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Last Updated on April 29, 2024

Fastest Payout Betting Sites – More Precious Than Welcome Bonus

So which betting site has the fastest payout? Here are our top picks for the fastest payout betting sites for 2021.

When you bet big and win, how soon is soon enough? Soon enough, that is, to actually get that money out of your bankroll and into your pocket to buy new toys with the fruits of your athletic clairvoyance (or just a good gut instinct)?

Is “yesterday” a possibility? It really is a trick question — no wait is short enough to claim your liquid winnings. So when you choose which online bookmaker with whom to place your bet, it’s worth taking note of how fast the online sportsbook will release winnings.

Depending on which online sportsbook you choose — as well as the payout method you choose — your wait for your payout could drag out for weeks. You might even begin to doubt if the sportsbook intends to pay you at all. Choosing a fast-withdrawal betting site is good not only for your bank account but also for your peace of mind.

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Bovada – One of The Fastest Payout Betting Sites

Operating out of Quebec, Canada since 2011, Bovada has established an excellent reputation for all-around great service as an online sportsbook, especially in the US. They offer a deep selection of betting opportunities on numerous sports, as well as excellent customer service. They have also leaned heavily into bitcoin, offering excellent matching sign-up bonuses for bettors who make bitcoin deposits.

Withdrawals immediately get debited from your bankroll but then take 48-72 hours to process. Bovada offers only two methods of withdrawal — bitcoin and check by mail. Bitcoin is easily the bookmaker’s quickest method of withdrawal. If you choose a check, you will have to wait up to 15 days to receive it. If you opt for bitcoin, however, your withdrawal should hit your bitcoin wallet in under 15 minutes. For this reason, Bovada is a great choice of fastest payout betting sites for bettors who love to bet with bitcoin.

Established in Panama City in 2002, was acquired by BetOnline in 2012 and experienced a dramatic surge in popularity and esteem thanks to the improved user experience provided by its big new corporate backer. It continues to distinguish itself with some of the best odds in the business — a big deal for bettors who want to win big. also distinguishes itself in its acceptance of five different cryptocurrency withdrawal methods — bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Not only do withdrawals fund in 24 hours, but you can withdraw up to $100,000! also offers a plethora of other withdrawal options —  check by courier, wire transfer, Person2Person, and Skrill. All of these options take longer than cryptocurrency, but Skrill distinguishes itself by coming close, with a 36-hour transfer time. The sportsbook is available for UK players and it's not on Gamstop.

BetOnline – Synonym of Fast Withdrawal Betting

Founded in 1991 and operating out of Panama City since 2004, BetOnline is one of the most visible and trusted online sportsbooks. They have raised their cache over the years with a number of high-profile publicity stunts — including accepting the first bet placed on the summit of Mount Everest in 2009 (the bettor won).

But BetOnline isn’t just flash and an amazing domain name. They deliver the goods. They are one of the fastest payout betting sites in the world. Their team have invested heavily in their software platform, and it shows — BetOnline has some of the best user experience in the business, as well as a huge array of betting options.

A majority owner of, BetOnline has the same impressive array of options for cryptocurrency withdrawal — bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. You can also make withdrawals by bank transfer, check by courier, and Stellar. The cryptocurrencies and Stellar offer the fastest withdrawal turnarounds at 48 hours.

Cloudbet and – The Fastest Payout Betting Sites

In operation since 2013 and registered in Curacao, Cloudbet has come a long way in a short time by offering some of the best welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and promotional bonuses in the industry. Every year they have upped their game, and now they can go toe-to-toe with the biggest names in the business. For sure, that's one of the fastest payout betting sites.

Cloudbet offers crypto options of withdrawal — bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether and etc. Bitcoin transfers can take up to 2 hours. Beware of the transfer fees on every cryptocurrency, except bitcoin cash. That will eat into your winnings big-time.

