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Intertops Detailed Review

Intertops is the world’s first online sportsbook, automatically making it the oldest. Established in 1983, Intertops was formed as a bookmaker, with their online website (Intertops.com) launching in 1996. The company accepted the world’s first online sports bet, and they’re still holding firm. Intertops is one of the world’s largest sports betting websites, bolstered by its casinos, poker, and online games offerings. According to their website, Intertops offer over 4,000 daily wagers in over 180 countries.

While Intertops is a massive name in terms of sports betting and online betting, they can be generally unknown in countries such as the United States. Intertops offers services in over 180 countries, although they’ve very heavily focused on Europe. So, with the company claiming they’ve paid out over half a billion dollars in the last three years, let’s get started with this Intertops review.

Who is Intertops?

Intertops was founded in 1983 founded in London, England, United Kingdom. The company has between 101 and 250 employees and is privately owned. That’s a great sign for people looking to use Intertops’ services because another public company owns many large betting sites. There’s a lot less pressure on smaller public companies, something that likely applies to Intertops.

The company has a Kahnawake Gaming License and a UK Bookmakers License from the territory of Kahnawake and the United Kingdom. Intertops was founded in London, relocated to Austria, and shifted their online business to Antigua, meaning that they’re being regulated by the United Kingdom’s government, Austria’s, and Antigua’s, as well. 

What services does Intertops offer?

The company is known for four primary services: Sportsbook, Casino Red, Poker, and Casino Classic. Each of those have entirely different offerings, so let’s take a look at each:


Intertops’ sportsbook currently offers 19 sports to bet on, including some that aren’t technically sports. Of course, all the usuals are there, including football, baseball, basketball, tennis, boxing, cricket, cycling, golf, and horse racing. Some less-common offerings, too, include e-sports, handball, non-sporting, and the stock market.

According to BetBurger, arbers can find a lot of surebets with high percentage income.

According to other reviewers, there is a different list depending on where you’re located, as I’ve seen mentions of only 16 or 18 sports, with additions such as alpine skiing, politics, snooker, and lottery. Even still, the base sports provided within Intertops’ sportsbook is still quite good. I’m pleased with the selection they have, and their UI is pretty good. 

The layout is easy to understand, with the ability to view the entire sportsbook without logging in. First, the sports menu on the left side of the screen lets you click through to any sports currently offered. There are also options for “special offers,” “sports coupons,” and “halftime betting.” Then, with any current bet, you can click on whichever option you’re planning to bet on, type in your stake, view the win and number of bets, then place them. It’s that easy.

Intertops also have the option to add “bet boosters” to the bet slip, which helps boost your overall chances. In general, I think this layout works well, and the openness is beneficial. You can scroll through all the sports pretty quickly, view every bet, and pick one very quickly, and that’s all without needing to log in. Intertops’ sportsbook is very impressive and worth checking out. The betting limits are pretty high, so the sportsbook is suitable for high rollers.

Casino Red

Casino Red is Intertops’ long-lasting online casino, having been established in 1998. It has a straightforward layout, although that works in its favor. You can use six selections while looking at the options: new, table games, real money slots, video poker, specialty, and progressive.

New is home to eight new games; table games are home to eight table games; slots hold a few hundred options easily; video poker shows eight tables; specialty boasts six options; progressive offers eight games from a few of the other options. According to the Casino Red option, there are 300+ games in total, available through Intertops’ app.

I think it would be much easier to have the games run from a web app or browser, but a download helps make it feel a bit more official. There are a few options on the browser version of the site down the left side of the screen, including home, games, promotions, banking, account, instant play, download, mobile, blog, and contact us. The home page is decently laid out, but there’s not too much to go wrong with anyway. Most of the package with Casino Red lies in its app, which is available on computers and mobile phones.


Intertops’ poker selection is quite simple; it’s poker. Luckily though, unlike Casino Red, poker is available both in an app and in the browser. Clicking on Intertops’ poker site leads you to a decently laid out webpage, home to a download, sign up, instant play button, some blog information, history of Intertops, and an explanation of how the company’s poker works.

