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Last Updated on October 17, 2022

You Got your Paddy Power Account Suspended or Locked?

You got questions like, why is my Paddy Power account suspended, or why has Paddy Power closed my account? This article covers it all.

Paddy Power is one of the leading Ireland-based bookmakers and sports betting platforms, a vast online and physical betting shop chain. Paddy operates dozens of licensed betting shops throughout the UK and Ireland for in-person bets, working Ireland's largest phone-based betting service.

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The company's owned by Flutter Entertainment. That's the betting company formed by the merger of Paddy Power and Betfair. And its stock is available for trade on the London Stock Exchange. While that might seem like irrelevant information, it's not. 

Its shares are available on the stock market, and Flutter takes in billions of dollars in revenue every year. So it might seem like the company might be out to get you wherever it gets the chance. Its public means that there's a good bit of regulation and quite a bit of public attention if anything serious happens. After all, there are billions of dollars worth of investors' capital at risk. So Flutter and Paddy Power, more specifically, aren't going to do anything to jeopardize that position.

Who is Paddy Power?

Although you should know who the company is, especially if you're dealing with potential Paddy Power account suspended issues, here's a little bit about them: Paddy Power, founded in August 1988, was originally a combination of 40 Irish bookmaker shops before transferring to being a decently large online business within the decades to come.

Primarily, the company offers betting services, split through these spots:

  • Football
  • Horse racing
  • Lotteries
  • Greyhounds
  • Basketball
  • Golf 
  • Cricket

There's not as much of a wide variety as some of its competitors. But the physical, brick-and-stone origination of Paddy Power is one of the reasons why so many people use it. Moreover, the company's been trustworthy, even when accounting for Paddy Power's countless controversies and odd marketing stunts.

Past sports betting and a controversy tag later, Paddy Power also provides in-play (live sports betting services), virtual games/simulations, lotteries, a live casino, bingo games, poker games, and fantasy games, making for a well-varied combination of a bunch of different, well-known wants for a betting and gambling company.

And, with the company's several stores spread out across the United Kingdom and Ireland, there's a lot of Paddy Power to go around. So those who don't feel too comfortable dealing with the issues of online betting (and the potential account suspensions to come with it) will have probably found their way to a physical Paddy Power location.

Why is my Paddy Power Account Suspended?

Now that we've gotten a bit of background out of the way when it comes to Paddy Power, it's time to get into some of the more nitty details –if you're asking yourself, “why has my Paddy Power account been suspended?” there are quite a few reasons why Paddy Power may have locked or restricted your account. In addition, they might do quite a few things as punishment for whatever they've suspected you of doing. Bet365 can restrict your account for the very same reasons.

Paddy Power reserves the right to block or restrict your account for virtually any reason they find suitable. We've collected a pretty good list of the top ones we think you might have encountered. We went through the company's About Us page, user license agreements, terms and conditions, rules, and a few policy pages. And here are our top reasons why Paddy Power might lock your account:

Failed Age Verification

This one's simple. If you don't meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years old, you can't use Paddy Power. And you'll find a Paddy Power suspended account quickly put into motion. In Greece (and other countries), it varies. For that example, it is running you up to 22 years old before you can access the website legally. 

Although a few of the issues and reasonings we have listed below might be a little ambiguous, this one's self-explanatory. If you've created an account under 18 years of age, you're breaking terms and conditions. Paddy Power has to legally close your account. That's not leaving your Paddy Power account locked. That's approaching it. It doesn't matter whether they want to or not. The country you're playing in has that age requirement of at least 18 years. Some countries are requiring you to be even older.

No Know Your Customer (KYC) Success

KYC is a considerable process for virtually every betting site, bookmaker, and a new casino, no matter where. Most companies must collect information about you to prevent anything from happening against you or the company.

Know Your Customer is a detailed process. It verifies your identity before you gain access to the services of companies and websites like Paddy Power. It usually involves a photo ID or other proof of identity, documents that are individual to you. If you don't provide any ID or fail KYC, there's no proof that you are who you are. And Paddy Power is legally and fiscally responsible for you.

It helps stop Paddy Power from being responsible for any money issues you might bring to the company. It keeps them protected from fraud, money laundering, illegal financing, corruption, etc. That's why if you fail, you don't get access. That's it.

“Take a Break” (Self-Exclusion)

Paddy Power has this thing built into their services called Take a Break. Like GamStop, the UK Gaming Commission's time restriction and gambling control device/mechanism/thing, Take a Break temporarily closes your account until your selected time expires. 

