Lucky Mister Casino UK Review – A Dedicated Overview

Lucky Mister Casino UK Review – A Dedicated Overview

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  • September 2023 Non-GamStop Casino
  • 4500+ Slots
  • UK Players Allowed
  • Mobile App
  • £1000 Welcome Bonus
  • 725 Free Spins
  • VISA/Master Accepted
  • No Deposit Limits
  • No Betting Limits
  • Cryptocurrencies Accepted
  • Exclusive Bonuses and Offers

Lucky Mister Casino Review UK

lucky mister casino homepage
lucky mister casino homepage

We were pleasantly surprised to see a themed character when we began our Lucky Mister Casino review. Yes, the website does lean into the traditional large-eyed animation style, but seeing something akin to Mr. Monopoly from the famous board game, only slightly plumper is a lot more fun than the typical interface. Of course, it also doesn't hurt that this casino has many games, bonuses, promotions, and security to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

The undertone of the entire online gambling platform is to cater to those legendary “whales” in casinos. These people are so wealthy that casinos bend backward to offer free promotions, upgrades, suites, and dining options unavailable to the general public. The creators behind Lucky Mister Casino UK try to provide that bespoke experience to every new user on their website.

This particular offering is a casino far from the reach of government oversight. Our UK-based readers will be happy to hear Lucky Mister Casino is not part of the GamStop system. There are no playing restrictions or limits on what you can spend. Yes, GamStop does help some players, but it's always nice to have complete control over how and when you spend your hard-earned currency. Who wants to limit fun after a week of making money for the man?

Gaming Providers

With major gaming developers like Netent, 1Spin4Win, BGaming, and more, this is a fantastic new offering for any player of any background. There are some location restrictions to getting the entire experience, so you'll want to download a quality VPN to get around any geo-location locks (don't worry, UK players, this probably doesn't apply to you).

Now that we've “whetted your appetite” enough to dive into another detailed casino review, it's time to learn more about Lucky Mister Casino payment options and beyond. Follow along as we explore all that plump little gentleman has to offer, and let's find the best possible games, promotions, and interactive features of this new platform for you to enjoy – and hopefully – win!


  • Quality selection of game developers for everything from progressive slots to traditional games.
  • Excellent sports betting options with leagues and individual events.
  • Does currently accept UK-based players using local credit cards.
  • Has an easy-to-use registration process with little verification.
  • 24/7 live chat customer support.


  • It's still relatively new, so you may see some growing pains as you play.
  • The withdrawal time can be longer, depending on your preferred payment method.
  • While the bonuses are reasonable, there are only a few.

Quick Update: We searched far and wide and needed help to confirm any current gaming license. This is likely because this particular casino is still young in the industry. However, we did see a wide range of game developers on board for working with the casino, offering us plenty of reassurance that is Lucky Mister Casino a safe gambling site – yes! 

Lucky Mister Casino Bonuses & Promotions

lucky mister casino bonuses
lucky mister casino bonuses

Like most of our casino reviews, we need to begin our in-depth evaluation by closely examining the company's various gambling bonuses and playable promotions. To develop a strong gaming strategy, you want to leverage every bit of free, bonus, or reward cash to maximize your potential winnings.

Start your casino promotion journey by exploring the FAQ section or Terms and Conditions. There are always subtle requirements that you want to fulfill to get a complete bonus or promotion. You'll be open to many rewards once you complete your Lucky Mister Casino registration. This isn't as varied as some other casinos we've looked at, but more than enough to benefit your time and money.

The casino offers plenty of transparency in formulating bonuses for your account. That is the good faith agreement you enter after your Lucky Mister Casino login screen has disappeared. Lucky Mister Casino is not on GamStop because it exists outside of any regional control, so it can offer better promos than typical.

This particular website has options for free spins, welcome bonuses, sports playing packages, and tournaments that offer decent prize pots for even the most veteran player. It all comes down to how you use the promotions best for your unique situation. If you don't see a promo being applied to your account, contact the high-quality customer service via the 24/7 live chat option.

Let's investigate the bonuses and promotions we uncovered in this Lucky Mister Casino review.

Lucky Mister Casino Welcome Bonus Package

Ah, the ever-popular welcome bonus package. This is the feature that most players drool over to get into any new casino offering. You can earn many more winnings with free spins or extra matching funds to increase your odds of bringing home a bigger prize than usual.

Lucky Mister Casino UK is no different. This relatively younger casino platform is doing its best to increase player interest in all it offers. They will work hard to create packages aligned with current industry standards while also skirting the line of highly beneficial promotions to ensure new players flock to the website.

