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OddStorm Review

OddStorm is ‘the oldest arbitrage service on the market,' according to Sure.bet, one of the top betting communities, having launched back in 2006. For those of you not too familiar with the company, it's one of the leading (and oldest) arbitrage services in the market, letting you treat gambling as an investment with more intelligent betting. What sets apart this established player from some of the newer ones is its ‘fastest SureBets' software, which is supposed to give you new bets in under a second.

If you're not too enveloped in the arbitrage market or even the betting industry as a whole, you might not be too familiar with OddStorm or any of its services. Even if you are, though, it's understandable to want to get to know a service without getting too enveloped in it. Either way, that's why this OddStorm review exists, so let's get into it.

What is OddStorm?

OddStorm, according to its website, is a company made by highly motivated sports experts, developers, and consultants.' They also say their goal as a dedicated team is to bring high-quality, unique services to the internet to become one of the best odds services on the internet. OddStorm offers a variety of services placed into one of two categories: PreMatch and InPlay.

These would include SureBets, Middles, Polish Middles, Odds, and Asian Lines, all of which are built directly into the OddStorm software. The company lets you pick on arbitrage (sure betting) bets and value bets to make almost guaranteed income from betting through this software. OddStorm sells its software's access as a subscription service, although there is also a free version that lets you view the service like the most providers like BetBurger and etc.

The company also positions itself as an independent source of betting within the market, relying on its services instead of selling positions to bookmakers. OddStorm also focuses on providing quality and customization over a wide variety of features, which could either be incredibly useful or useless depending on how you like your services arranged. Either way, though, OddStorm tries to fit itself as a customer-first company within the industry, which has helped it survive 15 years of increasing competition.

What services does OddStorm offer?

As mentioned, OddStorm brands its services under two different categories: PreMatch and InPlay. Yes, they also offer a calculator, although that's more of a tool alongside the two specific categories.


OddStorm's standard arbitrage software is available through PreMatch. PreMatch's most crucial aspect is OddStorm sure bet, which is the company's arbitrage service. Through sure bet, you're able to view any current chances, even if you're not subscribed to the company's services. That's useful for building trust and letting people understand how your services work in advance, so there's a point towards OddStorm.

My biggest gripe with PreMatch is the lack of some OddStorm value betting, which would prove incredibly useful during many games. Value betting can work, in many situations, better than sure betting over time, meaning that I would have loved to see it with OddStorm. Even still, the company's advanced sure betting is still quite significant, but yet again, a pretty large gripe.


Like PreMatch, InPlay's primary component is SureBets, although it differs from the standard service. With InPlay, you're betting on things happening live within a game. This is OddStorm live arbitrage at its best, letting you take advantage of mismatched odds in a live game. As in the name, InPlay, this is when games are in action, meaning that you'll have a much more comprehensive array of bets and odds to take advantage of. Now, you can bet on players to receive the next goal, the top player in rounds, and much more. The only significant difference between PreMatch and InPlay, excluding the timing of the bidding, is the lack of Asian lines.


The OddStorm arbitrage service, sure bet, is relatively similar to other certain betting services, although OddStorm does promise sub-1 second delays between refreshing and posting wagers. Through this, you should be able to pick up virtually any clashes from the company's 72 bookmakers nearly instantly. Sure betting (or arbitrage) relies entirely on different odds, on opposing teams, with other bookmakers, which often change quickly. Through OddStorm, you can view these mistakes in as little as a second, meaning you can bet on those odds before the bookmakers can fix them. 


Middles are similar to arbitrage betting but also entirely different. If that sounds confusing, it is. That's almost wholly why OddStorm's services exist, after all, to make complex betting tasks relatively easy. Anyway, middles are a form of betting with point spreads or totals. For example, this generally happens during National Football League (American, not European) games, where you may bet on a team's point count. You might bet on a team winning, then use another bookmaker to bet on the other team winning, but by points. It's much more complicated, but I don't even entirely get it. Yet again, that's why OddStorm takes care of it for you. 