You can select anywhere from 1 to 30 days through the website to have your Paddy Power account suspended. According to the site, you'll be locked out from playing whatsoever on top of being blocked from using any products on the website. You'll probably see a message like “Paddy Power, your account has been locked,” or “Take a Break is enabled,” although it depends.

There's really nothing you can do about this, especially considering it's entirely of your own volition. The only way for Taking a Break to activate is for you to go ahead and visit Paddy Power before selecting a time between 1 and 30 days. Once you've chosen the amount that you want to go ahead and restrict your account for, there's nothing you can do. The company must suspend the account for as long as you've requested. The only way around it is to find some non GamStop casino.

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Price Rigging/Arbitrage – Another Reason How to Get Your Paddy Power Account Suspended

While Paddy Power's terms and conditions don't explicitly refer to arbitrage as an issue, they refer to “rigging” prices, games, and bets across its services. There's no way that I can explain that, however, other than saying arbitrage or taking advantage of disparities between bookmakers and odds presented for a given game. There's no other way for me to describe a Paddy Power locked account as it comes to “rigging.”

Either way, price rigging (or arbitrage) would only happen if the company sees you placing odd bets in one of two situations. The values you're betting are weird, or you're placing bets on different sides of a game bet with differing odds. In both scenarios, you're taking advantage of an error on Paddy Power's side. It automatically puts them at a greater risk of losing money.

It's not illegal to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. It's against the company's terms and conditions. And that means they're more than free to go ahead and restrict or straight up ban your account. Unfortunately for you, though, systems like Paddy Power's are automated and might not be the most accurate. So even if you place odd bet amounts like 22.73, you could have your account restricted.

That's because arbitrage situations usually have some odd combination of two values on two different betting lines, specially designed for that scenario and that opportunity. So if the company's systems see you routinely place odd bet sizes and win, they're probably going to suspect you to choose specific amounts to guarantee a win – even if you aren't. Some betting companies like BetOnline welcome sports arbitrage.

Long Absences/Inactivity Makes your Paddy Power Account Suspended

Once you've hit 13 months inactive with Paddy Power, the company will start deducting 5 Euros/pounds per month until your account is 0. There's no opportunity for you to dip into the negative. But after all the money has been drained from your account, it'll likely be restricted until you log back into it and complete a deposit.

According to Paddy Power, all you must do to reactivate your account is log into it before placing a bet, making a deposit, or withdrawing. So there's not too much reason why your account would be restricted-restricted with inactivity. However, you'll likely be restricted if all the money is drained from your account following a very long absence from the company's services.

Collusion with Other Players

This is just for poker games or other games that involve more than one person in a tightly controlled game. While you could share information about a bet or a sports game before a game and not impact the result, sharing information or colluding during a poker game could easily result in somebody (or multiple people) winning money where they shouldn't.

The best example of this would be if you were in a poker game with a friend. You talked about your cards over a voice chat. And you worked together to ensure that at least one person won the pot. If they catch you or suspect you of doing oddly similar things to another person, Paddy Power might restrict your account to prevent you from unfairly winning.

While this might not hurt the casino itself, it hurts the other people within the environment. It means that Paddy Power might take quick action to ensure that it doesn't lose any customers. Whether that means you're guilty, it doesn't matter. You might have just played alongside one of your friends, and you'd find yourself restricted or locked the next day.

Stealing Intellectual Property (IP)

This one kind of mixes in with the following reason why Paddy Power might lock or restrict your account, and that's because stealing intellectual property is a huge deal. Again, Flutter Entertainment, of which Paddy Power is half, is a public company, so their IP is enormous. In addition, there is investors' money on the line, so everything intellectually belonging to the company is an asset.

If you leak anything online or they think that your account has accessed content that it shouldn't have, then Paddy Power has like, legitimate legal reasons and the ability to respond. Messing with anything you shouldn't, could result in severe consequences past a restriction to your account.

In many countries, it's illegal to mess with IP, and things could very quickly go downhill. Nonetheless, this is another situation where things aren't likely to be coincidental. They'd likely need a genuine reason and evidence to think that you've done anything that hurts their IP. This usually means public exposure or accessing a restricted section in which their systems have you registered as doing so.

Messing with Source Code

As foreshadowed, this is another reason for suspension, as IP and source code go together. Most times, stealing IP might mean taking something publicly belonging to Paddy Power and using it as your own or taking something hidden in code that you shouldn't have access to or control.

This would be the latter, as messing with source code is a severe issue for a company that's primarily online. As Paddy Power is its website most of the time, there are some serious repercussions for you and the company. So if you mess with code, you shouldn't. Although that might mean accessing company systems and messing with odds, games, or more, it could represent other things too.

