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BetUS is one of the top United States betting sites, especially since it's one of the oldest. Founded in 1994, BetUS has brought some of the highest quality betting services to the US for decades. After all, it's in the name.

However, those of you not too familiar with the company are welcome. BetUS boasts hundreds of thousands of clients and has an A rating from Sportsbook Advisor. While most people know BetUS for its huge sportsbook, many don't realize that the company offers live betting, a casino, a racebook, company-exclusive promotions, an online TV channel, contests, cryptocurrency support, and much more.

With millions flowing through the company each year, decades of experience in the betting game, and one of the only quality, officially regulated companies operating in the United States betting space, BetUS is a huge deal to those in America who bet. Nonetheless, you might find yourself in the part of the country which isn't all too familiar with BetUS, and that's why we're here. And so, let's get started.

Who is BetUS?

Although we can not confirm who necessarily owns BetUS, we know it operates as part of a giant parent company. We assume that a few other sister companies are under this parent company, although BetUS is one of the oldest. And the sportsbook is one of the best bet365 alternatives.

According to BetUs.com.pa, the company has been in operation since 1994, collecting over 1 million users in the time since. BetUS is licensed and regulated in Curacao, although it's also headquartered in San Jose, California; Costa Rica; and Canada. Additionally, the company employs over 1,000 people, supplying several primary services on its website. Players from UK can not register.

Again, there's not too much information on the specifics of who owns and operates BetUS. Although it's been trusted for decades by now. For example, Curacao has certified “Lunada N.V.,” although that name doesn't bring up much actual information. Nonetheless, even with certifications and licensing, that fact has led to quite a few accusations of fraud and scams, they're by non-accredited sites, and there's no actual proof of it. So, of course, it's worth doing your research into BetUS' background, as it isn't that much. 

Nonetheless, the company has operated for decades with thousands of satisfied customers. So I will leave that investigation/blog hits off for now mostly. Anyway, BetUS has been a staple of US betting for a while. The sportsbook provides some of the only widespread betting services within the United States. But, by now, you might be asking yourself what services those might be. Let's see.

What Services Does BetUS Offer?

BetUS offers four significant service categories:

  1. Sportsbook
  2. Live Betting
  3. Casino
  4. Racebook

Additionally, there are also: Promotions, BetUS TV, Contests, Loyalty, Locker Room, and Crypto Help. We'll touch on those a bit, although the primary focus is on the four major services provided, starting with the sportsbook:

BetUS Sportsbook Review

On “America's Favorite Sportsbook for Over 25 Years,” you'll be greeted with a decent selection of games. In all, you'll find near-30 unique places to bet on, including some of the staples, such as football, basketball, baseball, and golf, alongside some less-common options like snooker, bowl games, and entertainment betting.

With a glance, BetUS's setup is pretty good. There's a nice amount of information immediately available through the sportsbook homepage. And there's an easy way to access more information when you move to bet on a game. In fact, like with most betting sites, every single sport and category is available on the left side. Although there's the small but significant addition of a team/rotation number search.

You can quickly scroll down all ~30 sports, clicking on whichever one you want. Additionally, however, you can click a little > button for the major sports. And it'll open up the significant championships, conferences, divisions, and leagues for more specific choices. Basketball, for example, reveals the NBA, NCAAB, Bulgaria NBL, Euro Cup, and much more. You can even bet on awards like All-Star Weekend, Coach of the Year, Most Improved Player, and more.

Live Betting

Once you move further into whatever category or sport you're interested in, you can decide whether you want to view a game, team, or something else with more specificity. After that is pulled up, you'll have access to the rotation number for future searches, the timing for the game, the team names, the point spread for betting, the money line, the total odds, and the team total.

There's a lot of information available without needing to create an account or go further down the rabbit hole of opening options, and it's charming. I feel as though BetUS' sportsbook is very well set up for a general overlook on betting, helping to add more customizable choices for return bettors, atop the valuable options for beginners or first-time bettors.

However, that compliment drops for live betting – there's a lot of the same information and same layout, but it's locked behind a BetUS account, which is never a great sign. There's usually a reason these things are locked behind an account, and it's never really that good. Furthermore, you'll need your account number and password to access live betting without even the chance to view the stats and odds before creating an account. Meh.

BetUS Casino Review

Next is the BetUS casino, which is fortunately unlocked and not hidden behind a login page. And, from first thoughts, it's pretty well set up and made. There's a good amount of information on each game, including the minimum and maximum bets. Additionally, the bonuses are viewable alongside the daily promotions and tournaments. So you have virtually everything you need to play in this virtual casino efficiently, right there. And it's very helpful in ensuring quality.

Speaking of quality, it's hard to tell, but it seems as though BetUS' massive, several-hundred-game collection is pretty good overall. Of course, there are more than a few likely mediocre choices, with minimum bets at $0.02, although the vast majority are very well branded and look quite good. You can tell that quite a few issue games were likely coded on the fly. But the consensus is that these games make up at least a “pretty good” collection.

