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TigerGaming Review

TigerGaming is a Curacao staple, incorporated in the area back in 1999. It's even in the company's tagline, “Wild Since '99,” something that the TigerGaming.com website wants you to know. So, with a few decades under the company's belt, is TigerGaming worth betting on?

Well, let's start with some background — TigerGaming is owned and licensed through Thot Management NV, which seems to hold and operate TigerGaming and its five primary services. Like the company's competitors, Tiger hosts sports, live betting, poker, casino, and live casino offerings, tied into one website to surf from. But, of course, a lot goes on within this wild website, so let's get started with this TigerGaming review.

Who is TigerGaming?

Honestly, not too many people know — searching the company online doesn't present much information, with just around 2 million Google results. Compare that to mrplay or BetOnline, which offer 22 million results and even 4 million, respectively.

There's even less if you look for Thot Management, TigerGaming's parent company. The only information I could find is an address and TigerGaming. That's all the management company owns and reveals, which is quite odd for a company that's been in business since '99.

Fortunately, however, that doesn't mean that TigerGaming is sketchy. Instead, there aren't many issues to be found alongside a lack of information. While problems are always found when looking into a betting site, little information seems to carry into the problems. And so, now that interest has hopefully been piqued, let's dive into the company's services.

What Services Does TigerGaming Offer?

There are five: sports, live betting, poker, casino, and live casino. Alongside these, TigerGaming offers some promotions and a selection of hefty payment methods. However, those aren't part of this section, and so we'll review them a bit further down. Let's start with sports.


TigerGaming's sportsbook is perfectly average. There's nothing extraordinary about it, especially since it is exceptional. Sports is a relatively standard play at a sportsbook, although it's still not bad by any means. When you're dealing with betting and monetary volume that's likely hefty, then it's better to be safe than sorry — a practice that this sportsbook follows together with its design.

However, things quickly get weird once you start clicking around. For example, TigerGaming offers just 13 sports listed under A-Z. However, there are five more unique sports within the “Popular Picks” list and almost a dozen newer ones within Specials/Props. It's bizarre, although it does mean that TigerGaming has more than just 13 sports. In all, I can see.

The Assortment

  1. Baseball
  2. Basketball
  3. Football
  4. Soccer
  5. Alpine Skiing
  6. Biathlon
  7. Cricket
  8. Darts
  9. Golf
  10. Handball
  11. Horse Racing
  12. MLB
  13. Motor Sports
  14. Politics
  15. Tennis
  16. Wresting
  17. Auto Racing
  18. Boxing
  19. Cricket
  20. Darts
  21. Golf
  22. Hockey
  23. Lacrosse
  24. Martial Arts
  25. Pool
  26. Snooker
  27. and Tennis.

It's an odd assortment, although it's decently well spread out once you click around a bit. But honestly, I don't know why the company wouldn't just list all the sports together, even though they are all still accessible through the side menu once you go through it a bit.

Once you get past that madness, you're greeted with choices for the odds listing and sports of your liking. The team names, the spread, money line, and total points with the over and under odds appear with each sports betting list, and you click any of them for more information. Fortunately, it also doesn't require an account, letting you see the payout, bet, and more without creating an account.

That's something I like, as it helps build trust in TigerGaming's services without requiring you to create an account and give personal information. Some companies make you finish KYC (know your customer) and submit information before providing you access even to see their services. That's unlike TigerGaming and is something underrated.

Live Betting


Up next is TigerGaming live betting, which plays it a bit differently from traditional sports betting. Unlike other companies with live betting hosting the same design as pre-scheduled betting, TigerGaming has an entirely different setup.

There's the option to switch between Event View, Multiview, Wagers, a Calendar, and live betting Rules. You can see the score on an excellent little customized background for the top game from the front page for live betting, with the spread and potential betting options listed below.

Just for the basketball game that's gracing the top of the page, I can view the point spread bet, total, money line, 1st spread, full 1st half, money line 1st half, whether the game will go to overtime, race to 10 points in the 2nd quarter, and more. Everything is laid out in advance right below the score, and like regular betting, you can click any one bet to check the amount and what you would win, all without needing an account.

I like this live betting selection, complete with basketball, hockey, soccer/football, table tennis, football, volleyball, and eSports. While that list isn't as impressive as the one for regular sports betting, it's impressive considering the dozens of data points you can bet on live, all visible through the front page for the specific games you're looking at.

TigerGaming Poker Review

Poker's a different game (get it, it is?) entirely, offering the chance to play online, through a PC download, or a Mac download. Unfortunately, there's nothing immediately available through the poker page, although the actual game is just a link away.

Instead, the company presents promotions/bonuses in the place of where the games would typically be, letting you know the current deals and offerings you can take advantage of. While I'd still prefer a little overview of the design or whatnot, I get that bonuses are likely the best thing to fill in the blank space.

