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Sports Betting News, Articles, and Research

Sports betting is one of the top responses you’ll get to any question about someone’s favorite way to bet, and that’s for a good reason. It makes up one of the biggest markets globally, raking billions in revenue annually. However, sports betting is nearing the same size, with some substantial volume coming through each day.

As the market grows, so do the questions and concerns, which we’re here to help address. is one of the leading online betting news, article, and research sites (hence the name). And that’s for a good reason. So many people have just recently hopped into sports betting, and a lot goes on with each bet.

That’s why we have our betting guide. With articles specifically designed to help give you information on how to bet and where you should bet. Nonetheless, that’s only part of the equation. For the more curious or betting-heavy players, the question is less about how to bet, focusing more on what’s developing with each day.

So, while the betting guide is our take on how and where to bet, this section is dedicated to upcoming news, articles, and research on growing companies, strategies, and markets. These articles reach most parts of the online sports betting market. They help those looking for a bit more than a beginner’s level introduction into sports betting. And so, what’s here?

What’s to See?

Even with the hope to constantly improve and grow the content available, this section of our site already comes complete with various content and information to read. Top betting site articles include “what to do” scenarios, rankings, explanations, lists, and more.

Anything and everything that has to do with sports betting is in the works at one point or another. So, although current articles focus primarily on answering common questions and providing our top selections for any of several lists, there’s always more coming. 

In combination with the betting guide available on, we plan to cover virtually every aspect of the sports betting world – at least the online part. With the market growing every day and reaching new heights globally, there’s always recent news and content to write along with it.

In the future, there’s hope to provide additional news on more confusing parts of the sports betting world, with information on anything that people want to see. Nonetheless, there’s still a great deal of information available that continues to grow. For example, here’s how a standard article might go:

What’s Here Now?

As of now, we have articles and news available for many topics. Although there’s a lot of specific information on betting sites. Through one of these articles, for example, you might find:

  • Information on our top picks for whatever the article’s about
  • A brief bit of data on the overall topic
  • The list of our top picks with information about their history
  • Our reasons for their placement
  • Some specifics, advantages/disadvantages, etc.
  • An explanation on how and why we chose the picks listed
  • Ideas as to how you can choose your own top choices
  • Connecting articles or sites

Throughout all these points, we tie them directly into the article’s main topic. We keep a concise but informative article for you and everyone else to read along with. Of course, these aren’t the ideal options and decisions. But they’re informative and (hopefully) clear, helping to make decisions and opportunities more straightforward to come across.

The Answers

However, that’s not it. Instead, we’re expanding the content available to include explanations, definitions, answers, informative pieces, and more. There’s a heavier focus on long-term content, like rankings, at first. We have a set mindset to expand the content selection further and more variably.

There’s a lot in the sports betting market, even if it’s just a few decades old. Plus, it seems to expand every day heavily, so there’s new information and questions to answer. This site can’t get around to every topic and the like, so articles and news focus more precisely on content that’s helpful now and in the future. 

These pieces focus on topics, building knowledge one bit at a time. For example, let’s say you’re interested in new betting sites. We have articles for choosing the best place, betting on it, and finding the best site for you.

If you’re interested in learning how to bet on sports, more specifically, then you can read an article on that. Whether you’re in a betting-free area or one that’s bringing it to the masses, we have news on new developments and concepts. As for those that want to know the latest strategies and ways to make more consistent winnings, then offers research and new pages to learn from.

There’s a lot available now. And things grow with each new article. Additionally, the market is ripe for a deep dive, which is obviously why this site even exists. It’s in the name — obviously ;)

What’s in the Sports Betting Market?

There’s a lot to write about in the market. Whether it’s standard content reviewing sites and explanations on the betting world’s inner workings or information on choosing betting sites and making decisions when actively gambling, the data is widespread and wildly varying.  

Even with the backlog of articles and content available here, we’re still just scratching the surface. Thousands of smaller competitors and websites haven’t even been glanced upon. And many could make for a great article or read. The issue comes in ensuring that quality content aligns with quality content.

The Details

In a market like sports betting, rife with legal issues, regulatory changes, and negative perceptions, there’re so many little details and bits of information that it would be impractical and frankly impossible to touch upon everything. In addition, countless scams, legal issues, and country restrictions make it difficult to find content that’s consistent and generally high-quality.