Founded in Curacao in 2016, is relatively new on the scene but making a big splash with its seamless desktop and mobile interface. They offer welcome bonuses that go toe-to-toe with the biggest and oldest names in the business. Their commitment to customer service by chat, phone, and email is also impressive. This is an online sportsbook that thinks it has something to prove, and they aren’t afraid to make the investment and do the work. Also it's our second choice for fastest payout betting sites. offers withdrawals by bitcoin, neteller, skrill, VISA and mastercard. Debit cards take the longest to withdraw, with a 2-3 day turnaround — it could be worse, but it could be a lot better. As usually, bitcoin leads the pack with a 12-hour payout turnaround time.


In action since 1998 and based in Antigua, Intertops has made its reputation on excellent customer service — a big deal when looking for sports betting with fast payouts. The “Help” section is particularly robust, as is their commitment to digital encryption and their commitment to timely payouts. Bettors choose Intertops when they want a fast-paying online bookmaker they can trust.

Intertops offers many withdrawal options, including four cryptocurrency options — bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Other payout methods include check by courier, wire transfer, EU SEPA bank transfer, User2User, Neteller, Skrill, and EcoPayz. This sportsbook can be considered as very fast withdrawal betting website.

User2User and EU SEPA lead the way with instant transfers. Following close behind are the cryptocurrencies, Skrill, Neteller, and EcoPayz with 48-hour withdrawal funding.

5Dimes Was One of The Fastest Payout Betting Sites

Established in 2000 and registered in Costa Rica, 5Dimes also distinguishes itself with an excellent commitment to security and customer service, maintaining 24-hour customer service and same-day email responsiveness. They also offer excellent odds and a wide variety of sports betting options in a robust selection of markets.

5Dimes accepts withdrawals by bitcoin, wire transfer, check by courier, and person-to-person transfer. Bitcoin offers the speediest withdrawal funding time at 24 hours, while person-to-person transfer is close behind at 48 hours.

What to Look For in an Instant Withdrawal Payout Site

As you shop around for the fastest payouts in online sports betting, the first thing to look for is whether they accept your preferred method of withdrawal, and how fast their withdrawal turnaround is.

Also look into their reputation for adhering to their payouts standards — whatever the published policy is, do they have a reputation of paying on time? This is especially important when considering overseas sportsbooks, or bookmakers with little longevity in the business.

Don’t stop there, though. When looking for sports betting with fast payouts, there are a few specialized questions you need to consider:

Are They “Winner Friendly?”

Online sportsbooks tempt new players with attractive bonuses, great odds, and the temptation of big winnings. That’s all well and good … but remember that online betting sites are businesses. They exist to make money. And online betting sites don’t make money if everyone wins. They make money if there are more losers than there are winners.

Of course, if they have no winners, no one will want to place bets there. It’s an eternal balance, a push-pull that every bookmaker must navigate to remain profitable. One way they can attempt to achieve this balance is by being … difficult with their winners. Bettors who win consistency may discover that they are slapped with slower payouts, lower limits, and other disadvantages.

As you research the reputation of the fastest paying sportsbooks, check and make sure that they are “winner-friendly” in addition to other qualifications.

How Is Customer Support?

It’s hard to wait for your money, but it’s even harder to wait for your money in silence. If a withdrawal gets held up, you want to be able to call, email, or chat with someone to find out what is going on … and then you had better get a response.

Reach out to the fast withdrawal betting sites you are considering. See how the customer service performs. When you call, does someone pick up without unreasonable holds and dial menus? Is it easy to get a live chat support operator? When you send an email, does someone respond within a day, and is the response relevant and helpful?

The best bet is to find an online sportsbook that offers the “support trifecta” — chat, phone, and email. Bonus points if the support lines are open 24/7, especially when dealing with an offshore company.

What Are The Withdrawal Fees?

Some online casinos impose withdrawal fees to get your money out. In some cases, the fee may depend on the withdrawal method. The fee may range from as little as $5-$10, to as much as a hefty percentage of your withdrawal. For big withdrawals, this can really add up, and eat into your winnings. Make sure to check what fees you will owe with your withdrawal. Even the bookmaker’s quickest method of withdrawal may not be worth it if the fee is too big.