Messing with source code might mean stealing parts of the company's script and content to create your competing platform, looking for a bot to take advantage of a coding issue, or anything that involves code lines and abuse issues. Betting sites like Paddy Power are around providing the same odds and statistics to everybody out there. It means that taking advantage of a digital system built around equality might end poorly for you.

It doesn't matter whether you've genuinely stolen code or IP from Paddy Power. Or you just found yourself betting odd amounts that trigger Paddy Power bots. If there's something involving the company's source code, the essence of its website, and moneymaker, then they're happy and more than willing to take action to prevent you from doing anything further. 

Abusing Bonuses or Promotions

Paddy Power offers more than a few bonuses and promotions throughout its services, and that's more than expected. There are quite a few good reasons why the company would offer bonuses. And they're all beneficial for both you and Paddy Power. First, bonuses and promotions give you further access to Paddy Power's services. They give you extra money to use and more potential to make the most of its products.

Bonuses give you a way to make a bit more money while using Paddy Power's services. And they're very helpful in making the experience a bit better overall. Still, you can use them once or to a certain degree. So if you take advantage of bonuses in a way that gives you a bit more than you should receive, then Paddy Power has every right to act.

While abusing bonuses and promotions might primarily mean using more than one account to receive a deposit or welcome promotions, it expands to reach quite a few unique methods. Whether it's taking advantage of source code issues (like above) to find small areas where you can claim a bonus twice or utilizing a glitch where a code works more than once, it all means the same thing to Paddy Power. 

The company is serious about what happens with the bonuses. Many of the offers provide their requirements within their pages. If you use bonuses more than you have to, then you might find your account restricted – intentionally or otherwise.

Location Issues/Fraud

Over 40 countries like France and more than 50 territories can't use Paddy Power. Thanks to Paddy Power, an Irish-first corporation that operates throughout the United Kingdom, a pretty significant number. Of course, there are a few countries that it has legal or commercial access to. But considering that more than 1/5th of the world can't use Paddy Power, it's worth looking further into.

Interestingly, however, there's more than just not letting you create an account if you're in one of the countries that Paddy Power doesn't operate in. Instead, there's a whole clause that the company explains here:

“Paddy Power reserves the right to close any accounts within these jurisdictions and void bets. If your account indicates that it is operating from any of the above countries and you are not located within this jurisdiction, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team, who can explain the process of re-activation.”

Put, Paddy Power is more than happy to lock your account if you try to access it from one of the countries it has banned. On top of that, it might just straight up close your account if you're found in one of the restricted locations. That's odd, although it's understandable. Nonetheless, ensure that whenever you access Paddy Power's services, you're not in one of the countries listed on “Restricted Territories for PaddyPower.com,” alongside using a VPN for one of those countries.

Importantly, however, there's another note. If Paddy Power suspects you of being from one of company's restricted territories list, then they might close your account for the chance that it might be entirely fraudulent. There are quite a few location-based issues that could either lock or close your account in the eyes of Paddy Power.

Browser Issues

There's also the chance you've been having browser issues. If you're using Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, cookies can quickly prevent you from accessing Paddy Power's services. But, again, this is just a technical verification issue. Swap browsers or clear cookies – that should fix the problem. This is one of the most common reason why Paddy Power or Betway can lock your account.

Opening More Than One Account

Lastly, don't open more than one account. You can access Paddy Power through just one account. And if you open more than one, you've committed fraud on one or the other. Remember, you must pass KYC verification on your account every time you try to create a new one, meaning that the KYC submissions on at least one account were fraudulent. For example, BitStarz doesn't have this particular rule. You can play without sending any documents.

Fortunately, however, this is sometimes unintentional – on your side. Many people have had accounts created using their name, address, or any piece of their personal information, and they've had their accounts shut down as a result. Paddy Power does this not to punish you but rather to ensure that you're not committing fraud.

Primarily, it's the defense for them – you have twice the opportunity to claim bonuses, bet on odds for different sides, and do anything times two. Nonetheless, it's also defensive for you. If someone's stolen your identity and trying to launder money through a betting site, Paddy Power's doing you a favor by deleting the account. There's no longer any real worry of wrongdoing or tricky things moving forward.

This is serious, and we recommend you contact Paddy Power directly if you think you might have more than one account open under your name. It could mean somebody's committing identity fraud, and that's not good.

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What Does Suspended Mean on Paddy Power?

Paddy Power has a few levels of restrictions and locks that they might put on your account. If you're dealing with any of the restriction reasons we've listed above, then you'll likely find a corresponding restriction on your account. Although they're not too hard to understand, quite a few restrictions and options are available. Hopefully – either way, let's start with a primary closure:

What is a Closure?

