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Sweety Win Casino Review

sweety win casino homepage
sweety win casino homepage

Many of the casinos we get to review have singular themes that are darker and a bit more intimate. These might be related to a specific feeling, adventure, or idea trying to be elite in its design. With Sweety Win Casino, things are a bit different. Instead of being immersed in a darker theme that feels more like a nightclub, this gaming platform loves to go into the sweet and silly designs of comical visuals.

We were thrilled to see a funnier theme during our Sweety Win casino review. Watching cartoons and logos similar to the latest mobile applications or Candy Crush Saga meeting Angry Birds-style design was a treat. Exploring the bonuses, available games, and other details we like to wrap into our in-depth casino reviews makes it much more entertaining.

Don't worry. We were sure to keep all the critical information you need for making a well-informed choice about your gaming platforms. This includes talking about any potential Sweety Win casino UK players' issues so that every time you visit the site, you have a rewarding experience. Remember that this is a brand-new, highly crypto-friendly offering during this review. It was challenging to trace any background information, but we did our best to provide as much critical knowledge as possible about Sweety Win.


You'll find many games, sports betting, ongoing tournaments, and more inside the playful theme. This is also a casino not currently registered with GamStop, so there is nothing to worry about there for those players that prefer unlimited playability without any restrictions.

As a spoiler, give Sweety Win a try. It is incredibly new, but the indications lean toward a more exciting gaming option. In addition, fantastic bonuses and deals are happening right now for players that get in on the ground floor. Read on to learn how you can enjoy all that is available in this new offering.

Pros of Sweety Win Casino

  • Special welcome package for any new player.
  • Plenty of tournaments and lottery options that are easy to join.
  • Excellent sports betting platform.
  • Accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies and fiat options.
  • It is not currently part of the GamStop system.

Cons of Sweety Win Casino

  • Currently needing license information because it is so new.
  • I am still waiting to hear who is behind this casino and if it has sister sites.

Quick Update: Our expert casino researchers were able to uncover a license! Sweety Win casino is licensed from Curacao, demonstrating a commitment to high standards of playability and data proception.

Sweety Win Casino Bonuses & Promotions

sweety win bonuses
sweety win bonuses

Like most of our other casino reviews, we always like to begin with the bonuses and promotions available from the option we check out. For those visiting for the first time, these bonuses are designed to encourage new players to join the casino platform and entice current players to come back repeatedly.

Part of why we know is Sweety Win casino legit is because it offers transparent bonuses and promotions packages. Those less trustworthy casinos are more cagey about what they offer. That means dealing with overpromising arrangements that can quickly be problematic if you need to be more careful. However, we see only good things about the different bonuses and promotions from Sweety Win Casino.

You will want to read up on these bonus packages' various terms and conditions. The last thing you want is to build a gaming strategy based on insufficient information that is suddenly swept out from under your feet when making a withdrawal due to some technicality.

Here is the collection of bonuses and promotional offerings we found out about the new Sweety Wind casino platform.

Welcome Bonus Package

You will need to sign up to enjoy any of the bonuses Sweety Win has to offer. However, the verification process is relatively straightforward, and you should get a confirmation email immediately once the platform recognizes your credentials. Afterward, you can take full advantage of the Sweety Win casino welcome bonus.

Sweety Win casino has a tiered-based welcome package like many other casinos we have reviewed. It begins with an initial deposit of £40. That is to take full advantage of the first tier, which will match your deposit and offer some free spins. The second tier is the same, while the third and fourth require a larger deposit of £100 and £200, respectively.

A 1X wagering requirement seems almost too perfect. We initially thought this to be a red flag because it is so low, but after reading up on the gameplay and terms and conditions, we see it as a massive benefit for most players.

The tiered Welcome Bonus package is another crucial indicator that Sweety Win casino is safe and is a yes. The tiers include:

  • First Bonus: Starts with a £40 deposit and matches your funds. Provides a 10% bonus with ten additional free spins.
  • Second Bonus: Starts with a £40 deposit and matches your funds. Provides a 10% bonus with ten additional free spins.
  • Third Bonus: Starts with a £100 deposit and matches your funds. Provides a 15% bonus with 30 additional free spins.
  • Fourth Bonus: Starts with a £200 deposit and matches your funds. Provides a 15% bonus with 75 other Sweety Win casino free spins.

Reload Bonus Promotions

Players already active on Sweety Win casino can leverage the various reload bonus offerings. First, you need to hit the first tier of the deposit requirement, but then you can use reload bonuses containing over 600 free spins across various games. The minimum deposit total for additional reload bonuses is set at £125. You also have to activate these bonuses in the correct order, much like the Welcome Bonus package, and each one is only available for seven days before being automatically deactivated.

Sweety Win Casino No Deposit Free Spins

Any time you can utilize the no-deposit option for an online gaming casino, you should do it! This allows you to explore how the gameplay will feel before risking any of your cash. You can enjoy up to 50 free spins on selected games that give you a good idea of what to expect when you venture into the rest of the Sweety Win casino. Bonuses have a 70x wagering requirement if you go for the 5 EUR route, so choose your games wisely.