This is likely the most straightforward option, thanks in part to just how established poker is. Intertops poker isn’t necessarily groundbreaking or astonishing, but it’s a trusted platform with decent bonuses. We’ll go over all the company’s current bonuses later in this review, so don’t worry about getting to know those extras.

Casino Classic

Intertops’ Casino Classic is likely familiar to many of you, thanks to its 25+ year history. This webpage is well laid out, with the option to run everything through your browser. In all, casino classic offers table games, video poker, specialty games, and slots. According to Intertops, there are over 170 games to play through casino classic, whether in the form of standard slots or with live games. 

Around 95 games are available through the Intertops mobile app, although they’re pretty well varied. Unfortunately, there aren’t any particular standout options among Intertops’ extensive collection of classic casino games, although the variety means that you’ll be able to find something that works for you. Luckily, 170+ games make it pretty easy to do so.

How much does Intertops cost?

Intertops’ services are entirely free-to-use, which is a great sign. As a result, you won’t have to worry about potentially losing your money to a program that you don’t like or if you find issues using the company’s software. 

From what I can tell, Intertops makes their money from assorted fees, lost bets, and other sources. Don’t worry; they don’t make any money from your data, explicitly saying they won’t give away your data for marketing purposes. The company also makes money from when you lose money to their slots or other games. 

Even still, the company’s software is free to use, their services are free to use, and there aren’t any obscene deposit fees or withdrawal fees. But, again, that’s very reassuring, as you can tell that Intertops isn’t going to scam you out of an entry fee with lesser quality games. They’ve been around for long enough to know that the best way to suit its customers (i.e., you) is to provide quality entertainment with no hidden costs.

How are Intertops’ software and website?

Everything looks pretty good; there are some issues here and there, including way too many ‘open in new tab’ links, although the company’s sites are generally uncluttered. Nevertheless, even with a few dozen sports in their sportsbook, thousands of bets, hundreds of games, and much more, Intertops usually don’t sacrifice quality with quantity.

As Intertops’ software itself, it’s available on computers and mobile phones. According to many sources, they’re powered by WGS and RealTime Gaming software, which offer excellent services in their respective fields. 

For all the company’s interfaces and visible surfaces, everything looks relatively modern and refined. Intertops’ services are straightforward to use and are very clean and clear. The interface is laid out in a specific way to understand and is very easy to browse through. Shortcuts are placed all over the app and the website, letting you read subcategories and pages without actually needing to go through multiple links and categories.

In addition, the vast majority of Intertops.EU and the affiliated app are branded well, with Intertops’ signature red, white, black, and gray color palate. The branding works very well, separating important aspects from one another without too aggressively trying. Overall, the company’s various interfaces and programs are well-designed and decently laid out, even if they are occasionally cluttering and a bit oversimplified.

What bonuses are available?

Intertops is running quite a few bonuses at the moment, with four major bonuses going on (one for each offering):

  • Sportsbook | $200 sign-up bonus
  • Casino Red | 125% sign-up bonus
  • Poker | 200% sign-up bonus
  • Casino Class | 100% sign-up bonus

For these bonuses, all you need to do is sign up for an Intertops account, then follow whatever criteria you’re presented with. Sportsbook, as an example, requires you to use a bonus code rolled over 8X at minimum odds of -200 (1.5) before you can be paid up to $50 as a 200% bonus. There’s a large variety of potential rewards for each of these offerings, each with its unique criteria. It's not a 5 BTC bonus like the Cloudbet sign up offer, but the terms and rollover requirement are pretty easy.

In addition, Intertops has bonuses for referring others to their offerings. Currently, you can earn a 35% commission on a new customer’s first deposit, up to $20. In addition, you’ll receive 10% overall on purchases and a bonus of 50% up to $50 for every fifth referral.

Intertops also runs alternative bonuses, ones that shift from time to time. For example, the customer who holds the highest odds on a winning parlay bet often earns an additional $500, with no rollover requirements. For those who lose parlay bets by just a single selection, a chance for one of twenty $50 free bets is given out. Of course, there are many more, although those are the ones that stand out to most.

What payment methods and payout options does Intertops provide?

