Royal Lama Casino Review UK – Is It a Safe Casino?

Royal Lama Casino Review UK – Is It a Safe Casino?

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Royal Lama Casino Review

royal lama casino homepage
royal lama casino homepage

Being an expert in quality online casino reviews is a challenging job. There are so many incredible casinos to look at and explore that we can get lost in the wave of new offers. Today's fantastic victim is Royal Lama Casino.

This relatively young online gambling platform has one of the most hilarious brand theming you'll ever encounter. The logo itself is more than worth exploring. You'll see a happy-go-lucky llama wearing cool shades and a proud crown on its head. And that's beside the almost Simpson-esk color scheme that makes you think of an animated feature film.

However, even with the playful visual theming, we found plenty of information in our review for you to dive deep into whether or not this would be a good choice for you. This is a brand-new casino platform for anyone looking for an easy-to-use and relaxing gaming scenario. 


Royal Lama Casino is not currently signed up with GamStop. Even though it is advertised everywhere because the platform is so popular with those players.

Another reason we went with this new casino for our review is because all the information is transparent and readily available. There are no secret, remote repositories of information that we must break into to find what we need. In addition, the casino is very upfront about what they offer in the types of promotions, games, and playability that they have online. 

One of the biggest reasons we think Royal Lama Casino UK is a safe casino to play with this because of that transparency. It lends itself to customer loyalty by allowing anyone to find exactly what they want whenever they visit the platform. Couple that with the immersive theming, 24/7 customer support, and fantastic welcome bonus, and you've got yourself a real winner. 

Now that we've covered the basics let's get to some of the better details about this fantastic online gambling platform. If you have any questions or comments we didn't cover in this review, please leave them below in the comment section or email us. It is relatively new, so we expect to hear from you soon.

Here is our in-depth review:


  • Has plenty of demo-only games.
  • They have built a dedicated mobile app for the casino.
  • Quick registration to verify your account.
  • Wide variety of welcome and available promotions.
  • Includes a VIP program.
  • They do offer some new verification promotions.
  • Sister Site to Richy Fox Casino.


  • The deposit limits on credit cards are still relatively small.
  • You are not able to use UK currency at the moment.
  • You might need a VPN to get around the UKGC licensing issue.
  • There are still few reviews because it's such a young casino.

Quick update: We've seen many similar reviews about the platform since writing a review of Royal Lama Casino. This is probably because the online platform's welcome bonus and various features are so beneficial for players, so you should get in right now instead of waiting a couple of weeks to read more reviews. 

Bonuses & Promotions

royal lama bonuses
royal lama bonuses

Every one of our quality online casino reviews begins with the various welcome bonuses and free spin promotions available. That's because we know our readers come to us for the best possible information regarding maximizing your playing strategy. But, of course, none of that is possible without understanding what kind of bonuses and promotions the various casinos we review offer.

The first thing that surprised us about the bonus programs is how many there are. Of course, most newer online casinos have lucrative welcome bonuses or maybe the occasional free spin offer for new players. But Royal Lama Casino goes all in with as wide a variety of bonuses as possible to hook you to play.

Again, this online casino is very transparent with its policies. So, you'll be okay with digging into the terms and conditions to determine how to leverage their various bonuses best. We recommend avoiding any lost promotion that would've saved you a ton of money or maximized your possible winnings.

You also want to pay close attention to the deposit limits. As this casino is new, these will likely change within the next few months. Once word of mouth gets around at how advantageous it is to sink your betting into this online platform, it will explode in visitation numbers.

All that being said, let's get into the various details of the Royal Lama Casino free spins, bonuses, and available promotions for you to take a vantage of.

Royal Lama Casino UK Welcome Bonus Package

The welcome package is incredibly worth it. It includes a tiered checkout system that matches available funds up to a specific limit for every deposit you make. This is a three-tiered system compared to many competitors, with anywhere from 2 to 6 different tiers, placing Royal Lama Casino right around the middle.

Luckily, plenty of other bonus offers are available from Royal Lama Casino. So, you aren't restricted to just the welcome bonus as a new player. They want to hook you first and then keep playing for years. Therefore, you will likely find many other bonuses you can utilize weekly. 

We like that everything is upfront when it comes to the welcome bonus. This is another reason a Royal Lama Casino safe is a solid yes.

The Tiered Welcome Bonus:

  • 150% match on your initial deposit of €40 or more. The wagering requirements are 35X, and you have up to 96 hours to claim in bonus.
  • 175% match on your second deposit of at least €50 or more. The wagering requirements are 35X, and they open that bonus to many other games unavailable on the first deposit.
  • 200% match on your third deposit of at least €150, funded immediately. The wage requirements are only 35X, significantly lower than most other tiered systems at this level.