Special Sports Bonus

Much of the other research we checked out and our analysis about Can I Trust Sweety Win casino mentioned the extensive sports book area. New players checking out the sports betting area can get up to 100% matching funds for a deposit. Of course, you must use these funds just for the sportsbook, but it is an excellent benefit if you want to adjust your playing strategy.

eSports Bonus Promotion

We were surprised to see the vibrant eSports section of Sweety Win casino because it is so new. This may be a significant reason why is Sweety Win casino not on GamStop because they want to capture as many niches of playability as possible. Like the regular sportsbook bonus, you can get up to 100% matching of your deposit, but some wagering requirements apply, and they must be used only for eSports.

Besides these special promotions, you'll frequently find tournaments, specific day promotions, or messages in your inbox with bonuses designed to encourage you to return to the platform and play more. So do yourself a favor and check your email's Spam folder to ensure you get all these excellent options.

Overall, we give Sweety Win Casino a big thumbs up for the various bonuses. However, this is a great time to engage with the gambling platform because the more players sign up, the less flexible these bonuses will become.

Sweeny Win Game Selection

sweety win casino game selection
sweety win casino game selection

Phew! That was a lot of information about free money, spins, and great bonus offers. Now let's switch to what games you'll leverage to take advantage of these various promotions. It doesn't matter if you have millions of pounds in free money; without great games to spend them on, what's the point?

Luckily, Sweeny Win casino includes many games and experiences to immerse yourself in after a long day's work—everything from endless slots to online poker to sports betting. In addition, you'll find a decent selection of game developers using traditional and modern gameplay models.

Online Slots

The slot gaming options at Sweeny Win are massive! The platform is well-equipped to handle different search systems so you can browse, look by the developer, or enter the game name you want to play. With more than 150 game developers, including Ruby Play, BetSft, Real Tie Gaming, and Rabcat, you'll likely find everything you want on a single platform.

There is no external software required to enjoy the online slot gameplay. That means no mobile application, but the HTML5 features make the graphics and controls incredibly easy to use.

Table Games

Yes, Sweety Win casino has many table games available. This can be numerous versions of baccarat, poker, roulette, and more. In addition, you can expect to get lost in over 100 board games and graphics that are just as fun and exciting as the primary casino theme. All are digital and only require a little experience to get started.

Bingo Games

We like to see a robust Bingo game selection in an online casino. This usually means they have the software structure and security measures to ensure quality gameplay because Bingo involves many moving parts. That is probably why this category of games is the second most popular. You will have a blast risking it all for Bingo's promotions and jackpots.

Live Casino

While less robust than other casinos we have reviewed, the Sweety Win casino team has compiled a decent selection of live games with active dealers. They are all professionally mannered, dressed, and entertaining to watch. You can expect to live playing poker, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack on Sweety Win.

Sweety Win Sportsbook

This is a great UK sportsbook that is currently out of GamStop. However, they have a wide variety of games and plenty of bonus offers for players looking to engage with eSports, tournaments, and more. You should take your time through the sportsbook section, as their football offerings alone are possible for over 1,600 events.

As of our review, horse racing wasn't available yet, but it is most likely on the horizon. This casino is after almost every niche possible, so horse racing is coming soon. You'll also find eSports, cricket, tennis, baseball, and more at the college and professional levels.

As we said, this is a grand online casino for finding games to enjoy. They have over 5,500 games in various categories that will thrill you and keep you entertained for hours. If you have the patience to explore, you should have no issue uncovering new games to try daily.

Sweety Win Casino Payment Methods & Money Matters

Okay, now for the nitty-gritty details about money at Sweety Win casino. It was harder to research the details of this section of Sweety Win because it is all so new. The Sweety Win, casino deposit options are pretty simple. They only require a minimum of £10 to secure your account for any gameplay. However, the casino does ask for a 3X wagering requirement before you can roll over that deposit and two additional deposits before a withdrawal request.

That may seem complex, but most online casinos have similar requirements to ensure they are not losing any money during transactions. So, all in all, not a red flag to worry about. You can also use Sweety Win casino credit card deposit options, though those seem more limited than crypto or fiat currency from bank transfers.

As for withdrawals, you're looking at the same. The minimum withdrawal amount is set at £150, and it can take 1-7 days to receive your funds. This will drastically differ based on the type of payout method you wish to use, with crypto being the quickest.

Overall the money system for Sweety Win casino is a £40,000 withdrawal limit per month for MasterCard, Visa, and Bitcoin. Both Tether and Binance Pay do not have limits. Like bonuses, you want to brush up on the various Sweety Win casino terms and conditions before committing to anything or use the exceptional customer service options for any questions.

Security & Licensing

When we first researched the various Sweety Win casino bonus options and money systems, we thought there needed to be licensing behind the casino. However, when we dug a bit further, we found full licensing by the Curacao gaming authority. That makes the entire website feel much safer to use.

Sweety Win Casino UK options are outside of the GamStop system. That means you can play as much as you want without any restrictions. In addition, it is an international casino, so you don't have to worry about governmental oversight concerning your gaming strategies.