I do not understand, however, why you can't even view what the company's poker layout looks like without an account. I get not being able to play without an account, but not seeing the table might be a huge turn-off for people looking to experiment with TigerGaming's services.

For those looking to play poker on the go, there is a TigerGaming poker app for Android and iOS. I tried to access the app while writing this, but the company's website on mobile was down, and I couldn't even see what it looked like. However, it's not terrible from what's been heard, although poker doesn't seem to be TigerGaming's forte.

TigerGaming Casino Review (and Live Casino)

Through TigerGaming's casino, you're greeted with featured table games, real money slots, the live casino, video poker, specialty games, and promotions. Twenty-one featured games, 32 blackjack games, 60 slot games, a few dozen video poker lobbies, and seven specialty games.

In all, there are about 150 to 200 games, which frankly isn't very good. Many cite TigerGaming's casino as a strong point, although I don't see it excluding live casino lobbies. Nevertheless, there's a lack of quantity, considering that other competitors have upwards of 2,000 games, and nothing stands out, quality-wise.

It's not a terrible selection, although there's not much to write about. TigerGaming's casino is perfectly serviceable, and 150 games are still more than most people will likely get around to playing. The big issue is just in the fact that there should be way more games, especially considering the decades that TigerGaming has had to build up its services and offerings.

Live Casino

Fortunately, though, things are salvaged a bit by TigerGaming's live casino. I counted 18 lobbies at the time of writing, with each having a table limit going from 5-100 to 250-1000. There's a good layout, with little boxes listing the name, table limit, payout percentage, dealer name, player count, and current spaces for players. It's very well designed, and there's a decent range from blackjack and roulette to baccarat and Super6. 

While it still isn't the most extensive selection, TigerGaming's live casino has enough quality and just enough lobbies to make it a good choice. As for the casino itself, I'm still not sure what they've missed for the last few decades.

How is TigerGaming's Layout and Design?

I think it's outstanding — like with much of the rest of TigerGaming. It's average but still pretty good. While there are a few problems in my book, like locking the poker section completely behind an account wall, the rest of the website is open and well designed.

There's a good mix of compact design and overall coordination, making a tight website still feel decently open. Fortunately, there's an excellent live betting site familiar to experienced bettors and easy to learn for new ones. The standard sportsbook design is also decently well-known, with the same sports layout and information provided by most TigerGaming competitors.

TigerGaming casino is also not too bad, although it's a little too repetitive for my liking. There are a lot of squares and repeating designs across the casino and live casino. However, much more color and information are presented across the live casino, which is incredibly accessible and easy to use.

Throughout the entire website, TigerGaming's orange, white, and black design branding shows off, with each of the five services sticking heavily to one of those colors. I think the color choices are spot on, making every option easy to find but not too indistinguishable. In addition, everything is decently separate from the rest, creating a coherent but unique layout and design across the board. And so, I think TigerGaming has a very nice overall design, excluding the stupid poker account wall.

What Bonuses Does TigerGaming Have?

Upsettingly, bonuses fall into just two categories: casino and poker. That's right, there are no sportsbook bonuses and no live betting bonuses, meaning that most people using the TigerGaming.com site are likely missing out on rewards for their time and money spent.

However, the bonuses available aren't too bad:


Casino Welcome Bonus | 100% deposit bonus on the first three casino deposits

10% Bitcoin Boost | 10% boost on the first few Bitcoin deposits at the TigerGaming casino

BTC Deposit Leaderboard | up to $5,000 in Live Casino chips are available if you scale the deposit leaderboard by depositing Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency

Free Spins Frenzy | claim up to 100 free spins on three of TigerGaming's newest games on a particular day


Cash Rewards | potentially win a share of $50,000 in cash by playing poker

100% Poker Welcome Bonus | 100% first deposits bonus on poker deposits from $50 to $1,000

Bad Beat Jackpot | win if a jackpot hits at a Bad Beat table

$1 Million Sit & Go | play a $1 Million Sit & Go tournament for the chance to win $1 million

All in all, there's not a wrong selection of bonuses. However, it's not good. TigerGaming has a significant limit on the amount of money you can earn as a bonus on their website, and you can't even get extra with the sportsbook and live to bet. That isn't very pleasant, especially considering younger companies with more significant customer bases offer greater rewards, even on sportsbooks, and TigerGaming doesn't.

Rewards and bonuses are a great way to keep customers engaged and talking about your platform, and TigerGaming's lack of any major ones is likely a big part of why not too many people talk about the platform. After all, if there's no reason to stay on TigerGaming, why would you? But, again, it's frustrating since there's no reason why the multi-decade company shouldn't have a more extensive program already in place. Meh.

What Payment Methods Does TigerGaming Support?