That’s why you’ve likely seen a heavy focus on articles that explore specific, well-known sites and concepts like ours. But, unfortunately, in a quickly growing and not-very mature market like sports betting (or even gambling as a whole), there’s too much information and not enough minds to keep what’s needed.

Nonetheless, we’re trying. Alongside sports betting, writing is in the works for more generic content and ideas that branch further throughout the gambling/betting market and community. This category, alongside our betting guides, is one of the first steps to capturing quality in a world rife with tiny, minor, not-so-quality parts.

Obviously, yet again, that’s not towards the market. Instead, it’s an indication of just how hard it is to find quality content that branches past one single idea or category. The whole point of this news, article and research section is to bring more than just one idea into the limelight. We activate some interest and the want to learn about more than just the basics.

The Knowledge

Each article and content piece we craft builds knowledge and introduces new ideas and concepts to readers. The sports betting market is massive. And the gambling industry is even more significant. There’s further information and knowledge that finds itself with new people every day. And this guide captures some of it to bring to you in a way that anyone can get and learn from.

More specifically, there are dozens of content topics and concepts we can write about. Many people prefer articles on specific betting sites and their advantages over others. Other people prefer research into what makes the best site, letting them decide for themselves. As for the rest, they’re just excited to make it into a new industry that they haven’t even looked too far into before.

What is This Guide Used For?

Knowing now that this is primarily sports betting guide focusing on expanding the content further than many other sites, you’d likely know that this guide exists for news, articles, and research.

We already have growing guides and content available for other parts of the sports betting community. This guide is additional content helping to bring greater awareness to the gambling world. So, whether you’re a multi-millionaire with years of experience betting or you’re a blue-collar worker that wants to bet on your favorite sports team, we’ve got you covered.

The content on this guide isn’t just for the high roller. It’s for the little man, the newbie, the rookie, and the big guy. Everyone’s covered for as many parts of the sports betting market that we can reach. There’s a lot to touch upon, and we’re working towards it. But unfortunately there’s been a lot of growing attention on the regulatory/legal parts. Less and less attention goes towards improving people’s knowledge of how the betting market works and why it runs the way it does.

Instead of raising awareness to build up sports betting to a place that everyone would like, people are instead trying to stop it entirely. So, this guide, alongside providing our top tips for betting on the best sites, is also here to give information to use the best parts of the sports betting market.

The Revenue

The sports betting industry is worth 200 billion USD and gives jobs to nearly 200,000 people. However, there are dozens of countries where sports betting is outright banned or partially outlawed. And that’s thanks to concerns over safety, addiction, and poor-quality control.

That’s what this guide is used for. We provide information on skipping those parts of the industry, focusing on, and building up the best interests. Additionally, there’s just helpful research and articles about the workings of the industry and how you can do your part to succeed where others fail in betting.

It’s not just doom and gloom — sure, there’s a lot of focus within articles on preventing the worst from happening, but that’s a precaution. We also provide information on finding the best out there, completely bypassing the issues while working to fix them. 

How and Where

So, this guide provides information on beating the worst parts of the sports betting industry while also improving your knowledge of:

  • How betting works,
  • How to bet better,
  • Where to bet,
  • How to choose where (and how) to bet the best for you,
  • Strategies and conditions behind sports betting,
  • The whole gambling/betting world,
  • The stigma attached to gambling and how we can resolve them,
  • And more!

A lot is going on, and there’s a lot we plan on teaching everyone that visits this website. Alongside the other guides available, hopes to bring attention to the parts of the sports betting world that needs them, enriching your knowledge of the industry while building talent in betting and the market.

Again, there is a lot that can’t be overstated enough. This is a multi-hundred-billion-dollar market, just part of an even more multi-hundred-billion-dollar(er) market with more content and information as developments occur. Our news pieces, articles, and research selections cover just a tiny portion of the industry that we’re working on expanding further into. It just takes a lot of time and a lot more effort.

What Goes Into (and What Is) Each Post?

Well, it depends on the post. After all, this guide does feature news, articles, and research. However, there’s much heavier research into the articles and research atop the formal investigation and writing about any new information or idea that’s come to light.