How Seriously Do They Take Digital Security?

When money is changing hands digitally, especially into and out of online accounts managed by offshore companies, data security is paramount.

Online bookmakers choose jurisdictions like Curacao, Antigua, and Costa Rica due in part to the low regulatory burden. That’s good for them, but potentially bad for you. Their commitment to data security has to come from their own business ethics, regard for their customers, and desire for longevity … not from licensing watchdogs.

So how committed are they to security methods like SSL 128-bit encryption and kill switches? Without adequate attention to security, cybercriminals could access your personal information or even embezzle your money. Not worth it, even for the fastest paying bookmaker in the world. 

Why do Some Transactions Get Held Up?

What if your payout gets held up? What’s going on? Should you be concerned? What’s happening, anyway?

In some cases, the online bookmaker may reserve the right to hold onto your payment. Payouts may be restricted depending on the region. In some cases, there may be an issue with the third-party payment processor.

This is why it’s so important to choose an online bookmaker with excellent customer service and a great reputation. If your money disappears, good communication could be key to getting it back.

Payout Methods for Fast Withdrawals

One of the biggest determining factors in how long you will wait for your bankroll withdrawal is the payment method you choose. Some payout methods are lightning-fast, but they have other downsides that might make them less attractive to you. Other payout methods may take longer, but they have the security of the tried-and-true, along with better resources in the event of a problem.

Bank Wire

A bank wire transfer is an old-fashioned method of sending money that relies on telephone wires to execute the transfer. They typically take a week or longer to process and entail a nominal fee. Wire transfers are rarely the choice of bettors looking for betting sites with instant withdrawal. However, wire transfers have longevity in the payment processing industry, and some people prefer them.


Most online sportsbooks will send a paper check by a bonded courier to an address you specify. Because of the courier, check withdrawals also entail fees. Because the check must be printed and shipped, turnaround times tend to be longer. It’s almost never the fastest method of withdrawal for an online bookmaker, but bettors who don’t prefer digital fund transfer may opt for a check by courier.


Automated Clearing House payments (ACH, also known as “eChecks”) are a form of bank-to-bank transfer that gets processed over the internet. They are a more modern form of transfer than a wire transfer and may be quicker, as well as entail fewer fees. However, ACH may take just as long as a wire transfer, so don’t assume it will be the fastest payout method a bookie offers.

Credit or Debit Cards

Many online bookmakers accept deposits by major-brand credit and debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. Some online bookies may also allow withdrawal onto the same credit cards. Withdrawal times may vary, so check to see which methods might be the fastest. Also note that many credit and debit card issuers have policies against processing transactions for online gambling. Even if the bookie offers it as an option, your issuer may block the transaction.

Person-To-Person Transfer

Person-to-person transfer is a method of online money transfer that allows people to send money to other users, just by knowing the recipient’s account information. Examples include PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App.

E-Wallets within Fastest Payout Betting Sites

E-wallets have a lot of crossover with person-to-person payment methods, and many e-wallets also have person-to-person payment systems. These apps allow you to store payment information like credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts in a secure platform. Examples include PayPal, Zelle, and Neteller. Some online sportsbooks offer fast payment with a preferred e-wallet.

Prepaid Cards

Some online sportsbooks offer prepaid cards which can be used to transfer money back and forth at will. Some prepaid cards are co-branded with major payment processors, making it easy to charge purchases to your bankroll. This may be the fastest payout method offered by an online bookie.


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum deserve special mention among sports betting fast payouts. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, minimally regulated digital assets built on a technology called blockchain. Some people expect cryptocurrencies to upend the very idea of what constitutes “money”; others think they are a boondoggle. Nevertheless, they are new on the scene, and the lack of regulation makes them a popular currency to use for sports bets.

Many online sportsbooks offer their fastest withdrawal transfer times in the form of cryptocurrency. To own cryptocurrency, you need a cryptocurrency wallet. To deposit to and withdraw from your bankroll using cryptocurrency, you will need to link your crypto wallet to your online sportsbook account. Using crypto is our top choice for the fastest payout betting sites.