There are some other details, but for the most part, that is as simple as it gets. Remember that you cannot deposit British funds to this casino. You will have to use crypto or other internationally sourced funds. We did not try a VPN when depositing, so that could be possible. Please let us know if it works for you.

The various bonuses are available when you sign up and verify your account. If you are still waiting to see them working for your account, contact customer service quickly via the live chat. We saw a response within 20 minutes.

Royal Lama Casino No Deposit Bonus

Our team loves to see a no-deposit bonus. This is one of the surefire ways to tell if a Royal Lama Casino is trustworthy. They even offer this type of bonus far above most of the competition.

From the moment you verify your new account with Royal Lama Casino, you will receive up to 50 free spins for a range of specified games without any deposit made on your part. You can get five euros if you don't want the free spins. However, we highly recommend 50 free spins if you enjoy casino slots

Any no-deposit bonus will be the best way to explore a gambling platform's various online games and ecosystems. In addition, it allows you to test out the different strategies you want to implement without risking your funds first. In other words, take advantage of this bonus.

Royal Lama Casino Sportsbook Bonus

Who doesn't love a good sportsbook? So whether you are betting on the latest football game or looking into a professional league, Royal Lama Casino offers plenty of bonuses for new players.

You'll get around 150% match of your funds for anything starting at a €20 deposit. This is activated immediately after you verify your account and make an eligible deposit. 

Again, if you don't see the sponsor available in your playable pool, then contact customer support, and they will hook you up immediately. 

Various Other Bonus & Promotions Available

Royal Lama Casino UK offers many other bonuses based on the time of week, month, or year. This ranges everywhere from 75% to 100% gift bonuses based on how often you play.

We also saw hints at a weekly cashback feature allowing you to recover a small percentage of your lost money. These are all new bonuses that seem only to be invited only so far. Keep an eye out for your email or member section after logging in and verifying your account to take advantage of these various promotions.

Royal Lama Casino is a new online gambling platform. They are probably still working out a few kinks in those bonus offers before making them widely advertised. However, that works to your advantage because if you mention them to customer support after creating your account, you will likely be able to use them.

Game Selection

royal lama game selection
royal lama game selection

Okay, that was a mouthful. So now, let's flip the switch and look at the games you might enjoy playing at Royal Lama Casino.

You will see everything from Royal Lama Casino bingo to live casino games to scratch cards. And remember that they have a sportsbook.

This is a non-GamStop online betting platform. You don't have to worry about restricting how often you play or trying to wiggle through any specific restrictions as you place a wager. That makes it highly useful for UK-based players who don't want to deal with legal issues when enjoying online gambling.

Royal Lama Casino Slots

The vast majority of games available to play at Royal Lama Casino involve online slots. That is not a dig in any way toward the online platform. Slots are simply the most popular type of games that are available online. It only makes sense that a young gambling resource would want to lean into that market.

Royal Lama Casino partners with many of the latest gaming developers. You will see games like Avalon the Last Kingdom or the Book of Ra run on the front page to attract your interest. Luckily, the user interface for the online casino is straightforward to navigate. You shouldn't have a problem finding the games you enjoy the most.

Live Game Options

Who doesn't love a good live gambling game? You get more personality and interaction with various players and dealers whenever you can live stream. The events that are happening in front of you in real time.

Royal Lama Casino has many live casino options, including blackjack, roulette, poker, etc. Again this is not a GamStop-registered casino, so you get way more transparency when it comes to the types of selection that you can choose from, even if you want to play something like Monopoly live.

Tabletop Games

Even though we prefer the live version of these traditional games, you will find a wide selection of themed roulette, blackjack, poker, and more tabletop games. In addition, they include demo versions where you can watch how the games are played if you are unused to the type of betting or strategies involved in this form of gambling.

This is an excellent area to watch your funds closely so that you can maximize your playing strategy when it comes to bringing home your winnings. We also highly recommend paying attention to any weekly bonuses or cashback prizes in case you have a losing streak. 

Royal Lama Casino Lotteries & Bingo

We were surprised to find a massive selection of bingo games to enjoy. Each comes with themes like 88 Bingo or Just a Bingo and popular modern IPs like movies, books, and video games.

There are only a few lotteries and raffles being run right now. This is probably because it's such a new online gambling platform. However, they already have that lottery infrastructure, so they will likely have many more opportunities in this gaming area. 