For Real or For Fun

Additionally, you can even choose between playing the games for real or “for fun.” While that's a small option, that's good for ensuring that you want to play a game before spending your real money on a virtual game. However, while that's useful, the view page option isn't too great. 

For popular games like blackjack and staples along those lines. There's information on the game guide, how to play, the types of bets, min and max payouts, strategies, glossaries, and more, although only for the big names. Unfortunately, the page leads you to nothing more than a big header and a footer for the more miniature games that don't look too popular or well-made. The only content on the page is in the top and bottom, with no information (or even a title) for the game.

Nonetheless, overall, this is a pretty good collection. Considering that this is a side project for a betting site, it's not bad. There are some well-made games, and some even have trademarks on them. So, although there are quite a few issues with quality versus quantity, the gems and valuable try features are more than helpful.

Plus, BetUS offers:

  • blackjack, 
  • table games, 
  • real money online slots
  • video poker, 
  • a live dealer, 
  • tournaments, 
  • and other games, all easily accessible from the top menu.

BetUS Racebook Review

From BetUS' racebook, you're presented with a layout that's remarkably similar to the standard sportsbook and live betting area. However, there are a few differences in specifics to the horse racing bets and the addition of exclusively today's tracks on the left side of the screen. 

Nonetheless, everything is readily available. And there's the ability to see the races, the entries in different regions, and other types of betting methods. From the time of writing, on the left panel, there's the option for viewing Thoroughbred games and Harness games, betting on the ones occurring during today.

There's not too much here, which is why this section of the review (and likely other BetUS reviews) is markedly shorter, although it's decent in what it is: a racebook. That's it. Anyway, that's the end of the major offerings, and it's time to move into the promotions and some of the more minor but still essential aspects of BetUS and its various offerings.

What are the BetUS Welcome Bonuses and Promotions?

BetUS bonuses are extensive, although most are oddly enough relating to crypto. There's an ease to offering cryptocurrency bonuses and promotions, although you'd expect a BetUS welcome bonus to be the top thing headlining the promotions like Cloudbet. You know, to get people to join.

Nonetheless, here are the major bonuses at the time of writing:

  • 200% Crypto Bonuses | using code JOIN200 | 150% bonus in sports, 50% in casino
  • 20% Cash Bonus | using promo code 20CASH | 20% cash bonus (in crypto?)
  • 250% Casino Bonus | using code CAS250 | get up to $5,000 matched in casino deposits
  • 100% Crypto Sports Bonus | using promo code SU100CRYPT | up to $2,500 in matches
  • 125% Sign-Up Bonus | using code JOIN125 | 100% sports bonus, 25% casino
  • 150% Casino Bonus | using code CAS150 | get up to $3,000 matched
  • 10% Cash Bonus + 20% Casino Bonus | promo code 10CASH 
  • 100% Sports Bonus | using code RU100CRYPT | get up to $2,500 back on first crypto deposit
  • 100% Crypto Bonus (Next 2 Deposits) | promo code 100CRYPTO2X
  • 20% Cash Bonus (On Crypto Deposits) | using code RU20CASH
  • 125% Casino Bonus | code WINTER125 | up to $1,250
  • 10% Cash Bonus and 20% Casino Bonus | using code RU10CASH | up to $2,500
  • Up to 50% Re-Up Bonus | 50% extra bonus on every single crypto deposit

There are so many that it took several minutes to write those… nonetheless, you can see that BetUS has quite a few bonuses. While some major companies like to get rid of almost all but one or two prizes as they grow, BetUS has increased theirs.

Welcome Bonus

After all, they're now offering upwards of a 250% bonus on up to $5,000, which is incredible. But, of course, there are likely rollover requirements, forcing you to spend X times the amount to claim the bonus, although the amounts are insane. Plus, there's the addition of multiple prizes of the same amount, with nothing but RU added in front.

If you're looking for good bonuses to start your BetUS spending/betting spree, then there are more than a few for you. If you're planning on staying with the company, too, then you're in luck with some repeat bonuses. There's a lot, and it's worth checking out yourself.

And additionally, there's a BetUS loyalty program. You can gain access to cash prize tournaments, free payouts, loyalty points, free players, bonus deposit gains, and toll-free support numbers just for members. So again, there's an awful lot, and well, there's a lot.

What BetUS Payment Methods and Withdrawal Options Are Available?

In all, BetUS offers four payment/deposit methods:

  1. Credit Cards
  2. Cash Transfers
  3. Cryptocurrencies
  4. and Bank Wire.

The maximum for credit cards seems to be $2,499.00 per transaction, with some verification needed, while cash transfers are on a case-by-case basis. As for cryptocurrencies, BetUS currently accepts:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  3. Litecoin (LTC)
  4. and Ethereum (ETH).