Polish Middles

Polish middle betting is also known as moderate inverse betting. With this one, you'll focus on events not being in the middle, betting on the outcome that will not happen. In this situation, it's much riskier, but you're also fit to reap much higher profits and rewards if you do succeed. OddStorm takes care of this by calculating how much you need to bet on one team winning, the other team winning, and the team's drawing, which will hedge any losses. This is usually a much more complicated option, so it's instrumental that OddStorm has it built-in.

Asian Lines

Also known as Asian handicap betting, this OddStorm service bets on teams and points combined. For example, if you bet on the team likely to win, they'll have to win by a higher margin for you to get a payout. If you bet on the likely-to-lose squad, they'll have to win by just a little bit to hit the jackpot. OddStorm automates this process, letting you instantly view nearly every odd for a game from the company's wide range of bookmakers. 


While odds themselves aren't necessarily anything special, OddStorm provides a beautiful collection of different bookmakers' bets on specific events. You can see the events in advance with the company's list, letting you look at specific teams and odds listed out. This isn't an interactive service, as it enables you to see the odds and chances/payouts for every group listed and their opponents.

What is OddStorm SureBets, and how does it work?

While I briefly mentioned sure betting above, there's a lot more to it. Sure betting is an incredibly complicated and challenging way to bet, although it's a great way to guarantee a profit every time you bet virtually. Luckily though, OddStorm isn't a human-looking through bookmakers. It's a service. With OddStorm SureBets, you'll be able to go through (at the time of writing) 72 bookmakers, 77 tournaments, 250 leagues, 1661 matches, and 94530 SureBets. That's quite a lot.

But how does sure betting work?

Also known as arbitrage, sure betting is a way of betting on mismatched odds with a specific ratio that allows you to make a profit, nonetheless. While bookmakers are generally on-board with the same odds and payout levels, they sometimes conflict and list different chances. For example, one bookie may list one team winning, while another says that team will lose.

In this situation, OddStorm SureBets will send you a notification (or you can view the company's list of bets), and it'll automatically fill out your bet amount with a ratio. For example, if one bookmaker says you'll double your money if one team wins and the other thinks you'll triple with the other, you're guaranteed a profit either way if you bet on both (with a ratio). After all, you're betting on both sides of the event, so you'll win either way. 

Too good to be true?

If that sounds too good to be true, it's understandable. Even still, it's not. Even if you don't choose OddStorm, there are a lot of different sure bet finders like RebelBetting and BetOnValue. The biggest reason it's even possible is that most humans miss out on these opportunities. They can last for as long as a few hours or as short as a few seconds. With OddStorm's 1-second delay, you'll be able to bet on these situations almost immediately after they happen. The company's servers will even calculate how much you'll have to bet to have a guaranteed profit. All you need to do is join their subscription and choose how much you want to bet.

What is OddStorm software, and is it good?

OddStorm's software comes in the form of a website app and Windows app. You'll gain access to their list of bets, odds, and all the bookmakers, tournaments, matches, odds, and the like through these both. There is even an accessible model for people with a free account. Luckily for anyone, though, OddStorm updates their apps quite often, adding fixes up to the current v2.2.2 software.

Design and Layout

Whether you use the company's website or app, there's a lot to look at. For experienced bettors, that's a good thing. For those that aren't too familiar with betting or these services, that might prove not so great, as it can appear crowded or confusing. I like how it's laid out, matching green, blue, gray, and play colors that make things easy to see. There's also a list of events, arb yields, and the per-team stakes. Lists of bookmakers, odds, and events, in addition to a friendly comparison mode, also look good in my book.


My biggest issue is that there isn't an option to enable more information. You don't know the return or odds for you receiving the entire arbitrage profit, and that's a decent-sized letdown. To find this out, you must physically click on the bet, type in how much you're planning on staking, and a little calculator will give you the return and profit. While that would have been better integrated into the app or website, it's great that it's an option, in-bet, nonetheless. Otherwise, though, I like the design and layout. Other reviewers were eh about it, but I like it.