Royal Lama Casino Sportsbook

First, to take full advantage of this sportsbook, you must sign up for the bonus when registering for an account. 

After you take advantage of that bonus, you'll be happy to hear that the Royal Lama Casino bonus for sportsbooks and available areas to gamble with are incredibly easy to navigate. Everything is designed without sacrificing the fun cartoonish theme.

There are over 1,200 different events for football that we were able to uncover during our Royal Lama Casino review. But, of course, that number will change frequently based on the time of year or what sports teams are active.

However, if you don't enjoy football, there is plenty of horse racing, a wildly popular betting game. Unfortunately, we couldn't see the section's activity because it was down while we reviewed it. But, again, the fact that they have it set up means that you were likely to see this open and running well shortly.

Besides those two primary types of sports betting events, the gambling site also offers betting on baseball, eSports, F1 racing, and plenty of others. Each one has its own odds system, so make sure you read as much as possible for placing a bit.

During our review process, we found this an exciting range of online games for players. We also saw plenty of signs that they are expanding quickly. So, now is the best time to take advantage of their system.

Payment Methods & Money Management

Don't worry; credit cards are not the only way for you to place a bet and receive your winnings. Quite the contrary, Royal Lama Casino accepts a wide range of payment methods, including major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tether, and Binance.

Each has its deposit range that usually runs anywhere from twenty euros to three hundred euros for credit cards and seventy-five euros to two thousand euros for cryptocurrency.

It is important to note that you can deposit with any of those methods, but you can only withdraw with Visa MasterCard or Bitcoin. This could be advantageous for UK-based players as they want to get around the not using British currency policy. But you should always couple that with a VPN just as far as security is considered. That's a point for any online casino, regardless of its length of playability or reputation.

Royal Lama Casino Security & Licensing

The security is a top-notch. They lean hard into modern-day TLS encryption and use HTML5 website formatting for their games and graphics. That means everything is updated and current with licensing agreements to ensure playable player safety.

As for international licensing, the casino has a Curacao gaming control board license. This central regulatory authority requires a lot of verification and regulation compliance to ensure that the online gambling system meets its high bar of expertise. However, that means you will have a secure involved environment for all your playability without much worry.

We also love seeing the Curacao license because it means her privacy will be respected. Royal Lama Casino is not out to resell your information or risk online fraudsters stealing your data. That's a massive peace of mind chunk for internationally-based players.

Customer Support

As we mentioned earlier, customer support is fantastic. So even if you're out for a Royal Lama Casino free spins after signing up for your account, the team behind the casino does everything it can to ensure you have a beneficial playing opportunity. 

We sent a barrage of questions to customer support, asking everything from the no deposit bonus to the payment methods they offer, and every question was answered. 

They have a live 24/7 chat, and we get a response within 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the time of day. They also offered a fantastic email that did take a little bit longer to get a response with, but it was no less detailed than a live chat.

Why is Royal Lama Casino Not on GamStop?

So this is a question we always get for my readers because GamStop has been such an issue for UK-based players. While GamStop is a good idea for anyone dealing with a gambling addiction or just wanting to make sure they are not playing longer than they should be, it can be highly restrictive for the average player who just wants to leverage their strategy and winnings.

For that reason and many others, many international-based online casinos choose not to be part of the GamStop system. Whenever that happens, you want to do your due diligence and ensure that they are licensed, have a unique customer support system, offer plenty of promotions, and are fully transparent about any self-exclusion policies they may implement.

As of this review, a self-exclusion clause was not mentioned. So you're given full reign to enjoy all the games and bonuses you would want from the casino. We found no issues with the customer support or security and think that this platform not being on GamStop is a great advantage and benefit for most players.

Royal Lama Casino FAQs

Is Royal Lama Casino safe to play?

100% yes! Even though this is a relatively new online gambling experience, we found plenty of evidence that you will have a secure and peace of mind experience when gaming with them. 

Is Royal Lama Casino registered with GamStop?

No, the current setup of Royal Lama Casino UK does not include being part of the UK-based GamStop system. This means you don't have any restrictions on game time, wagering, or any other challenges that would come with that restrictive system.

Can I trust Royal Lama Casino?

All the details we were able to explore during the review point to yes, you absolutely can't trust this online casino. It comes from legitimate international licensing through the Curacao game authority, has fantastic security, and customer support answers any question you can imagine.

Does Royal Lama Casino offer a welcome bonus package?

Not only does it offer a fantastic bonus for any new users, but it is also a simple tiered system with matching funds that only require a small initial deposit.

Is there a no-deposit bonus?