Fortunately, while TigerGaming bonuses are a bust, the payment methods supported aren't. Like, it's dumb — if the company is willing to invest in the infrastructure to keep some of these payment methods, why aren't they willing to invest in their customers with some better bonuses and more variety? Whatever; let's look at the deposit methods with their deposit minimums and maximums:

  1. Bitcoin | $20 to $500,000 | 15 minutes to 2 hours
  2. Cardano | $20 to $100,000
  3. Binance | $20 to $100,000
  4. Bitcoin Cash | $20 to $100,000
  5. Chainlink | $300 to $100,000
  6. Dogecoin | $20 to $3,000 | less than one hour to 48
  7. Ethereum | $20 to $100,000
  8. Litecoin | $20 to $100,000
  9. Ripple | $20 to $100,000
  10. Solana | $20 to $100,000
  11. Stellar | $20 to $100,000
  12. Tether | $300 to $100,000
  13. USD Coin | $300 to $100,000
  14. Mastercard | $25 to $5,000
  15. American Express | $25 to $5,000
  16. Discover | $25 to $5,000
  17. Visa | $25 to $5,000
  18. Skrill | $10 to $10,000
  19. Neteller | $10 to $10,000
  20. Eco | $10 to $10,000
  21. Bank Wire Transfer | $1,000 to whatever you like | 1-3 business days

There's a wide variety of payment methods supported, including some cryptocurrencies that I've never seen on a betting site before. Binance is a new addition alongside Solana, which is very surprising. Considering that TigerGaming was behind on some other aspects of its business, it's shocking to discover that it's leading on cryptocurrency acceptance, even among the newest recruits.

Looking further and realizing that some of the cryptocurrency-based casinos don't offer these two cryptos, it's even more astonishing to see that TigerGaming. Moreover, it's peculiar that some payment methods that are almost TigerGaming exclusives exist on the platform, but better bonuses don't. 

Is TigerGaming Safe and Legit?

Yes. We think. There's not much information on TigerGaming as a company, and it's hard to verify whether TigerGaming has any past offenses or issues beforehand. The gambling site is not registered with GamStop.

Even the company's Trustpilot page is barren, with just three reviews. Totaling 2.8 stars, there's not an excellent average, although it's understandable for a betting site on Trustpilot. Trustpilot reviewers almost exclusively report bad times, as people with good experiences won't go out of their way to praise a company on the site.

More strangely, two of the three reviews aren't even legitimate. One called TigerGaming a “bad Costa Rica site,” The other was a plug for a sketchy website. There's only one good review to go from, and the person said they couldn't log in. Other reviewers seem to have gentle praise for the company, leaving 3 to 4.5-star reviews and decent compliments.

While none of the TigerGaming reviews I've seen have gone out of their way to call TigerGaming the best betting site even, there's been no website that's called it a fraud either. So, I lean slightly towards the safe side, as I don't think TigerGaming is fraudulent or unsafe. Sure, there might be some issues when it comes to knowing the company's background, although it's nothing that can't be solved with the experiences and understandings of other people that have used and loved the site.


Speaking of the site, everything looks OK — there's an SSL certificate on the page, and everything runs through the HTTPS protocol. Additionally, there are rules at the bottom of the page, next to a responsible gaming disclosure, affiliate links, a contact us page, and the company's privacy policy.

The rules are very detailed and easy to read through, even if there is a lot. The affiliates page leads to CommissionKings, an external site, and some customer support. In all, TigerGaming offers Live Help, “24 hours a day, seven days a week,” in addition to an email ([email protected]) and affiliate support at [email protected].

From what I can see, everything looks good, although some people had mentioned there was no customer support. However, there is, and all that I can see looks legitimate and ready for use whenever there's a problem on TigerGaming's website.

Final Thoughts

TigerGaming seems like a good website. It's not fantastic by any means, but it's not as horrific as the singular, actual comment suggests. Sure, there are some issues with the size and quality of the bonuses, especially with skipping the sportsbook and live betting options, although it's not too bad.

There were some concerns about customer service and the reputability of TigerGaming and its owner, Thot Management, although they're quelled by now. Although they are licensed and operate from Curacao, I'm still curious about Thot Management NV, which is reputable enough for me.

Additionally, I did find customer support next to pages that ensure you know what policies TigerGaming has. The rest of the site looks good enough, physically, with everything fitting well into a decently consistent view. While the front page (sportsbook) is incredibly average, the rest of the website stands out enough to make TigerGaming more than just a sports betting clone.

There's a good range of betting options, although they can be a bit confusing in terms of what you can and can't bet on. The payment method range is impressive, and the cryptocurrencies supported make TigerGaming a top crypto betting platform in my point of view. Past that, everything is perfectly average, and so I'd say it's worth checking out TigerGaming, especially since you don't need an account to check out much of the site.

4.0 rating

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TigerGaming Review
4.0 rating
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