Which Betting Site Has The Quickest Payouts?

It's a tough question. BetOnline,, Cloudbet, Bet365 have the fastest payouts.

How Fast Does Bet365 payout?

It depends on the payment method you're going to use. If you're using e-wallet such as PayPal you can expect to receive your withdrawal in 4-6 hours.

How Fast Does BetOnline Payout?

Using bitcoin with BetOnline gives you the chance to receive your winnings within 3-4 hours.

Which Betting Sites Have Fast Withdrawal?

BetOnline, Bet365,, Cloudbet and many others.

Is It Safe to Use Bitcoin For Gambling?

Indeed. Bitcoin is the fastest and safest way for gambling purposes.

How Fast Does Bovada Payout?

Bovada is may be the fastest payout betting site ever. You can expect to receive your withdrawal within 30 minutes.

18 Replies to “Fastest Payout Betting Sites: Instant Withdrawal Betting”

  • fitzegerald says:

    Intertops should be excluded from the fastest payout betting sites list. I’m waiting for my withdrawal almost 3 days

  • matleblanc says:

    Wow, cloudbet paid my withdrawal for 2 min. They do NOT offer high limits but the withdrawal time is incredible!

  • goalfter80 says:

    I got my withdrawal from Rolletto within 5 minutes after requesting. I think you must have couple of approved payouts before you can take your cash almost instantly. Also consider the deposit option – if you deposit with debit card or skrill, it’s normal to get your money after 1-2 days. Replace your payment method with some of the cryptocurrencies they offer like btc and ether.

  • BiggerSmile says:

    I don’t think that Rolletto pays fast – last time I was waiting 2 days to get my withdrawal:(

  • vivworwick says:

    Any chance to some sportsbook to accept apple pay for payouts?

  • derekmat says:

    It’s not a complete list of fastest sportsbooks if betfair isn’t in there. Consider some other exchanges as well like matchbook. After completed kyc, most of the payouts are lightning fast.

  • max-green says:

    My experience of the quickest withdrawals from betting sites :

    1. Rolletto – 5 hours via Bitcoin
    2. Skybet – 12 hours via bank transfer
    3. Bet365 – 6 hours via bank transfer
    4. BetOnline – 2 hours via Bitcoin
    5. MrPlay – 5 hours via debit card
    6. Cloudbet – within 30 minutes via Ethereum
    7. WillHill – 16 hours via bank transfer
    8. Unibet – instant via debit card
    9. Nitrogen – within 10 minutes via Bitcoin

  • Ruthybets says:

    Roulletto paid my withdrawal for 15 minutes via Dash. Never heard of them before. Seems to be pure gold in the betting world 🙂

  • 1984aaa says:

    The fastest payout sportsbooks are bovada and mybookie. Sometimes I got my withdrawals right after request. But I think more important than speed is the trust, I prefer to know that I will get my winnings no matter the time frame

  • mamiddleman says:

    Looking for a combination of fast payout sportsbook and no limits/restrictions? Tried with cloudbet, but after 15-20 bets betting limits were 2x lower 🙁

  • mirablejordan says:

    The fastest sportsbook is Nitrogen. No limits, no restrictions, 1-2 hours delivery : every time I request a payout!

  • riotbet says:

    Bet365 payout policy changed and now when you have 2-3 succesfull payouts all the next ones are extremely fast

  • Melmondogeorge says:

    Unibet and Sky : both are almost instant via card…

  • BobbyCanale says:

    Cloudbet has the fastest withdrawal ever – 15 min. via ethereum

  • jackychwwo says:

    I’ve been using 888 nearly exclusively lately since their bonuses and incentives are great, but my favorite feature is that they pay you out promptly via PayPal, up to 4-5K at a time. I’ve never used a book that gives you that choice, and because I’m such a degenerate, I frequently need those dollars right away if I win!

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