The minimum amount for each crypto is $10 in deposits, with a maximum of $50,000 in each transaction. And, of course, we have bank wire last, which is yet again case-by-case. Nonetheless, BetUS' use of cryptocurrencies is likely good enough for most, and this BetUS payout review, with sub 48 hours guaranteed, with a 1–2-hour expectation for credits after it's been approved and good to go.

However, you'll need to confirm some information with BetUS first, and you'll have to assume that it'll take time to get your money. Additionally, there have been quite a few problems with casinos and betting sites using cryptocurrency, explicitly setting up a wallet to transfer money to and from said site. Since you're sending money to a particular address with more than a few characters, one mistake could mean that you lose your money forever. 

That's just a little warning to know when dealing with cryptocurrency, although, fortunately, BetUS also offers credit card payments, cash transfers, and bank wires, which they move with on a case-by-case basis. If it weren't for that, I'd be a little careful, although BetUS already has you and myself covered when it comes to payment, both deposit and withdrawal.

Is BetUS Safe, and is BetUS Legit?

Yes. Probably. We can only go from our experiences and widely trusted people with the most reviews. While online reviews on platforms like Trustpilot argue the opposite, most of those are user errors. With each betting site review, you'll likely find some information saying that Trustpilot reviews are usually just from people with bad experiences that they want to convey, usually from their own hands.

Nonetheless, looking closer at BetUS itself, everything also seems OK. While there are quite a few questions about the parent organization, Lunada N.V., we can confirm that this is the company. Many reviewers and complaints online say that the lack of a guaranteed parent company makes BetUS sketchy. However, it is assured if you look for Curacao certifications and licenses.

Speaking of which, the company got license to operate in the United States by the government. In addition, it has the certifications and regulations of Curacao and the other countries that BetUS operates in. So there are a lot of places that the company interacts with, and fortunately, they are all well-regulated and well-meaning when it comes to ensuring customer safety.

Can I Trust BetUS?

Well, you may be asking yourself, can I trust BetUS? In this situation, it's the same answer: yes. BetUS operates in the US, one of the world's highest regulated betting markets, where everything is managed closely by the government and works at the highest degree of safety. That's why BetUS runs with an HTTPS heading and an SSL certificate for encrypted communication and more.

Additionally, the company utilizes cryptocurrency often and encourages you to do the same through their welcome bonuses. Cryptos are decentralized and incredibly private, meaning that your money is safe moving to and from, excluding issues by your hand. On top of that, BetUS has been around since 1994, making it one of the oldest betting sites available in the United States. Again that's impressive, especially for the country, as it's very well-monitored and regulated.

The company has expanded further into other trusted mediums, such as sports news, a TV program, and even a private radio station; in addition to the four incorporated services, the contests, loyalty program, and help are available. Even on top of that, however, BetUS includes:

  • A contact us form at the bottom of its pages.
  • A phone number for support.
  • A different number for loyalty members.
  • An email address for communication.
  • A privacy policy.
  • Terms and conditions.
  • Five social media pages to use.
  • A number for gambling problems.

So much information and so much pointing towards everything being great safety-wise, and that's worth considering. I trust the site, although, of course, if you don't feel comfortable even with all these reasons listed, then do your research and come to your conclusions. This is just a preview, after all.


In all, BetUS seems like a great place to bet, in addition to being an expansive place to do more than just bet on sports. There's a great combination of quality and quantity, atop having the reputation of operating in a sensitive market since the early 90s. 

If you're into bonuses, BetUS has you covered if you're into betting the same. Loyalty programs are the same. Cryptos, support programs, tournaments – the list goes on. BetUS is an excellent quality platform, even if there are quite a few complaints online. BetUS holds just about everything you'd want on a forum when it comes to betting and other betting-adjacent programs, and it delivers.

Of course, that doesn't mean that there aren't questions altogether. I have a few questions about the parent company of a multi-million-dollar corporation, especially since there isn't much information about Lunada N.V., and there isn't much information about BetUS itself on the company's pages and general website.

Final Words

Nonetheless, from what I've seen, that doesn't matter. There's a quality product on top of a decent website, layout, and regulated platform, and everything seems to mesh together very well. BetUS is a great platform overall, even if there are a few problems with locking content behind a login wall, a few spaces where quality assurance didn't necessarily catch up to the speed of growth, and a bit of anonymity overall.

Still, the bonuses, quality of the games, proper payment methods, and long-standing history make BetUS more than worth a look. For both beginners and pros, if you're looking for an excellent platform to bet and hopefully make some money, then you can do much worse than BetUS. And by much worse, that means that I pretty much recommend it. Just do a bit of research to see if it's the best for you first, and then you can go from there. 

4.0 rating

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BetUS Review
4.0 rating
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