Yes, and we love seeing this for any new platform. This will allow me to explore the games I want to play without risking any of my funds. The current Royal Lama Casino no deposit bonus is for up to 50 free spins or five euros, depending on your preference. All you need to do to be eligible is verify your online account when you sign up. 

Can UK players sign up for Royal Lama Casino?

Yes, UK-based players can sign up. However, there may be some restrictions based on where you specifically live. Also, as with any online casino, we always recommend all of our players use a VPN to add an extra layer of security for peace of mind.

What are the payment and withdrawal options for Royal Lama Casino?

You can deposit through significant credit cards like Visa and MasterCard and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tether, and Binance. However, you can only withdraw via MasterCard, Visa, and Bitcoin. We should also mention that Royal Lama Casino does not currently accept British currency.

Will Royal Lama Casino work with my iPhone?

First, this online gaming platform uses HTML5 for all its user interfaces so that you can view the casino on any device. That being said, they also offer a mobile-specific application for Royal Lama Casino that is fantastic to use on your iPhone.

What games are available at Royal Lama Casino?

You have around an 85% online slot variety for this gaming platform. The other 15% includes sportsbook options, live casino games, tabletop games, and various bingo and raffles.

Isn't Royal Lama Casino too young to enjoy?

This is a 50-50 answer. We prefer newer online casinos because you can take advantage of their various bonuses. However, some players prefer a more veteran online platform, so it comes down to your preference.

What ID verification will I need when registering for Royal Lama Casino?

Right now, all you need to verify is your email address. After you sign up through the speedy registration process, Royal Lama Casino issues a confirmation email to ensure the email system works for your account.

What about a cashback bonus?

There are rumors of a cashback bonus available for specific players. We were still looking for the specifics on this, but when we spoke to customer service, they offered us a package based on the week. Again, we recommend you take a vantage of the 24/7 live chat to find out more.

How quickly can you get your money from Royal Lama Casino?

Almost all the methods available will give you your winnings within 24 to 36 hours, with cryptocurrency being the quickest.


As we said at the beginning of this incredibly detailed online casino review, working with a newer platform like Royal Lama Casino is exciting because it always offers fantastic strategies and bonuses. Between the welcome bonus and sportsbook options, you should have no problem exploring a bonus program that works just for you.

If you are worried about how well the casino will payout its various bonuses, then read the terms and conditions because they are right there on the homepage. You should have no issue finding the transparent and easily accessible information you want to give peace of mind while you play.

After you sign up and verify your account, maximize that welcome bonus at every chance. That is free money sitting on the table for you to enjoy. 

As for our team, we give Royal Lama Casino two thumbs up and think it is more than worth the effort of exploring whenever you want to do some online gambling.

If you are interested in more details about online gambling, mainly when based in the UK, be sure to read the rest of our blog, as we have plenty of exciting reviews for you to explore. This is a fantastic time to get into online gambling, and we wish you all the best in your playing strategies. Good luck! 

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One Reply to “Royal Lama Casino Review UK – Is It a Safe Casino?”

  • Tracey says:

    Hi, as part of you review do you actually attempt withdrawal? I had a go with this casino – complete rip off! All great until you try to withdraw at which point they cannot rerun funds to a Visa card that they took funds from. In order to withdraw they tell you it needs to be Mastercard and suggest you get one if you don’t already have one.
    One week later I had a virtual Mastercard and eventually got them to tell me exactly what they wanted to verify it. Waited their obligatory 36 hours and got quite excited that the request went green and said approved – email arrived to let me know there’s been a problem at their end, retry needed. Customer support were next to useless (I’m sure it’s a bot as it always says the same thing: get a Mastercard, which I’d done). Phone call from support was positive, told me it was a technical fault, withdraw again and it will go through. ……. 3 days later still no funds and repeat of the above – still a technical error! Account manager rings to apologise saying they cannot now pay back to visa or Mastercard, I need a bitcoin wallet or skrill – seeing the issue here?
    So another week in and still no withdrawal in sight – account manager gone quiet, no sign of the ‘prize’ of a bottle of something (which you also can’t claim as it doesn’t accept postcodes).
    I would advise people to beware of this site – the stronger suggestion the better.
    The only plus side was that you got a pretty good run (I managed to win some) but it’s useless as you can’t get your winnings if you’re lucky
    I would add to this – they do require ID – apparently you must provide this to withdraw (just not to deposit). Full photo ID, proof of address, selfie – the only thing they don’t do is question time online etc, but when you join they do Bonnard you with hone calls, emails etc despite you being able to opt out of these

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Royal Lama Casino Review UK – Is It a Safe Casino?
4.8 rating
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