Again, you'll want to browse the various Terms and Conditions to ensure you are slipping into a new strategy without meeting the diverse needs or requirements. You would like to avoid playing, thinking you have free spins, only to find you've maxed out your available funds instead. This casino has a tremendous multi-tiered system offering plenty of enjoyable playing bonuses. They include:

Deposit 1:

100 free spins in Candy Monsta with a minimum deposit of €50. The wagering requirement is 35x with a max bonus of €1,000, valid for seven days.

Deposit 2:

125 free spins in Platinum Lighting Deluxe with a minimum deposit of €50. The wagering requirement is 35x with a max bonus of €1,000, valid for seven days.

Deposit 3:

150 free spins in Fantasy Park with a minimum deposit of €100. The wagering requirement is 35x with a max bonus of €1,000, valid for seven days.

Deposit 4:

150 free spins in Crazy Starter with a minimum deposit of €200. The wagering requirement is 35x with a max bonus of €1,000, valid for seven days.

Deposit 5:

200 free spins in Fire Lightning with a minimum deposit of €300. The wagering requirement is 35x with a max bonus of €1,000, valid for seven days.

Yes, it would be better if the welcome bonus package was more geared toward matching funds and not for just free spins, but considering this platform is so young, it's a solid beginning. Everyone on our review team agrees you are likely to see new bonuses down the road based on the season and the number of players inside the casino at any time. They will want to quickly shift from attracting new players to keeping veteran players.

We should note one more thing about the welcome bonus: You will need to wager the entire bonus you receive before making a withdrawal request for those winnings. This is the pretty industry standard, so there are no red flags here.

Sports Bonus Package

After you complete your Lucky Mister Casino registration process, you'll be given the option to swing by the sports betting section. Seeing a sports betting area on such a young site is good, so we only see this as an added benefit. There is a wide range of events and leagues for you to follow, and you have good odds for playability.

To get your sports bonus, you must indicate that it is your preferred welcome package from your account settings. It equals 100% matching funds on your first deposit of at least €50. This bonus does carry a wagering requirement of at least 35x and a maximum betting amount of €1,000, but that should work out well if you play your cards (or bets) right.

Like the general welcome package, you only get seven days to take advantage of the sports bonus. You must spend up to €2 per bet and can only withdraw your winnings after you've maxed out the matching funds.

Lucky Mister No Deposit Bonus

We are sorry to say there is no current “official” no-deposit bonus once you use your Lucky Mister Casino login option. Don't worry, though. There are plenty of ways to find a no-deposit bonus by looking online at reviews like ours. You can find affiliate programs partnering with the casino to encourage new players.

When you click on these programs' links, you get special rewards only available through their systems. This is where you can find a no-deposit bonus, probably to the tune of €5 to €15 in online spins. You will need to do some trial and error, so pay close attention to reviews like the one you read.

Other Bonuses & Promotional Offerings

That wraps up all the available bonuses for Lucky Mister Casino. The website has a “promo” section on the easy-to-follow menu if something new crops up that our review team missed in this article. As we said, there are likely to be seasonal offerings as the casino grows in popularity.

However, two other offerings are worth exploring. They don't fit into the bonus and promotions section, but they should be something you check out. They include:

Tournaments – Lucky Mister Casino is a non-GamStop casino that provides contests for players to enter for additional prize pools and packages. During our review, we saw “Treasures of Atlantis,” “Inca Riddles,” and “Star Promenade.” Each had its requirements and available prizes like matching funds, free spins, and pooled cash prizes of up to €3,500.

Lotteries – This is where you can win serious money! Each lottery comes with the chance to win products like Apple MacBook Air, Galaxy Smartphone, headphones, and plenty more. On top of that, you can get cash prizes of up to €12,500. They also offer daily, weekly, and monthly lotteries with cash, free spins, and more. Most of these come with the requirement of minimum deposits of anywhere from €25-€200.

With those additional games, you can get entered automatically into a lottery, spend only a little through the welcome bonus package, and then come out the other side with a new MacBook and additional cash winnings in your account. That should be enough to interest even the most well-vetted UK player.

Lucky Mister Casino Game Selection

Now that you've learned all you can about the different casino bonuses and promotions available on this exciting new platform, it's time to consider how you will use them. Lucky Mister Casino has a strong reputation for working on and with many of the best game developers known in the industry.

Even though this casino is still new to the world, they have an excellent user interface that lets you quickly navigate any slots, table games, live casino options, and sports betting you could want. Be sure to take your time as you explore so you can catch everything that may be to your liking.