Currently, there is a $5 minimum deposit to use Intertops’ services through most payment sources, with a massive variety of options. The company accepts the standards, i.e., Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Bank Wire Transfer, while also accepting:

  • EcoPayz
  • Neteller
  • Paysafe Card
  • Ukash
  • Skrill
  • Euro Standard Bank Transfer
  • Money Global
  • And a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Most methods have a $20 minimum deposit, although there are a few unique deposit requirements:

  • EU SEPA Bank Transfer | $500
  • Money Global | $100
  • Bitcoin | $25
  • EcoPayz | $10
  • PaySafe Card | $5
  • Bank Wire | no limits

Payout Options

Payout options are a bit different, with six available. These six (including withdrawal times) include:

  • Bitcoin | 12 hours
  • EcoPayz | 48 hours
  • EU SEPA Bank Transfer | 2-5 business days
  • Check | five business days (with a $50 fee)
  • Bank Wire | 10-15 days
  • Bank Draft | 15-20 days

Similar to using these payout options as payment methods, there’s a variety of minimum payouts as well, with each option having a specific payout amount:

  • EU SEPA Bank Transfer | €10
  • EcoPayz | $25
  • Bitcoin | $100
  • Check | $150
  • Bank Wire | $150
  • Bank Draft | $3,080


Intertops generally has a good standing with payment and payout options, with a decent overall variety. You have 12 different payment methods to deposit with and six unique payout options with withdrawal times ranging from 2 hours to 20 days. Plus, maximum deposits and payouts are pretty high, with deposits allowing upwards of $9,000 in deposits and $6,000 in payouts.

Is Intertops safe or legit?

Everything points towards Intertops being both safe and legit. Thousands of people have shared positive experiences with the company online, and it looks like they have every legal option settled. The only potential concern would be within the United States, where Intertops’ legality continues to change. However, you might end up in legal trouble gambling through the site, so be careful.

Outside of legal grayness, Intertops seems perfectly trustworthy. Remember, the company was established in 1983, having survived nearly 40 years in operation. Since then, I’ve seen nothing about data breaches, issues with payments, or any lawsuits against the company. Furthermore, Intertops has encryption on their site, with an SSL certificate and an HTTPS domain beginning. In addition, their site is stamped with the “over 18 only, responsible gaming” mark, showing they care about being legally protected.

Intertops.EU is also home to an about, contact, affiliates, help desk, rules, privacy policy, responsible gaming, gamblers anonymous, and CyberSitter page, so you’ll be able to check out all their terms and conditions quite easily. Speaking of which, it’s great to see that they have a help desk and contact pages easily accessible. Many companies have issues or things to cover up to hide their support or remove it entirely, showing that Intertops is ready to fix any problems or go over any problems you may have.

If you’re having an issue with your account, Intertops has email support, several hotlines to call, Skype chat, and excellent live chat. Overall, everything seems good for Intertops, which is incredibly reassuring, especially when dealing with a company that sells directly with your money. Of course, there’s a lot that can go wrong with safety and legitimacy, although Intertops seems to check everything off well enough.


Overall, Intertops proves itself to be a quality place to bet and game. There is a lot to do with the company’s several pages and services, with bonuses if you meet the criteria. While there are a few issues here and there relating to problems with the website’s layout or lower overall prizes than some competitors, Intertops more than holds up today.

Even with the company’s near 30-year existence, it’s managed to keep itself in the public’s eyes with modern designs and class offerings. There are some international issues about legal status, although it’s not Intertops’ fault. Take the United States, where some states allow the company to operate within them, while others don’t.

Still, Intertops is a great place for people looking to use a quality sportsbook, casino, and poker selection. It’s simpler than other competitors’ offerings, although not enough that it prevents some more competitive players from using the company’s services to their best. In addition, with various payout and deposit methods, there’s more than enough variety for everyone. So, I believe Intertops is definitely worth a check for those looking to enter the sportsbook scene without too much dedication in the form of a subscription or up-front cost. 


Is Intertops Legit Gambling Site?

Well, Intertops is 100% legit casino.

What Bonuses Are Available at Intertops?

Sportsbook | $200 sign-up bonus
Casino Red | 125% sign-up bonus
Poker | 200% sign-up bonus
Casino Class | 100% sign-up bonus

3.5 rating

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Intertops Review
3.5 rating
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