For example, let’s start with news. It might fit as a rehash of what’s happening or could be a deep-dive into new information or regulatory additions. Or it could just be a story about a sports betting company that’s decided to do something.

There are many variances, and there’s no telling what could go into it. Past the standard idea of news and the information attached with a new story, we could also write about changes to platforms, new ideas, or whatever else.

We’ve all seen the news, and it covers so much. But, in the quickly growing (and rapidly changing) sports betting market, the word could mean one specific thing one day and completely change by the end of the next. Things are constantly changing. And we’re changing with it. Our news pieces cover whatever significant occurrence. Well, occurs, and you can look forward to a wide variety of articles on a massive variety of topics.


Articles, on the other hand, are guaranteed deep dives. These take hours to research and write. And they cover a topic in-depth, complete with detailed explanations and descriptions. They’re generally this long, sitting at around 2,500 to 3,000 words. These writing pieces can come in at upwards of half an hour to write, and they take four times as long to write.

As for the research that goes into them? It’s very intense. The writer might go through upwards of 100 websites and other articles for analysis with any given piece. And I’d know — I’ve written quite a few of them, and trust me, they’re very research-intensive. 

Nonetheless, the articles are very detailed and cover a particular idea. That’s often a specific online casino, betting site, or topic. It could also be a long-form piece on how to do something. Whether it be betting or signing up for an account.

Sports betting articles make up most of the current pieces available on, with each sitting at the few-thousand-word mark. These are usually explicitly crafted to allow the content to stay around for a while, focusing on long-term benefit over short-term news.

While said news might last for a few days or weeks before it becomes outdated or irrelevant, these articles tackle topics and ideas that should last for years, if not forever. So, whether it’s the basics behind betting, the top sites available, or answers to common questions, they’re long-form, long-term, and extended-(detailed?).


These pieces are more like articles, taking a while to write and chockful of information. Research pieces are other long-term crafts, taking ideas and details to create something that can last for years without needing a change.

Research is constructed from the idea of bringing across detailed and quite hard-to-understand concepts or ideas as something that can be easily absorbed. Like the rest of our pieces, there’s a focus on quality while being understandable, although research constructs are slightly different…

A complex concept built from hours of research and writing with each paper. Research articles are, well, like our standard articles, although with a much heavier emphasis on data and a comprehensive understanding of more complications. However, it’s not to say they’re the same, as there’s much more attention to detail and a more refined final product, even if the process is quite similar.

What Can I Look Forward To?

As expands, so makes the content selection. So, while there are currently dozens of articles, news pieces, and research bits spread across the website, there are countless more in the works.

We’re constantly at work to bring new content to the forefront. We help break some of the misconceptions and teach people who want to learn. While, yet again, this surely doesn’t mean a perfect writing piece with the only correct opinion. We’re trying to break barriers to betting and gambling, helping to get rid of some of the negativity associated with the concept.

Nonetheless, that will take some time and quite a bit of typing. Remember, each article takes hours to build, and we push a lot into each topic. As the website expands, so does the market — a concept that prevents us from ever running out of content.

Atop the long-form content available in the articles and research pieces, ongoing news events, the new legislature, country changes, and more that impact the sports betting industry. In addition, there are constant changes within the industry itself, with websites changing deals, selections, services, and offerings. is just one website trying to bring this content to you as we can. There’s a lot that happens and a lot that will happen. It means that things will continue to change and adapt as time goes on. We’re pushing out articles on betting sites, betting, and concerns as a whole right now. Although this guide is constantly expanding with new content and new ideas by the day.


If you’re even remotely interested in sports betting, general betting, or even gambling (which is likely, considering that you’re reading this), then check out the rest of this guide and our available betting guide. Even the best has things to learn, and those come with each article we bring to life.

In addition to the newbies and the pros, I have things to learn (completely shockingly), which I do with each article. After all, that’s why this guide exists. We’re not here to brag about our team’s growing knowledge of the betting industry or stop you from succeeding. But instead, we’re here to bring new knowledge and power to the table.

With such a new and rapidly expanding market, the rules are changing exponentially. And there’s no one way to keep up with everything. Through these guides and the rest of the content on, we’re hoping to at least keep you up with the changes. Whether in our news, articles, or research, we’re bringing what sports betting and gambling content we can to you, breaking the barriers to entry and building experience and knowledge along the way.