable. You're also more likely to make more significant profits with ValueBets than SureBets.

How Value Betting Works

Luckily, value betting is much easier to understand than sure betting. In simple terms, a bookmaker either overestimated odds or forgets to update them. For example, if a team is expected to win, their star player falls right before the game. Since the player is now out of play, the team's odds should be lowered and the opponents' raised. In some cases, though, bookmakers fall behind or overlook the news, keeping the now-at-a-disadvantage first team's odds higher. 

Using ValueBets, BetOnValue will alert you of this, and you can bet on the opponents who still have a higher payout in this book. In reality, though, the team has the advantage and would pay out less on other books. Not with this book though, who would still have the team paying out maybe upwards of 100% in profit. With BetOnValue, you're able to take advantage of this situation, getting that 100% in profit just like that.

A Little Bit More Risk, a Lot More Profit

While this is a bit riskier than arbitrage betting, which guarantees a profit, it's still not nearly as tricky as usual betting. Yes, the team with higher odds could still end up losing, and you won't get your bonus, or the bookmaker could update odds in time, although the times when you get a value bet more than makes up for it. After all, you could be looking at 4% to 8% in profit from a SureBet, while a ValueBet could end up paying out upwards of 50% to 100%.

Of course, choosing between the two options depends entirely on what you'd prefer. If you're looking for smaller gains to slowly build up over time versus more considerable gains with slightly more risk, then perfect, BetOnValue still has you covered. It just all depends on what you have in mind.

An Uneven Coin

ValueBets has more than an easy example for me to provide. Let's use a coin. This little guy has two equal chances, heads for 50%, tails for the remaining 50%. Now, imagine that a bookmaker had accidentally put in 65% chances for heads, leaving seats with a 35%. While the odds haven't changed at all, they have for this book.

Taking advantage of that, you can put money into tails, which could end up paying out your money and then some more on top of that. Of course, you're not guaranteed to make a profit, like with SureBets, since you still have a 50% chance to lose, but you also have the opportunity to make a lot more. Remember, ValueBets still allows you to lose with the actual statistics, but you can make more money winning or lose less when you lose.

What Odds Does BetOnValue Provide?

Primarily an odds comparison system, it's not surprising that BetOnValue provides quite a few odds and best through their website. According to the bottom of their page, the company can give you/have given access to 84 bookmakers, 1,342 events, 2,766,855 odds, and 27,445 SureBets. That's quite a large number for each of those statistics, and it's great to know.

You can access all of the corresponding statistic pages through the website's homepage, which gives you access to popular matches, live matches, and some events which you can browse through. Speaking of events, BetOnValue offers:

  1. Football
  2. Tennis
  3. Basketball
  4. Ice Hockey
  5. Handball
  6. American Football
  7. and several leading eSports to bet on.

You can view these through BetOnValue's well-received software, looking at not only SureBets and ValueBets, but also the standard odds and bets across thousands of regular events. As a result, there is quite a large selection that you can look at, and there are dozens of leagues and championships to look through.

How Much Does BetOnValue Cost?

Now that you are now a little bit more familiar with the services BetOnValue offers, it's pretty helpful to get to know what you may need to spend on their plans. BetOnValue plans start for free, letting you gain access to:

Free Plan

  • Standard bookmakers like bet365
  • SureBets on a 20-minute delay
  • ValueBets on a 20-minute delay
  • Accounting
  • Bookmaker customization
  • Max returns of 1% for SureBets 

All you need is an account to gain access to their services, although you'll only have 1% returns on SureBets, and a 20-minute delay on their services. Just for reference, a 20-minute wait is pretty massive, considering that most mistakes are changed within a minute or two. There are only big mistakes moving past 20 minutes, which is why BetOnValue offers their Silver plan, starting at €50, 225, and €480 per month, six months, and 12 months, which gives you access to:

Silver Plan

  • Free Plan
  • All online bookmakers, BetOnline included
  • SureBets on a 3-minute delay
  • ValueBets on a 3-minute delay
  • SureBets from exchanges

You're likely to find many more great bets within 3-20 minutes, compared to 20+, although there are still quite a few lost. As I've mentioned, these opportunities can last for as long as several minutes or for as little as a few seconds. BetOnValue's software allows them to detect and alert you of these almost instantly, although that doesn't matter at 3+ minutes. That's why Gold exists for €125, 637, and €1200 per month, six months, and year, giving you access to:

Gold Plan

  • Silver Plan
  • Instant SureBetting
  • Instant ValueBets

The significant difference is the instant betting and alerts, which can give you much higher returns both over the short-term and long term. If you're serious about getting through this, look at how much you expect to make, and consider their Gold plan for instant betting.

How Useful is BetOnValue's Software?


Compared to BetBurger, BetOnValue shines through their software. It's well designed, even considering that it lacks some of its competitors' minimalist pop. Inside their software, you can access thousands of bets and 114 bookmakers and exchanges(?). I'm still not entirely sure of the number as the company has different ones across different pages. Anyway, it allows you to customize which standard and extra bookmakers and exchanges you'd like to choose from for their software. 

That's useful if you know for sure where you'd like to bet from, and it even allows you to choose the currency and commissions provided. There is also a heavy list of odds comparisons between those exchanges and bookmakers in a nice list, which shows you the odds and payouts. That included ValueBets and SureBets, which offer you the best comparisons on top of the returns and probabilities. With all of that information, though, it seems like their software would be very crowded, although it's not.

Additional Features

If it does seem crowded to you, though, that's why BetOnValue offers their Accounting system, which tracks everything to understand. That includes bet comparisons, ValueBets and SureBets, and even allows you to bet and calculate returns through it. Accounting also consists of an instrumental odds history, which is not nearly as appreciated as I feel it should be. Even with all of that, there is also a filter for bets, which allows you to look for returns and bookmakers, alongside sports and bet types. It's handy for a big event with many different chances out there.

Is BetOnValue Safe and Legit?

From everything I've seen online and provided by the company's website, it looks to be both safe and legit. I mean, they've owned the copyright for BetOnValue for 21 years and have been in operation online for at least 13. That's on top of having an up-to-date SSL certificate on the website, meaning the site's under constant encryption and general protection.

For more details, BetOnValue also provides a list of legal information at the bottom of their page, including the website's terms and conditions, disclaimers, privacy policy, legal status, and even a nice little 18+ sticker with a red outline. All of that points towards BetOnValue taking their legal strides carefully, ensuring that they follow every regulation and rule provided for the company.

As for BetOnValue's parent company, G.S.H. Online Media S.R.L., headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, is generally a very trustworthy country in terms of regulations. So you can expect that BetOnValue follows alongside its parent company in following the rules and regulations of the land of Romania. Furthermore, I haven't seen any data breaches or leaks for either G.S.H. Online Media or BetOnValue, so there's no real worry over your safety or privacy on their sites.

There's also the benefit that you don't even have to pay to gain access to BetOnValue's most prominent resource, their bets sheet, which is entirely free. If you don't even have to input payment money for a service to use it, that's a significant factor that the company values your privacy and security and won't even require you to pay for something.


BetOnValue is an excellent opportunity for those looking for reliable ValueBets or SureBets software provided by an outstanding company that has existed for decades. Compared to RebelBetting, their reliability, transparency, and the number of services provided are all great points towards the company, and their software surprised me. Even though it's not the most up-to-date, it still manages to look exceptionally clean and consistent, even with the massive amount of information and data constantly flashing in your eyes. It's impressive.

If you're looking for a reliable place to make guaranteed profits in a sort of investment through betting, then I would say to check out BetOnValue for an excellent way to get started. With their age and service options, you can do worse.

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