As for security, you can expect robust TLS encryption due to the strict standards of securing a Curacao license. They also go out of their way to update players with the full risks of gambling and link to aid organizations for players who may be experiencing problematic behaviors. All in all, this is a caring set of policies for a business designed to make money first.

Customer Support

We like to test customer service at every chance, and this Sweety Win casino review was no exception. Our interactions were professional, informative, and to the point without feeling rushed. In addition, you can contact anyone at the casino through the 24/7 live chat support, which is only available after registering for an account.

All other inquiries will have to move through the email or contact form, which can take a couple of days for a response. As of this review, we did not see a hotline available for customer service, but a pretty comprehensive FAQ area if you have some standard questions needing answers.

Mobile Casino Options

Even though Sweety Win has a long list of fantastic games, the company behind the casino has yet to invest in a mobile application. Instead, everything is done through an HTML5 website responsive to any screen size you use.

The best part is the user interface. You can get to all aspects of your profile through the mobile website. Many other casinos do not have such robust UI/UX additions, and this is a nice touch that should be noted for anyone that prefers to play on the go instead of being stuck at a desktop.

Getting Used to the Betting Limits

We signed up for an account and tested online slots before writing this section. After pushing their betting limits, it helps to know if Sweety Win casino is legit. Everything begins with a £0.01 per pay line bet. Some slots require at least £0.10 or £0.20 per spin, but most can be leveraged as “penny slots.”

The RTP (return to player) percentages are worth the time. The average payout ratios are about 96%, about one percent more than the industry average, making for exceptional odds.

Sweety Win Casino is going out of its way to build a reputation. However, we don't expect these favorable odds to continue once more players sign up, so take advantage of it. Also, the gambling site can be considered as a Casino 2020 sister site.

Sweety Win Casino FAQs

Is Sweety Win Casino safe to play? 

Yes! Even though this is a highly new casino, they have strong security, international licensing, transparent pricing/bonuses, and a decent customer service support team that will answer any questions you may have about gameplay.

Is Sweety Win casino not on GamStop? 

Correct, Sweety Win is not currently listed on GamStop. This is a massive boost to our UK players as it allows for unlimited play from most major countries around the globe. Just make sure you have a VPN if you travel frequently.

Can I trust Sweety Win Casino? 

We believe so. Everything we researched showed a strong customer interaction and support system. In addition, you get so many gaming options that this is more than worth testing out on your own.

Does Sweety Win offer a welcome bonus? 

You are looking at a 4-tier system with varying deposit requirements and available free spins. You also get 10-15% matching bonuses for your cash with little wagering requirements.

Is there a no-deposit bonus?

A 50 spins or 5 EUR deposit bonus allows you to experience the gameplay before committing funds.

Can UK players sign up for Sweety Win casino? 

Yes, USA players may have to use a VPN, and UK players might have to watch out for a non-GamStop casino getting around their ISP, but you should be good to sign up on your own.

What are the payment and withdrawal methods for Sweety Win casino? 

Sweet Win casino payment methods and deposit options include fiat and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, MasterCard, Visa, Tether, and Binance Pay. The duration of each transaction depends on the way and amount.

Will Sweety Win Casino work on my iPhone? 

Absolutely! The HTML5-crafted online casino responds exceptionally well to screen sizes of all types. You can easily play without any control or visual loss on your iPhone.

What games are available on Sweety Win Casino? 

There are more than 5,550 different games, including tabletop, live, sportsbook, eSports, and online slots, for you to choose from over 150 other leading developers.

Isn't Sweety Win too young to play? 

This online casino is indeed a bit young. However, the licensing and complete customer service make us think this is the perfect time to jump in. Plus, you get access to incredible bonus offers.

What ID verification will I need when registering for Sweety Win Casino? 

You do not need anything specific. However, most of the sites we review require some form of email verification to ensure you have an active account. You can also set up your payment systems without needing a government ID.

What about cashback bonuses? 

Sweety Win casino bonus options, currently do not include cash back. You will have to wait to see if these are included in the future, but for now, nope.

How quickly can you get your money from Sweety Win casino? 

Depending on the type of payout method you select, you can expect anywhere from 1-7 days to receive your winnings. Again, we found cryptocurrency to be the fastest.


This is one of those reviews where we are leaning more positively than giving a definitive answer. That is because Sweety Win casino is still very new. This is a good find because of the robust bonus options and easy-to-use user registration. However, you can expect the wagering requirements and RTF to slow as customers engage with Sweety Win Casino as a gaming platform. 

This is also a safe and legit playing option. There are transparent pricing details and bonuses that make any player want to pause and take notice. In addition, the rich encryption and the fact that a Curacao license fully backs the casino means it is held to much higher standards than expected. 

Sweety Win casino currently needs to be listed on GamStop. That is another reason we like it, especially for UK-based players. You'll get unlimited playability without the pressure of an oversight piece of software. 

Finally, we want to say it is fun! The theming on Sweety Win casino is enjoyable to experience the website is easy to navigate. We were fine uncovering those games and betting options we wanted the most. So if you want a fun, entertaining, modern online gambling play, check out Sweety Win Casino!

4.8 rating

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Sweety Win Casino Review UK – A Look at a New Gaming Site
4.8 rating
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