When Paddy Power decides to leave your Paddy Power account closed. That's an account closure. They'll prevent you to log into the history, access its funds, utilize any deposits, bet, or do anything. If you're curious or asking, “why is my Paddy Power account closed?” then there are quite a few answers. 

There's usually not much you can do past contacting customer service. Account closure is typically a result of something serious against Paddy Power, and it's generally not a great sign. The gambling site closed your account, because something has happened that's dramatic enough to have caused Paddy Power to shut access to your account.

A complete shutout means that something's happened that's problematic enough to indicate access to the account, which is an issue for Paddy Power. This is big and more than worth finding out more about. Pretty serious accusations or problems usually back account closures. If you say, “Power Paddy has closed my account,” something's happened.

What's a Paddy Power Restriction?

Restrictions are little limitations by Paddy Power. Instead, like walk-offs in casinos, restrictions help push back towards something or someone that might hurt Paddy Power. So whether you've abused bonuses, used arbitrage strategies, or done anything specific to one product provided by Paddy Power, it doesn't matter. 

Paddy Power restricted accounts vary greatly. Most of the time, it's on one of these six portions of your account and the things attached:

  • Bet size
  • Deposits
  • Claiming bets
  • Specific pages of the website
  • Bet quantity
  • Specific games or services

If Paddy Power suspects you taking advantage of massive bets, the company might lower your max bet size to prevent you from winning huge sums. Likewise, if you've cheated on a bet using arbitrage strategies, they might straight-up stop you from claiming your winnings.

Bonus code issues? Banned bonuses page. Blackjack and counting cards? Banned blackjack or casino page… the list goes on. You might find your Paddy Power account temporarily restricted for virtually anything. Long story short, if the company suspects you of having done something specific to just one service on Paddy Power, then they'll probably restrict your account and limit your Paddy Power account when it comes to those particular areas. Otherwise, you'd probably find your way into closure or a suspension.

What is a Suspension?

A suspension is likely the most straightforward punishment to understand – it's a temporary ban on your account. So, for example, if you've cheated or you've done something fishy, Paddy Power might suspend your account for days, weeks, or months.

If you've requested a suspension for yourself through the “Take a Break” function, then the company suspends your account for that period – it's honestly pretty simple. It's usually for a limited time that corresponds to how much damage Paddy Power thinks you've done or might do. The more damage, the greater the suspension sentence. The minor injury, the smaller the penalty, and so on.

What is a Lock and Why is my Paddy Power Account Locked?

This is another situation that's generally pretty easy to understand. If your Paddy Power account is locked, it's on hold until you can verify that you are who you think you are or you're innocent of something you're suspected of doing. 

With account locks, you might find an email in your inbox explaining the predicament. Some locks give investigations time, while others restrict your account, similarly to a suspension. It all depends, and locks are generally more understandable once you've contacted customer support or service.

What Can I Do When I Got my Paddy Power Account Suspended?

Push comes to shove. There's not much that you can specifically do. Most times, the only thing to do is wait or contact customer service/support. Suspensions and self-expulsions are great examples, as the only thing you can do is wait. These situations are self-imposed, and they're required to run down before anyone can do anything about them.

On the other end of things are locks and scenarios where Paddy Power needs a brief amount of time to verify that things are as they seem or who you seem to be. In most situations, the customer service can explain or remove just about anything, of which Paddy Power has quite a bit.

There's a full Help Centre on Paddy Power's website, and it covers just about everything that could have happened and everything that can occur. If you've asked yourself, “Why is my new Paddy Power account locked” or “Why has my Paddy Power account been locked,” then here's your best chance. When it comes to revealing what could have occurred and what can be done about it, you can't do much better than the Help Centre, especially with a helpful and specialized way to contact support on each page.

How Do I Recover my Suspended Paddy Power Account?

This guide is helpful if you're curious about solving an issue with your Paddy Power account and are unsure where to start. Unfortunately, when it comes to taking action against the restrictions or suspensions placed on your account, we can't do anything. Nonetheless, some people can more than readily help you. And those people are available through either Paddy Power's Help Centre or the countless methods of contact for the company and its specialists.

Remember that Paddy Power wants to end any issues with your account as soon as you do. Boosted by both sides of the equation can make money when things are set up correctly. 

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  • eve says:

    Avoid paddy power – always restricts accounts for no reason!

  • robertssoncalvin says:

    I found my Paddy Power account locked a week after my registration. I didn’t take any welcome bonuses, didn’t place any arbs, definitely didn’t mess with the source code. I’ve just my first 3 wagers.

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