What plans does OddStorm offer?

As with most major online betting sites, OddStorm offers its services through a subscription service. Through this, the company lets you pay different amounts per month depending on the length of your subscription, what you want to access, and the type of subscription. For OddStorm plans specifically, the company offers a VIP and VIP Plus service, with some pretty significant differences.


  • PreMatch
    • €155/month
  • InPlay
    • €195/month
  • PreMatch + InPlay
    • €295/month

VIP Plus:

  • PreMatch
    • €250/month
  • InPlay
    • €290/month
  • PreMatch + InPlay
    • €390/month

Compared to VIP, VIP Plus offers quite a few additional benefits on top of using the company's PreMatch and InPlay services. As a VIP Plus member, you'll gain access to OddStorm navigation, navigation on real and virtual machines, different bookmakers per machine, auto-navigation through supporting bookmakers, instant bet slips with sure bet outcomes, automatic searching, 30%+ arbs with better pricing, more minor time gaps, Skype support with staff and the CEO, unique username on chat posts.

VIP vs. VIP Plus

Although there is quite a lot, you really won't need to spend upwards of 60% more if you don't need any of these additional services. I'd likely choose between PreMatch and InPlay VIP, which offer a decent combination between pricing and opportunity. Depending on who you are or when in a game you bet, there's a significant enough similarity between the two to make purchasing both almost unnecessary.

If you plan on committing to OddStorm, though, then VIP Plus is worth it without a doubt. Direct access to the company's staff alongside the CEO is excellent for any issues you have. The addition of more than 30+ arbitrages is fantastic for making more profit over time. Yet again, though, it depends entirely on how much you spend, both time-wise and money-wise, on the company's services.

Free vs. Subscribed

Even if you don't spend any money, though, you'll have access to tons of content just by signing up at OddStorm's website, including:

  • OddStorm Web and Windows App in accessible mode
  • SureBets from -0.01% to 1.1% for training
  • Instant delivery of SureBets, Middles, Odds, and History
  • Comparisons
  • Tips and tricks
  • Priority e-mail support

As a subscriber, though, you'll guarantee gain access to:

  • Web and Windows App with all tournaments and teams
  • SureBets from -1% to 300%
  • Fast scanning at 1-3 seconds for InPlay and 15 seconds for PreMatch
  • Define permanent Bookmaker Sets
  • Unique cross-market bets
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Live Chat and Skype support

Is OddStorm safe and legit?

Yes, the company is. Having been founded back in 2006 within Bulgaria, they've had quite a long time to build a reputation, and it's been a good one so far. In addition, the company is independent, established as OddStorm Ltd. It's a good sign for an online betting site to be owned independently, as the company has less reason to provide data to a larger company or sell your information.

OddStorm holds up as an independent company focused on the customer, especially with their immediate and 24/7 contact through Skype and other services. Alongside that, OddStorm provides an about section, in addition to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Contact page. I wish that there was information about gambling issues right there, as that's something that people prefer to see on a betting website, although it's still apparent once you dig a little deeper.

Website Security

As for the OddStorm website itself, it also holds up. The company has an active SSL certificate, meaning that your information is protected and encrypted as it goes through the website. There also haven't been any breaches, hacks, or scams that I've heard of or seen for OddStorm, so it seems like the community is satisfied as well. 


Overall though, I feel OddStorm is a reasonable way to approach the sure betting and arbitrage markets as a whole. While yes, the company's monthly subscriptions are a little high, they're still relatively competitive with some of the more established players. Part of that extra cost comes in the form of a guarantee of service and independent company rules. 

The services, as well, are also excellent and relatively accessible. You don't have to worry about a subpar service, as you can even visit the website and app for free. I think you should check out OddStorm if you're interested, as it's a worthy use if you bet a lot or plan on sticking with the company.

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