Remember, this is a non-GamStop platform. You won't have to deal with restrictions as you explore. Plenty is here for you to enjoy, and you want to avoid a time clock ticking over your head as you move from progressive slots to sports betting or anything else.

Online Slots

Get ready for a massive selection of online slots. Lucky Mister Casino has great titles like Fire & Lightning, Tiger Jungle, Book of Life, Gold Rush, Lucky Dama Muerta, Candy Monsta, and plenty more. They partner with some of the biggest names in online gambling worldwide, so you'll find a good balance of popular titles with traditional and up-and-coming innovations.

Almost everything you begin to play has “demo versions,” in case you aren't sure about the actual gameplay. That way, you can better acclimatize yourself to the various rules as you play before risking any of your money.

Table Games

If there is one critique we could offer the team at Lucky Mister Casino besides getting licensing as soon as possible, it is to move the navigation for table and live games over. You can find both through the top menu, but that is after you click on the general “Games” tab, which might be confusing on a tablet or smartphone. 

You also get all the typical games like Baccarat, poker, blackjack, and more. Each has a demo version and tutorials in case it's been a while since your last foray into tabletop gambling. 

Live Casino Games

There must be some secret island from which all these incredible hosts come because Lucky Mister Casino has some of the most exciting and attractive people in charge of their live casino games. Yes, they have Wheelbet, Music Wheel, Teen Patti, Dragon Tiger Lobby, and many other traditional live games to enjoy. 

Even though we critiqued the menu to find these offerings, the playability is straightforward. You can check out any of the games on any sized screen. The HTML5 formatting makes it easy to move from a PC to your Samsung or iPhone when traveling. 

Sports Betting & Cybersports

Both cybersports (known as eSports) and traditional sports betting are available on Lucky Mister Casino UK. Lucky Mister Casino is a safe gambling site because they are transparent about their offer. All the leaderboards are readily available for anyone to view in case you need clarification on hedging or what odds to maximize. 

Take your time as you explore. The casino offers everything from England's Premier League in soccer to tennis on the world stage to US-based ice hockey. There are ways to filter through based on events, upcoming calendar plays, leagues, and specific sports. All in all, this is a relatively immersive side of the casino platform. 

Then there are the cybersports offerings. For our older UK-based players, this may still seem a bit foreign, but trust us, it's fun! Take your chance by betting on Rocket League teams or Counter-Strike players with a strong reputation for success. It all comes down to which gaming styles you enjoy to watch and follow. 

This casino platform lets you find any game that fits your style, taste, and gaming strategy. 

Payment Options & Money Management

Just as Lucky Mister Casino UK provides transparent partnerships with some of the best game developers, they also have straightforward options for payments and withdrawals. Let's get the details out of the way up front. You can use typical payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, and Tether

Our review found a 10% no-wager bonus if you go the Bitcoin route. The casino is trying to maximize its future investments, which benefits you. 

You can also use popular eWallets like Neteller or Skrill to get your winnings. There are some limits, however, like: 

  • Daily withdrawal limit of €2,000. 
  • Weekly withdrawal limit of €3,000. 
  • Monthly withdrawal limit of €10,000. 

You may have to undergo additional verification processes if you have a massive win from a lottery or spin game. This is for both your safety as well as the overall security of the casino. They don't want to get mixed up in any money laundering scheme, which isn't all that surprising. 

If your winnings go over €40,000 at any time (mostly per month), you'll have to speak with a casino representative to confirm the whole situation. Then, you can get your winnings in as little as an hour (primarily for crypto) or up to 3 days for major credit cards and eWallets. 

Also, Bitcoin and Tether will depend on the current market rates. If you're hoping for some arbitrage benefit, keep a secondary screen open when you request a withdrawal. 

Casino Security & Licensing

Here is where we want to see Lucky Mister expand its security. They need to pursue an international gaming license. They have all the makings of a casino platform that can be used by Curacao or the like, but currently need something on the books. With so many game developers already partnering with this casino, they can adapt soon. 

Other than that, there is plenty of casino security for you to enjoy. The encryption system is robust, and the website has the well-informed “https:” prefix to show they are part of the SSL certificate program that uses additional TLS encryption Google likes to see. 

As for verification, you only need a decent email address to get started. Once you begin to win, you must verify your name and location via a government-issued ID or passport. This ensures the casino's security as much as yours, so there is nothing to worry about here. 

Casino Customer Support

You get all the customer support you want with Lucky Mister Casino UK. They have 24/7 live chat support to answer all our review questions in under 5 minutes. There is an additional email system available, but we have yet to utilize that because every question we had was taken care of by the live chat already. 

The representatives we worked with were professional and easy to understand. There weren't any language barriers for our predominantly English-speaking team, which is great to hear from our UK-based players. 

Is Lucky Mister Casino Not on GamStop? 

Nope, the short answer is no. Lucky Mister Casino is not currently part of the GamStop system. This is an internationally facing gambling platform outside the UK government's control. However, they have a section on their website about self-exclusion and the dangers of gambling addiction, which is good to see. They take the concept seriously. 

Not being on the GamStop system means the casino doesn't have to stop you from how often you play or what bets you place (outside of the game or bonus restrictions). 


Before we get to our typical rundown of quick FAQs for this casino, we should mention they have an additional FAQ on their website that is worth checking out. Most of the questions we don't cover are listed there. 

Is the casino safe to play? 

Yes, this casino is more than safe enough to make a deposit and begin to play. You get transparent odds, easy-to-follow guidelines, and some of the best developers, which boosts playable trust. 

Is Lucky Mister registered with GamStop?

No, Lucky Mister Casino UK exists outside of the GamStop self-exclusion system. They do not restrict you from what you play, how you play it, or how often you want to gamble. 

Any Lucky Mister Casino Sister Sites?

You can find at least 15 sister sites to Lucky Mister Casino. Some of the best are Lucky Carnival and Lucky Barry Casino.

Can I trust the Lucky Mister Casino?

We think so. This is still a newer casino platform, so some bugs will need to be worked out, but we didn't have any problem experiencing the various benefits and features of the casino when we did our review. 

Does the casino offer a welcome bonus package?

This casino offers a unique welcome bonus package because it focuses more on free spins through specific slots instead of generalized matching funds. There is a tiered system based on the minimum deposits you make. 

Is there a no-deposit bonus?

The only way to take advantage of the no-deposit bonus we found is to look outside of the official casino. You'll need to look at reviews like our fantastic example to find links for no-deposit bonuses (typically €5-€15 in free gameplay). 

Can UK players sign up for Lucky Mister Casino?

UK players get to enjoy all that this casino has to offer for players. We suggest you also leverage the power of a VPN to avoid any risky behavior, but UK players are a total “go” for Lucky Mister Casino. 

What are the payment and withdrawal options for the casino?

The primary payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Tether, and eWallets like Neteller and Skrill. There are varying withdrawal limits based on day, week, and month, and waiting periods ranging from 1 hour to 3 days. 

Will Lucky Mister Casino work with my iPhone?

Yes, this casino, like most newer options, builds its platform using HTML5 so that you can view everything on any sized screen. How you play is equally easy to use on a mobile device like an iPhone. 

What games are available at Lucky Mister Casino?

This gambling platform offers everything from progressive slots to live casino games, tabletop games, sports betting, and cybersports. Be sure to watch closely for any bonuses or promotions as you play. 

Is the casino young enough to enjoy?

Lucky Mister Casino is a relatively younger casino offering, but they have worked hard to improve and streamline all operations. You should get a decent playing experience through the easy-to-follow user interface. 

What ID verification will I need when registering for Lucky Mister Casino?

All you need to start is an email, but if you want high-quality winnings, you'll have to enter your government-issued ID or some other form of pre-approved identification. That is for both your and the casino's safety. 

What about a cashback bonus?

Story to say, but we found no cashback bonus when we reviewed. That means they will still exist in the future, but you are out of luck regarding cashback right now. 

How quickly can you get your money from the casino?

It all depends on the type of payment method you want to use. Crypto is the fastest with instantaneous or same-day transactions. All the rest can be anywhere from 1 to 3 days, with eWallets taking the longest. 


Hopefully, this Lucky Mister Casino UK review provides all the details you need to get started. We work hard to uncover those unique playing situations of every gambling platform we review so you don't have to. 

There are plenty of exciting games, bonuses, and lotteries for you to enjoy on this platform. Be sure to leverage the tournaments whenever possible, and watch out for specific bonuses through the email system. That is where we suspect the casino will begin creating more incentives to keep players who have already used the welcome or sports bonus packages. 

As always, swing back by whenever you get the chance. We are constantly posting new and exciting reviews of the latest casinos in the online world. Most of our offerings are in the non-GamStop sphere, so our UK readers can get the most out of their playing time. Thank you for reading, and good luck with your next spin at the Lucky Mister Casino!

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Lucky Mister Casino UK Review – A Dedicated Overview
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